We are just alike. You’re as alone as I am.

Hello, everyone!
I finally managed to finish something, yaay! This is actually not my first version of this drawing, but I went too overboard with details on the first version and decided to settle for this one xD
Anyway, I hope you are all doing great and having an amazing day <3

Also, I’m almost reaching 300 followers, thank you!! ❤❤ Sooo, I’m thinking about opening prompts to celebrate that. What do you guys think? c:

I’d love to hear more from you ❤ See you soon, bye \o

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Please, do not repost :)

i see so many of you get nice and inspirational and motivational messages about what kind, wonderful, insightful, talented ppl you are and how great you are at what you do and and like i agree and i like to contribute to that genuinely bc i think so many of you are wonderful
but i never feel like the care or praise i give to others is reciprocated and certainly no one ever goes out of their way to send me nice messages even if i turn into a desperate kindness-baiter and reblog one of those goofy “say one nice thing about me/list 3 things you associate with me anonymously in my ask” et cetera type things and it’s just like…..a mirror image of my life rn like i can’t feel good about anything i do because it all happens in what feels like a vacuum like i genuinely wonder if i do really exist sometimes and i feel like i’m becoming needy and, even scarier, delusional about the lines between fantasy and reality like i genuinely can doze off and try to remember when in my real waking life i lived in that weird dorm room i spent 2 dream years in. i guess i just want someone to be interested in me again as pathetic as that sounds like i have a partner now and it sort of slips my mind that he is with me for that reason but when it comes to tumblr i might as well not be present anymore?? like no one would be trying to account for my absence i’m not mutually important or inspirational or what have you to anyone

Closed RP for @djwiththefxre


               {♚} It seemed like just another morning for the Great Gundam Tanaka. Well, another morning was over thinking it. Gundam day was pure hell. First he ran out of gel to help him fix his hair up. That was the most important, beside his Devas of course, for his day to turn out well. With his hair a mess, and all over the place, the breeder decide he would venture out into the world he dislike so much, just to get his gel.

 "Come along my dark devas. Today it seems as the dark gods are against us today. We should bring something back a  peace offering to them so, the dark gods won’t get upset again.“ He spoke putting on his normal attire, with his Devas at his side the breeder went of to the magical shops were almost everything was stocked.