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Gay Aphobe: Headcanoning gay characters as ace is homophobic because it steals representation from the gay community


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could you do a short story of yuri p X crush?

Gosh this made me nervous, don’t judge too harshly, i don’t really write and i’ve definitely never posted something i’ve written online @-@


Short chocolate hair, warm dark eyes, an a smile that naturally drew everyone in. They were the exact opposite of Yurio. Perhaps that was the reason why Yurio became so fond of them and grew to admire them from a distant. His mind would drift off to another place, daydreaming about achieving his goals, cuddling with a mountain of cats, and…them. And somehow, every time he thought about them in his daydreams, his icy eyes end up on them.

Lean body, a soft face, and same age. Yurio learned little by little of the type of person they were by little gossips of them here and there. They were known for their kindness, their willingness to help out everyone for everything. Occasionally, if they spotted him needing help, they would immediately come and offer help. Yurio, of course, would never admit he needed help. They did anyway.

Calm, collected, and shy. Yurio examined them, as they were very different from him. How did he end up loving someone so much different from himself? Ah. It was the things he was missing that they had. Yurio goes to the market every Monday’s, Wednesday’s, and Saturday’s. It was where they saw each other the most. It became a routine for them. He’d look at different juice boxes for 20 minutes before making a choice, and bring it to the from where they were. He’d pay, say “Thanks.”, and walk away. But today, today was different. He was going to do it today.

Yurio hesitantly walked up to them, like usual, and paid. And instead of saying “Thanks.” like usual, he quietly whispered.



“D-do you w-want to…”


He took a deep breath to calm his nerves. He was going to do it.


Their eyes widened in slight surprise, and chuckled. “Sure. When and what time?”

i’m going to die i have every single lyric of “gasolina” by daddy yankee stuck in my head

you know just hearing those opening notes triggered this insane memory of…every single word

when people offhandedly refer to the song i’m like “oh haha yeah i remember that song” i did not realize how much of it i remembered

Personality Swap #1: Ludwig and Dalex

Ludwig turns into this chill guy that anyone can turn to for advice on daily troubles. He talks in a relaxed voice and drops any accent he might have been using. If he’s your significant other, he’ll act more cuddly~

Dalex becomes an asshole, and is more blunt than he could’ve been before. He’s not afraid to tell you EXACTLY how he feels about a subject. Absolutely NO sugarcoating. He actually takes pride in what he does (for once), and almost never feels humble. He’s the friggin’ BEST, and he damn well knows it.

Me: You need to stop being negative on Tumblr, saying mean things is not nice, and you’ll probably lose followers too.
Me to me: call Kishimoto a chucklefuck it’ll be funny


I had a dream about Lúcio and his past! He had an older brother named Shy (it’s a code name. For what? idfk) and he had sharp eyes and he was taller than Lúcio (ofc. he’s so TINY) and he was so serious.

Shy was in some organization or something and i’m not sure if it was Overwatch, but he was an offense character. He and Lúcio used to play basketball when they were kids? But Lúcio would always win. Shy acknowledged that Lúcio is better than him at most sports.

He had black, braided hair with dark blue beads on the end ( I know, not that original, but i was asleep so lemme alone) and he was just… he had such an attitude! But he was so sweet to Lúcio. They were such good brothers playing basketball when they were kids.

And then there was this other guy named Keith who had a low-key crush on Lúcio, but he wasn’t in my dream for v long 

Personal rant

I can’t say Tumblr hasn’t had an effect on me over the years I’ve been on here.  I’ve noticed I adapted a completely different way of speaking to people as a result of some Tumblr users freaking out over me using even the slightest bit of demeaning language.  I’ve learned that even if someone insults me, it isn’t alright to insult them back because I will suffer backlash (refer to: the time I referred to someone as a bitch because they were being rude to me and I spent the next three days dealing with people accusing me of being a sexist).  Now I need to revise all my replies to everyone always because I have been stuck into making sure none of my words could ever be used against me and people can’t possibly take offense to what I have to say.  Honestly, I wish y’all didn’t go so hard on me all those times before cause I can’t relate to fucking anyone anymore.  I can’t even jokingly tell someone something mean because who knows, someone might take offense and then I need to deal with that shit all over again.