Just have to laugh at this. Someone posted a link to my Business-Direction post about Modest shortening their accounting fiscal year in which I said they shortened their financial year, so we should get a report in @ 90 days, which likely means the audit is nearing completion.

The posted link was tagged “Larrie Logic”.

Because they think something in that post was illogical I assume. 

When in fact, it is a perfect example of “Larrie Logic.”  Here’s the fact, here’s what I glean from the fact because those are the rules, and here’s an assumption I’m making that follows normal business practice.

Larrie logic indeed.

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you said in a recent answer that for you "fandom is slowly dying"... what do you mean? can i help? pls don't leave D:

Hey. I think no one can really help me in this.

Perhaps the words were chosen a bit unfortunate. What I mean is that fandom has no future for me anymore. I put so much into everything (be it art, be it edits, be it writing) and the community gives so little back that I just feel that it’s not enough anymore. I should have said: Fandom makes me die. Or fandom kills me. Because that’s how I feel. I haven’t uploaded a story in ages and they wither away on my scrivener documents because I don’t feel like showing them to the world anymore. I have no energy left. Fandom sucked me out.

I sit hours and hours on my computer to find the right words for a story, to put the right pictures together but there’s little to no feedback. What do people think about it? Are you even enjoying it anymore? I think - at least for me - it feels like I’m growing out of that fandom phase and I want to concentrate more on my own stuff (like my novel) instead of wasting even more time and energy into fandoms that are not really interested in me anymore. There are enough people who contribute to the fandoms I was part of. They don’t need me. 

I just can hope that people will still like my stuff even if it is not-fandom related anymore.

a conversation i just overheard:
  • person #1:YOLO!
  • person #2:YOLO Beyoncé!
  • person #1:Beyoncé Fierce.
  • person #2:You know it.

So for fanfic appreciation day I just wanted to say everyone should go read and review KL_Morgan’s two Clexa fics because they are probably some of the best fics in the fandom

There’s also a lot of fanfic writers on my fic recs page that deserve more love

White Queen Running by KL_Morgan

“Were you ever punished?
“Only for faults,” said Alice.
“And you were all the better for it, I know!” the Queen said triumphantly.
“Yes, but then I had done the things I was punished for,” said Alice: “that makes all the difference.”
“But if you hadn’t done them,’ the Queen said, “that would have been better still; better, and better, and better!”

Clarke wakes up wearing the tattoos of the Ice Nation.

(OR: Soulmates, parallel worlds, and Ice Queen Clarke; oh my. Canon divergent from 2x16.)

(my) Destruction Within Your Mouth by KL_Morgan

He that keepeth his mouth keepeth his life:
but he that openeth wide his lips shall have destruction. Proverbs 13:3

Clarke loses: her head, her voice, her heart.

(Canon divergent from 1x03)

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I agree that what Ezra said to Emily was wrong but I think you need to remember he just found out that someone he thought was dead might still be alive and he's probably feeling a million different emotions all at once and frankly as much as I love Emily I don't think she was helping the situation by defending the choice not to tell him about the Nicole phone call when she really should have just admited they made a mistake

I’m well aware. 

I don’t think Emily was defending the choice, exactly. I think she just wanted Ezra to know it was her idea and that it was a mistake but that he shouldn’t let it destroy what they have. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. Emily wanted to fix the mistake that she made. 

Now, that being said, I’m not a believer in excusing poor treatment due to grief. It’s understandable, but he should apologize to Emily and I have my bets that he never will. Because he can do no bloody wrong. I’ve been through my fair share of grief, and I’m sure many others have, and I don’t know, maybe I’m the only one, but grieving doesn’t make you infallible. Being overwhelmed with emotion, again, is understandable, but it doesn’t mean you treat others poorly, especially someone who has lost so much

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  • Ship that you find disgusting:💩

I dont know honestly! I’ve never had overwhelmingly negative feeling towards any ship in particular

  • Ship that is canon but you don’t ship:💤

does fire emblem have canon ships I can’t think of any besides the parents but who has feeling about them tbh

