somebody: i think you should let it go, sherlock is just a tv show it’s not that big of a deal
me [pulls out powerpoint]: sir arthur conan doyle brought sherlock holmes back after a break of 8 years because his fans back then were so furious after he killed him off. people walked around with black armbands to mourn his death and a woman attacked doyle with an umbrella for “the sin of killing off his greatest character” i’M ALLOWED TO FEEL LIKE THIS IT’S BEEN LIKE THIS EVER SINCE THE VICTORIAN AGE I HOPE THE NEWS KEEP TALKING ABOUT US FOR THE NEXT 5 WEEKS I WILL WAIT 8 YEARS IF I HAVE TO IF THIS MESS WILL BE FIXED THEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


some bungou for tomorrow’s artist alley commission samples

anyway it would have made more sense to draw akutagawa but the paper could barely hold all the ink on chuuya’s coat, so i changed it to kyouka

one day the Ari and Dante movie is gonna come out and I’ll be physically a mess I’ll be brought to tears in the opening scene where he wakes up to hearts alone and when he meets Dante for the first time and when I see my beautiful boy and his wonderful parents and my other beautiful boy and his beautiful parents and how everyone cares for each other and loves unconditionally and all the moments and all the tragedies and then that final drive out into the desert when ari finally does the thing and I will be alive and I will drag my future partner to go see it with me and they’ll have to sit next to this crying mess of a young adult in the theatre because mark my words I will be broken down and rebuilt again in the duration of that movie just like that first time I read the book

with lindsay being the head of ah, i’ve seen a bunch of headcanons about fake ah crew geoff being relieved to be passing the buck to lindsay and being less responsible for the trigger-happy children that make up the crew, and i am one hundred percent into that

like geoff is so tired. geoff is so done. geoff is so ready to spend his days drinking and buying expensive golf clubs (ostensibly as a retirement hobby but actually as carefully considered weapons with which to wield with bad golf-related puns) and yelling at late late night television 

(don’t you do that shit already? michael asks.)

in fact, geoff is more than happy about lindsay’s promotion, except—

except then there’s jeremy.

listen, folks, geoff’s all smiles riiiiight up until lil’ j calls lindsay boss, and then he’s sulking for three straight days and nobody can figure out why

then one day jeremy starts calling everybody boss—i’m talking michael, ryan, mica, the dude at the cash register at the grocery store

geoff is absolutely full of vinegar and it is spectacular.


a Fatal_Error has Occurred: The Beginning - Part 11 (END)

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I hope you guys enjoyed what was essentially the prologue :) I’m really excited about what I have planned :3 Expect an announcement in the next day or so about how I’m gonna go about the next part/first chapter of the comic.

Also, thanks SO MUCH for everyone’s patience with me for this update! Like I said before, I wanted to make sure the panels look exactly the way I want them to. You guys deserve only the best!

Aftertale, Errortale, GenoSans, and ErrorSans belong to @loverofpiggies!


I’m ALMOST finished with one whole side of trim!!!!
I still have to add the gold bullion inside the boarders, like it is at the bottom and in the second to last picture, but I hate that, and it is super tedious and time consuming, so I’m ignoring it until I get the other side done!! Yay!

I’m hoping to get the leaves for the other side all finished this weekend. We’ll see how that goes. They usually take about 20 minutes a flower, but that’s still 5 hours.

It’s taken four weeks now to almost finish this one side. I can’t believe I’m not even half way done. It’s beautiful though, and I’m very proud of it.
I’m actually especially proud of how strong that collar is to stand up with all those beads.
But I would like to move onto the armour and cloak.
The thing is, I can’t work on multiple things at once. I focus on something until it’s finished then move on, so it will be me and this thing for another long while yet.

There’s a lot of very young queer ppl on this site which is like, great and stuff, but it’s important to realize that 90% of the topics that gain traction on this site aren’t ones that will truly effect them in their everyday lives, leaving them unprepared. Before I was out and first joined tumblr, I thought hard hitting issues were things like not having enough ace people on tv and bi erasure of celebrities because lets face it, those are things that get the most notes. And they’re issues for sure, but it didn’t prepare me for the almost violent homophobia and bullying I experienced when I came out. I think their needs to be a shift in attention on this site, because honestly? The violence gay men are subjected to is obscene. The rate at which trans people are murdered is obscene. The sexual violence that lesbians and bi women are subjected to?? U guessed it. Obscene!! Like if we could stop stalking about riverdale and ace representation and celebrities that may or may not be bi for two minutes, and contribute to actually helping young and old LGBT people alike protect themselves and each other, it would really improve the safety of our community! Not to mention it would better prepare young people for the life they’re about to live. Just a thought.

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Double penetration is just extra cuddling, inside and out, making sure you get that warm feeling deep inside…

@melifair  I think you have lost something.  please pick him up and teach him about jesus before he ruins the remains of my childhood.

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what if what iF WHAT IF syldor doesn’t just send troops to Ft Daxio what if he comes too like friggin’ thranduil arriving with troops AND food in “Battle of the Five Armies” and vex is prepared for him but not in the way we think what if she’s ready with a whole “despite everything we’ve put each other through, vax was right - we do need you, so thank you for being here” and when percy wordlessly asks her about it, she just smiles a little sheepishly at him and just says “…forgive” and to her it wouldn’t be about her father like forgiving ripley wasn’t about ripley, what if she does it for herself like percy did it for himself like he told her in ep72 like dO YOU KNOW HOW EMOTIONAL I WOULD BE