10 Days of Hell Yeah, Delain- Day 5: Tell us waht’s your favourite song and the meaning of it for you

We Are The Others (We Are The Others)

To begin with .. let me tell you this choice was very difficult. I think almost everyone knows the problem if someone asks you for your favourite song but you can’t answer and just want to yell “I CAN NOT DECIDE, I LOVE ALL OF THEM”

But in the end I chose We Are The Others. The main reason is because I love this memory of my first Delain concert in Telfs. The show had almost ended and some (drunk) fans screamed “WE. ARE. THE OTHERS! WE. ARE. THE OTHERS!” as an encore. After Delain had played 5 additional songs they finally sang it. And it was beautiful. So fucking beautiful. You could really feel that Charlotte wanted to pull you in a world of fascination. And I also think I saw that Lotty dropped a tear when then all people sang the refrain together with her


When you see gifs on your dash that remind you that your dumb twelve-year-old crush on an anime character still exists… 

I thought I matured, but no, I am still anime trash.

tisdalejunior asked:

Make more Faberry things!!! Pleaseee! *-*

Please, feel free to send me all the AU’s ideas, all the lyrics you related to them or the scenes you just simply want to be giffed again. Anyone, feel free so send me everything you want me to gif. I want to all the time, but I don’t always have ideas, so please, ask me whenever you’d like me to make something!