  • Ship that pisses you off:💣

Like I said in the first question😩

Wow! I’m really sorry that I’ve been basically useless answering any of your questions, I feel like i should say a ship I don’t like at least, I don’t like Corrin and Azura!

nastypass said: who the fuck does this i want to pee on their sheets 

ppl have been doing it recently on tumbly…idk why it’s become a fad to say that someone is Fundamentally Problematic if they use lots of academic language. (but I think it’s partially bc it’s an easy way to “debate” them w/out actually addressing their points.)

also people do it irl sometimes but not in a complex “accessible language” argument they just get mad bc ??? if you use big words you’re stuck up (it helps if you’re someone that they don’t think “should” be smarter than them lol)

didiex said: that assumption upsets me so much… i’ve literally been shouted at in public because the way i talk made someone angry, and i get accused of trying to make people feel stupid a lot. like… buddy that’s just how my brain works…  :/ 

that’s AWFUL…you’d think once you became a literal scientist people would just accept that you’re used to talking that way. why do people gotta project their insecurities

jestr0 said: i know what you mean… i can write both with complicated or really simple or faulty vocabulary depending on my spoons or if  im writing something related to a special interest .. same goes with reading comprehension kinda,people cant just nd people’s symptoms are all the same even if it is all within one disorder

yeahhh…people who just wanna extract concessions for some weird reason don’t care about that stuff I guess

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Ah, I'm sorry I was silent, I was on something like camp. But I'm back (and I don't plan on going anywhere) ^^ Okay, so I saw these AU asks and what do you think - in which Hogwart houses would characters be? Oh, and this question is probably pretty old, but I think sharing stories during Sleepover Weekend is nice idea (btw, Dree, I'm happy for you you have new Hq!! friend :3), I want to get to know you better uwu And good luck with exams (or good results, I may be late :')), Alice! - Candy Anon

Yessssss!!!! I met another one actually!!! She was also the one to introduce Mystic Messenger to me XD and also Midnight Cinderella…. AND THERE’S ANOTHER ANIME-LOVING GIRL IN MY CLASS WHO DOESN’T WATCH HQ AND I PLAN TO CHANGE THAT REAL SOON XD hahahahaha I’m quite persuasive in person XD And as for the Hogwarts AU…. here ya go! ^^ fyi… I have huge respect for Hufflepuff. If it was up to me, I would sort myself in Hufflepuff. But Pottermore sorted me into Gryffindor. I have no problems with that… I’m just really sad that it never came true….

~ Dree

Gryffindor: Daichi, Ushijima, Asahi, Iwaizumi, Hinata, Kiyoko, Nishinoya, Lev

Hufflepuff: Bokuto, Oikawa, Kageyama, Matsukawa, Kindaichi, Tanaka, Yamamoto

Ravenclaw: Akaashi, Tsukishima, Suga, Ennoshita, Yaku, Yamaguchi, Yachi

Slytherin: Kuroo, Tendou, Kenma, Kunimi, Hanamaki

My maths teacher said that we all failed science like omgosh I cannot but I don’t believe it tbh so I’m gonna update this later. For my maths I did quite well? yay haha~ I’ll update this once I get off from school tho lololol. Come and talk to us, I want to get to know ALL of you better as well~ Sorry I’m not a HP fan yet haha.

update : MY TROLLER MATHS TEACHER (but he’s good in teaching too urgh haha he’s the perf teacher) IS AT IT AGAIN he lied HAHA I passed my Science I got an A2 (A-) take that XD. I think he’s saying the majority because most of them got quite good for Chem, and then said , “screw Physics” which made their combined grade flunk to a fail HAHA 

My maths teacher and Physics teacher are deskmates btw XD

- Alicia

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They said that whether you feel sexual attraction or not doesn't matter. Now, we're not white so maybe there's some cultural differences at work if anon is white, but I don't think they should be so drastic.

i would have to idea that the idea of splitting attraction into romantic and sexual is very Western based. and im sure stances like this differ from culture to culture. but still, for A LOT of people, white or not, romance and sexual attraction are very very very intertwined and in reality, there is no distinction between the two for a lot of people. does that mean using the SAM is wrong? not at all. does using it for yourself mean that everyone in the world suddenly uses and/or should use it? not at all.

