So…have I ever talked about Single Dad Inquisitor? Cause I feel like I have, but I don’t think I have on tumblr (just with my DA friend)?

Like Single Dad Inquisitor who has three little girls waiting for him back in Haven during the Conclave and they are all super worried, pulling on the hem of Auntie’s frock when the Temple of Sacred Ashes go up in flames.

Three Little Girls who are torn apart and being comforted by their Aunt when news reaches them that no one, save for a criminal made it out alive.

The giant smiles on their tear-stained faces as they run to hug their father, when it’s found out he is this Herald of Andraste. And their little pouts when he sends them back home with their Aunt to tell their Grandfather of the Conclave, to keep them safe.

The three little girls who later show up at Skyhold to visit their father and the surprise written on each of the companion’s faces (beside Leliana of course), to find out their Inquisitor is a father. The utter questioning look on Cassandra’s face when she sees the Herald has three daughters and at least one of them is just staring at her.

And that one little girl who idolizes Cassandra, she is really pretty and strong after all. She’s the one who is protecting her daddy right? Cause that means he’ll be super safe, he has a lot of strong friends to look out for him.

There’s Bull and Krem too, who watch the Little Girls when something comes up for the Boss and they dote on these children. Grand stories, sweets, and little stuffed nugs all around, the big men of the Inquisition protecting the little princesses and one of them is all set to become a legendary Charger. They might even have a little crush on Krem.

There’s Sera who tries to get the spoiled girls to get down and dirty, pull their noses down before they are stuck up someone’s arse like their dad. He ain’t so bad though, but they are all still going to pin his knickers to the flagpole.

Josephine and Vivienne who dress the little Girls, as doting as the Chargers in a much proper and softer way. A woman can be absolutely dashing and kick in some doors after all.

And there is one of the Little Girls who won’t dare to leave Solas and Dorian alone, she is smart, incredibly so and they are actually quite invested in teaching her. She is after all reading well above her teaching and just because her usual tutor is off somewhere in the Free Marches does not mean her education should suffer.

While Blackwall and Cullen are the victims of the mischievous daughter’s, her prank skills honed by Sera and Iron Bull. Why ever would they think such a sweet, innocent child put that fork in Cullen’s seat? And how dare someone pour that bucket of water from the ramparts and onto Blackwall’s head?

Which it is Leliana who sings them songs and tells them stories, who lets them pet Baron Plucky. It’s her who tells them that their father is fine out there with the others, she has eyes everywhere you see and she can see everything. She knows.

Varric tells stories too, but they are stories of their dad. Of great dragons falling and dark caves, with all the close and gory parts cut out. He’s not so good at child stories, but it never seems to bother them and who knows maybe he has found a new niche.

Even Hawke, the Champion of Kirkwall, a legend that the Girls have only heard about. To finally meet them in person, to look up and see the tarnished armor and their weary smile. To them this is something bigger and Hawke has to feel the slightest humbled by that. Even more so when the girls not only want to know about him, but his other half too. Is dog alright? Is Fenris really as handsome in person? Is Isabela as beautiful? Is Anders eating and safe? Merrill feeling happy and at home now? Sebastian ruling fairly and happily? Have they heard from Carver, seen Bethany, or written Aveline? For a brief moment Hawke and friends are heroes again, the Girls will always believe that.

And it is Dad Inquisitor who looks on his little girls and his makeshift family, and he thinks that maybe…for the first time in a long time, this is home.

And as a continuation of my last text post, what I like about listening to medieval music is that you can hear what our ancestors in the Middle Ages considered the ‘tune’ of their day – the songs they would have sung (in fields or city squares), the dances to which they would have frolicked, the music which was, to use the modern word, their ‘jam’. And much of it is just as lively and danceable-toable as the songs of today. It’s wonderful to even contemplate one’s medieval ancestors, English in my case, back in the thirteenth or fourteenth century. What did they look like? How did they dress? Could any of them read or write – if so, did they read Chaucer and Geoffrey of Monmouth, and did they dabble in verse themselves? What was their Middle English like to listen to? Were they particularly pious? Were any of them inclined to help decorate the walls of the little local church with murals (because churches in those days were allover painted)? Did they live in a village or a cathedral city?

i’ve been noticing for a while but im starting to think liam girls/blogs actually like sophia more than liam which is really sad and annoying…all i ever see on my dash anymore is “SOPHIA is so lucky to have liam, sophia is so hot, i love my mom11!” like??????? when when yall chill? yall remember liam is the famous one right…..not sophia..yall only like sophia bc she’s attractive which i find funny bc yall hate on perrie’s looks 24/7 and say you can’t wait for zerrie to break up yet yall LOVE sophiam and talk about how hot sophia is, how liam and sophia are your mom and dad and your parents!!!!!!!” like explain what’s so great about sophiam bc im hella confused by some of yall…..

It’s hard roleplaying on tumblr. Especially if there are multiples of your same muse.  And, unless you’re the most secure person in the universe (for which I applaud you), I don’t think anyone is ever going to fully get comfortable with not being the only one.  

It used to upset me when muses or muns I wanted to write with seemed very attached to a different interpretation of my muse. Sometimes I’d just log out of tumblr when multiples were on my dash because I’d see all their great interactions and feel like no one liked mine.  I’d feel like no one wanted to write with me, or that I was doing something wrong.  

But you know what? I realized that’s not true. And I think everyone should realize that it isn’t true. 

For every person who was exclusive with another muse, I had a partner who wanted to write with mine.  For every person with whom my muse or writing style didn’t click, I had a partner who did. 

And so do you. 

It’s okay for someone not to like your interpretation of your muse.
It’s okay for someone’s writing style not to click with yours.
It’s okay for someone’s muse not to click with yours.
It’s okay for someone to be exclusive with a muse that isn’t yours.
It’s okay.

And guess what?
It’s okay for you not to like someone else’s interpretation of a muse.
It’s okay for your writing style not to click with someone else’s.
It’s okay for your muse not to click with someone else’s.
It’s okay for you to be exclusive with anyone you want.
It’s okay.

So what do you do about it, when you want to write with someone but they don’t want to write with your muse?
You accept their decision, for their reasons.
You remind yourself that you have other partners who love writing with you.
You remind yourself that you love your muse, and you have other partners who love your muse, too.
You let yourself be hurt, but then get over it.
If you really want to write with that mun, and you have multiple muses or they have multiple muses, see if they’d like to write with a different muse. 

What do you not do?
You don’t make them feel bad for their decision.
You don’t make them feel bad for their muse not clicking with yours.
You don’t make them feel bad for their writing style not clicking with yours.
You don’t send them hate. 
You don’t send them guilt-tripping messages.
You don’t make them feel bad in any way.

Why not? 
Because it’s not a nice thing to do.
Because if you want to write with this person so much that you’re upset they don’t want to write with you, then you probably admire their writing. And you shouldn’t want to kill their muse by being nasty.
Because they’re allowed to have their own preferences just like you are.

And on the flip side, you’re allowed to be exclusive with someone, you’re allowed to prefer writing with someone.  But don’t be rude about it.  Be polite, because you should know how hard it is to put yourself out there and ask for threads or plots.  If you aren’t feeling it, your muse isn’t feeling it, or your styles aren’t clicking? That’s fine. Just be polite about telling that to someone else. 

Be polite to each other.  Respect each other.