When you’re kinda in hiatus and this is the kind of shit you come up with to your followers.

What Jerome’s gonna do the whole season roaming the streets of Gotham? Don’t tell me he won’t cause any mayhem or just blow shit for giggles, Gotham. You expect me to believe that he’s gonna act like a good little boy now while everything in Gotham goes to shit? What he’s doing dammit? Where is he? Is he picking up chicks? I bet he is. He’s probably like

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w8 ur str8?? i've never seen a st8 person on tumblr what a gem i have found u should be in a museum honestly ur beautiful & rare

a museum? more like a dumpster hA

the way tumblr talks about mental illness really bugs me tbh 

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Do you have any tips on how to draw?

you just gotta do it tbh cuz the only way to get good at drawing is to keep drawing yknow. it also helps to draw real stuff? like go outside and watch people and animals and draw trees and shit. or like ask your friends to pose for you. or i guess you could just google pics of stuff. i like to read tutorials too just cuz half the time it’ll point out a little detail i never thought of before and then change my entire life haha

I hate letting people down so this has just been eating me alive, but I’ve made this decision based on the fact that this blog and the writing I do is supposed to be fun for me and a way for me to sort of let loose and relax and create. So with that in mind, I’ve decided to stop posting the soulmate au.

I just want to apologise to all the lovely people that sent me messages saying they were enjoying it. It’s frustrating when a story never gets an ending, but I just can’t write it anymore. I can’t stand it, and that’s entirely my own fault and I’m sorry. So instead of trying to force it out, I’m just gonna let it be. Thank you for reading what I did post and I’m sorry again xxx


Mood has been so good lately and dammit I’m proud of how well my makeup went. Last nights gig was fun and everything is brilliant, I hope it stays this way 😄🍀❤️️

tw, like if u read

valkya replied to your post:Leaves an unsigned letter that reads: Your clothes…

touko voice: u look like ur wearing the worlds ugliest snuggie :/

『 ♕ 』

         listen you little fucknugget i will come up to you in this ugly snuggie and SMOTHER YOU WITH IT

K you know when straight people say that cheating sucks but it’s even worse when their partner does it with someone of the same gender….I literally dont get that? it’s still cheating…. how does the gender make a difference…???

Reading Raymond Chandler’s “The Big Sleep”(my first foray into hard-boiled detective/PI books) and and all I want is pretty dudes described the way this guy describes pretty girls. 

“He walked into my office, or maybe walked is too subtle a word for it. He more swayed in, like his hips were drunk and his shoulders were the poor suckers that had to carry ‘em home. He was ankles-to-neck in a blue, linen suit that fit him like a razor blade, sharp, clean, and close to the skin. Only one of the two buttons on his single-breasted jacket was buttoned, which made it tuck in close to his waist. That created a curve up to his broad shoulders, the kind they’ve got to put road signs up for after too many people get in too many wrecks. One look in his hooded, tobacco eyes and I know he’d wrecked plenty in his lifetime.”

*slams both fists on the table* Give me a gay hard-boiled detective fella.