did some facial ref practice with the vento aureo gang also @ davidpro part 5 when????

this isn’t an open idea b/c it’s literally one of my ocs, BUT.. a vampire who’s got enough cross jewelry (mostly necklaces) to fill an entire store, always has either one of the 50 necklaces they’re wearing in their mouth or a toothpick they combined w/ another toothpick to look like a cross.. goes outside during the day on a regular basis just to display the various parasols & pairs of sunglasses they own.. is very partial to wearing shades of yellow.. loves mangoes, bananas, figs, peaches.. & is dating a werewolf (who’s a foot shorter than them & owns like 50 cats)

Okay, but like the first time Hoseok ever cried in front of Jimin, I 100% guarantee you that Jimin started crying too. 

Like it’s just them chilling in the dance room, and Hoseok just starts talking about his worries about not being good enough and before he knows it there’s tears streaming down his cheeks. He apologizes, super embarrassed, but when he looks at Jimin, the poor kid’s face is scrunched up and just COVERED in tears. And Jimin just tackles him into a hug and blubbers about how amazing and talented and GOOD Hoseok is and “Hyung I get inspired by you everyday, you’re one of the strongest people I know” and wow Hoseok was only kinda crying at first but Jimin’s word are making the tears flow harder. And they just sit there holding each other for a few minutes, occasionally sniffing until Hoseok looks at Jimin and starts laughing because Jimin’s face is all red and puffy and snotty and gross but so fuckin’ cute, which he says, making Jimin’s cheeks flush. 


Episode I: Qui-Gon Jinn:  << part I >> << part II >> << part III >> << part IV >> << part V >>

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Fake Ah Hand Holding: Gavin's cold hands, Micheal's warm. Ryan's big, calloused, and swallowing up anyone else's. Geoff's are shaky, unless you need him, the they're steady as the mountains. Jack's are soft and comforting. Jeremy's got tiny hands but he holds on tightest.


thank you so much anon, this is so great! and so true!!! to all of them, they’re all so true to each one.

wow so there’s like barely any teen CC out there ;-;-;;;

Okay, personally I don’t have a set headcanon on whether Will is straight, gay, bi, ace, demi, pan etc. and I’d be chill if Duffer brothers made any of those sexualities canon for Will.  If I had to pick, I’d say he’s probably gay but really I don’t see the need to call it.

But a lot of people that I’ve seen (not necessarily on here, I’ve actually seen it more in other places) are pretty adamant about Will’s sexuality being one thing.  I’ve seen people insisting that he’s straight and arguing that he was only called gay because it could be used as an insult.  I’ve seen people insisting that he’s gay and arguing that it’s never denied by any of his close friends/family.  

Because people feel so strongly about this and because there is so much homophobia in the world today I know this is kind of a sensitive topic, but can I suggest something?  Can we appreciate the character of sweet, artistic and resilient Will Byers before we get into arguments over his sexuality?  Can we love his character because he’s a peace-maker that tells the truth before he love him because he’s gay or because he’s straight or because he identifies with any other sexuality?

I haven’t posted a picture in a while. So here’s one from the other day.

😘 anon requested a ryden one-shot with “Ryan being overprotective and like so coveting of Brendon. Like protects him and loves him and Brendon appreciates it and is all heart eyes and completely gone for him.” and something with Ryan stepping in when someone makes Brendon uncomfortable in public.

Here we have in on AO3, called Just Me and You

Had fun writing this one even though it took me a while. Thanks for being a sweetheart and prompting this. Hope you like it!

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I think BG ending would be very disruptive to Harry's solo stuff-- since he always gets dragged into it. Or we do and him by extension. Just by the way everything has played out, I think BG is staying play indefinitely. Just no signs of movement. Plus, Sally included F in her IG post today-- so it's not like theyre gonna say Louis and his fam found out recently. The best we can hope for is that it stays relatively quiet like during the fall.

Tbh they could still say it and say they still have affection for the kid, doesn’t really mean anything. And bg/Harry will only happen if they want to. If they want to go with that narrative, I don’t think they’ll end like the week of his single (not impossible tho knowing how messy things work). But I do think it’ll be soon, and I think his lack of involvement will start to be noticed by antis pretty soon (and they’ll have to admit). So they’ll either do something or end it lol also the kid looks so much like a Clark I don’t think they can keep up for much longer - but for now that’s what they’re doing, nony. Keeping it quiet and pretending is not there 

CARCINOGEN.  hello amis, i am deathly sick and Dying™️. i’m 95% sure it was food poisoning from pasta puttanesca /weeps no more pasta puttanesca 4 parsons! i haven’t been this sick since i was twelve and ate seafood linguine in mexico ( maybe … i should not eat pasta … ever …  ). anyways, i’ll continue with the starters + drafts once i get better sdhjsk. my cat’s been trying to keep mi warm but i wanna puke every time he sits on me désolé Bl u can lay on the other half of my bed but don’t even touch me or i will Die. i hope you’re all much better than i am and don’t wake up four times in the middle of the night hunched over the toilet :’(