I am Athena, silver eyed and daring,
My battle already won.
Dancing in my enemies’ blood
And I don’t need you

I don’t need you, but–
I am Aphrodite, who kindles love’s fire
And I can set any man ablaze
 But for you I burn.

I am Artemis, whose former lover shines in the sky
Out of her way
 I don’t have time for you
But you’re glowing in the dark

I am Helen of Troy, the catalyst 
I bring armies to heel with a turn of my head
With a touch I launch a thousand ships
But you bring me to my knees

I am Persephone, with roses curling off the edge of my hand
And I require no flowers from you
But a look from you melts dewdrops
On my tongue
And I know that I don’t need you
But I am yours

—  “But I want you.”
I was Winter and you were Summer and when Fall came and the leaves began to change we found that our love could never last the season
—  Falling Apart
I don’t need you. I can finally admit this to myself. I don’t need your negativity. I don’t need someone who constantly brings me down. I don’t need someone who hurts me more than they make me happy. I don’t need someone who broke every promise. I don’t need someone who wanted someone else. You say you want me around, but everything you do pushes me away. You can’t still be my “friend” while you hold her hand and kiss her lips. While you tell her sweet nothings and promise you’ll “never leave”. I’ve never felt so powerless and small and disposable. Fuck that. I don’t need you. Over time I’ll stop wanting you. I deserve more. I deserve to be valued.