Quartday, Rami 18th 067.M42

We started moving again after Maddy told me about the news she received from the Feed. I asked her if we should stop and wait, seeing as it would only be a few days until her team got here, but she said no. Her team wouldn’t be able to come straight in at this level, they’d have to infiltrate from the higher levels anyway. She then went on to explain why we had to move.

Apparently these things, when the… infestation or whatever you refer to it as… reaches a sufficiently advanced state then they… I didn’t really understand how she spoke about it all, I think she was holding back on a lot of things that she didn’t want me to know, or that I’m not cleared to know or something. But apparently they start spawning very powerful psykers. And she said that the dream is a sign both that they’ve definitely got Arlean, and that they’ve got enough… influence… to start spawning these witch-creatures. And using Arlean, they were able to connect with me without knowing where I was, but the more they connected with me the easier they’d find it to dig us out.

The tone in her voice when she said this sent ice down my spine. I asked her if we’d be able to rescue Arlean from them, if there was any hope at all. She just shook her head and said sorry. I didn’t know what to say. I wanted to shout at her, to tell her that I wasn’t going to leave my sister behind to die… But she’d been so right about the warnings she’d given me before. She’d told me not to come down here and I didn’t listen. I wasn’t able to help Arlean by coming down here, and all I’ve done is gotten myself in more danger. That Maddy had to risk herself to pull me out of. Not that she said that last bit to me, but… Well. I get the feeling that they were pretty unaware of her presence until she’d had to step in to rescue me from their mutant goons.

So we’ve spent the last two days on the move, going from bolt-hole to bolt-hole again. She’s letting me sleep from time-to-time but never for long, and not too deeply. Just enough to stop me from falling over and collapsing, and waking me up after only a little while so that we could keep moving again. I think she doesn’t want to take the risk that I’ll dream again, it seems to be easier for them to make the connection when you’re unconscious and not on guard again.

It’s taken the better part of the last two days, but we’ve finally made it to where Maddy wanted us to be. For the last few legs, she didn’t tell me where we were going, and on occasion would even go so far as to blindfold me while she led me around. That was unpleasant to say the least, but as she said - if these things are using Arlean to connect to me… the less I know about where we are, about any identifying landmarks in the area, the harder it’ll be for them to use me as a way of finding us. She says they’ll still be able to narrow down where we are by using me as kind of a way-point as she put it, but that will be much harder for them to figure out rather than just pulling an identifying location from my mind. I don’t even know if we’ve gone deeper to the centre of the hive or further out toward the edges.

She’s left me here while she scopes the area. She says with luck, if they haven’t figured out we’re heading in this direction, we’ll be able to get back up home, where I can try to convince Mum and Dad that they have to go, and she can get in touch with her team and hopefully guide them in down here.

I have money that I’ve been saving up for my vacation to the spire, as well as for gifts for Mum and Maddy while I was there… Maddy said that I need to get them off-world. I don’t know that I can afford that. But I might be able to send them out to Nyx or Styx - hopefully somewhere small and minor out of the way. I’ll talk to her when she gets back, ask her what she thinks about that. I don’t know.

I want to hope that being down there in the middle of nowhere will be far enough, but… the more I think about it, the less I’m sure.

I guess that relationship is Officially Over cuz I texted her Happy Birthday yesterday and she didn’t respond. It’s just weird how a few years ago I would have written like a novel about how much I love her and now I just said like 3 cliche sentences. and she almost forgot my birthday last year. Idk I’m having residual Feelings but also like I know it could never work out and I think she’s happy and tbh I don’t want to see her again (altho I should cuz I still have her copy of Zelda lol) Idk feelings are werid