Hey if anyone wants to do me a solid favor @voidtommo (user name is the same on tumblr and twitter) is taking screen shots of peoples work and posting them on twitter without giving credit to the creator. Most recently it was @fearwanheda‘s gif set and I think they may have done it to @officialdebnamcarey

If you have a second maybe send a tweet to let them know it cost $0.00 to at LEAST give credit. 

Don’t be a Jason/Melania and steal other people’s work.


The summertime and butterflies
All belong to your creation
I love you, that’s all I do
I love you..


Theon and Sansa looking after and caring for each other in 6x02 of Game of Thrones.

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I do believe Tobias loves Archer. But his sneaky, underhanded tactics in EVERYTHING is going to bite him in the ass. All Archer is going to see is yet another person telling him he doesn't know how to make his own decisions or what's best for himself. And it's not going to end well...

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Like, Reaper’s entire motivation is to murder absolutely everyone in Overwatch just because he wants to take a metaphorical dump all over Jack, no matter how little the people he murders might actually be involved, because he thinks Jack betrayed him.  He chooses to work with a group of notorious terrorists, and clearly has no regard for the lives of anyone around him while engaging in his completely petty act of revenge.

I think Reaper is an awesome character but he’s a monster.  Maybe the worst sort.

I wish I had that gif of “Something something backstory, still murder!”  Because it applies so well.

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Hey, I don't have a question but i just wanted to say that ur blog is life! I love all of the gifs you make and theories too! Again, sorry for wasting ur time with this u probably have better stuff to do but u know, just wanted to acknowledge my appreciation to you XD anyway, I hope u have a nice day and can get to my comment ^-^

Hiya! :D 

Don’t you or anyone else ever think that you’re wasting my time! I love getting messages from you guys! Time replying to my followers is time well spent! :D Also, thank you so much for your compliments! I don’t feel like I deserve them, but appreciate them wholeheartedly! I love writing theories, fanfics, and making gifs for you guys, it’s just been a little difficult recently with everything that’s been going on in my non-internet life and with a recent event that’s kinda made me feel blah over the past few weeks, but I’ve been trying my best :D Also, my inbox is FILLED to the brim at the moment. I have 30 unanswered messages and requests and they’re all going to take a while xD I’m getting messages like this out of the way first because they take the least amount of time.

Sorry, I’m rambling! Anyways, thank you SOOO much for your kind message! I appreciate it SOOOO SO SO SOOO MUCH! :D My blog is nothing special, but I’m glad that you guys enjoy it! 

                    Much love
                               ~Kayla <3

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sprite powers aside, how fuckin big would davepeta's wings have to be for them to fly. i think there was a post that said that the wingspan would be like,, 5 times the height of the person or something. anyways, davepeta with huge wings?? good shit

ok so i actually did a google search for this so here some links in case anyone wants to read abt it. its actually p interesting??

some worldbuilding website

reddit thread

and a drawing tut for kicks. also bc its the only one of these i actually read

‘s good