“It’s so quiet in the flat; you would hate it. I do, but I can’t bring myself to leave. I started wishing you would come back to haunt me. A poltergeist that played violin at four in the morning or slammed doors and knocked over dishes. It would’ve felt like you never left. But instead I’ve become the ghost in 221B. Dead man walking, as if we had never met. Life before and after Sherlock Holmes.” – letter from JW to SH by amazing bakerstreetletters.tumblr.com


“I’m Clara Oswald…I’m the Impossible Girl…and my story is done.”


To niesamowite jak Loki zmienia się podczas tych trzech filmów. Czuję się rozdarta, bo z jednej strony uważam, że to jedna z najlepiej i najciekawiej wykreowanych postaci. Chociaż znam go już od trzech filmów nadal nie wiem czego mogę się po nim spodziewać, między innymi dlatego, że jest tu wiele niedopowiedzeń, które bolą (i na których rozwiązanie czekam). Najciekawsza była jego przemiana. Tu następuję moje ‘z drugiej strony’, bo chociaż naprawdę, naprawdę, naprawdę uwielbiam to obserwować, to naprawdę, naprawdę, naprawdę bolesne patrzeć jak te wszystkie uczucia i zdarzenia zmieniają go w psychopatę. 

Chociaż nie poskąpiono mu czasu w filmie, to nadal było za mało, żeby przedstawić jak skomplikowaną postać jak Loki.  

To My Ex

So I guess this is more of like a thank you. I mean to be honest after you broke my heart, you only made me realize how much of a better person i am without you. With you I felt like I couldn’t fully be myself around others cause you would judge me or I couldn’t interact with some people because you didn’t like them or you just thought they were weird. Well I’m weird too. And I like who I am now. So thanks for putting me where I need to be, without you. Because I forgot how happy I was without you and now I’m remembering how happy I am without you. Haha. I mean you did make me happy but I feel even more happy now. So thanks haha. Thanks for making me realize how much better I am without you.


I feel the need to share how heavenly, amazing and the greatness of teen wolf’s ep 11 - codominance soundtrack is……

  1. Shut Out of Paradise - Slo
  2. Recover - XPLOR
  3. Where’s My Love - SYML

Yeah… Where’s My Love is not even part of the ep but it was released on the same week as ep 11 and I AM IN LOVE WITH IT *heart eyes*

Honestly, Slo’s vocals in Shut Out of Paradise too is soooo heavenly… Especially when it comes to, “Cruel trick of the heart

And Recover… As much as I’m not a fan of Hayden… I can’t help but fall in love with the song and the vocals. It’s just, so soothing and the lyrics aren’t that shabby either.

I’m not even gonna say anything about Where’s My Love. It’s literally like Love at the first sight, except it don’t really involve sight :”)

And ONE honorable mention…


Couldn’t thank the person to introduce this song to me enough for this. And of course, Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez for collaborating and coming up with THIS.

My playlist is just crying a river this week…

I honestly can’t do this anymore. I’ve lost the ability to shut things out and shut down and now I’m sitting here on my bed with my heart pounding rapidly and I’m shaking. I can’t get these thoughts out of my mind anymore. Comfort food isn’t helping, sleep isn’t helping, exercising isn’t helping, I don’t know what to do. I’m losing motivation for everything in life again and I just want to be nothing and nobody.

I need to be cuddled before I wake up dead one of these years.

next week is that a heart murmur idek if I’m going to make it out of my 20’s because my mom had me at 40 and I’m not so mentally young at all it would almost feel good to die randomly like oops I’m dead I don’t have to put up with any of this anymore and I no longer have a voice that I can hear

At this point I’m just annoyed at myself. Why the fuck do I still have you in my head when I know for sure that i’m not in yours. I know nothing is ever going to happen between us again. You don’t even look at me anymore. It’s over. We’re so done.
So why do I still want you to kiss me?
Why are you still in my head?
Why does it break my heart when I see you?
Why do I get sad thinking you’re with another girl?
Honestly I’m tired of having these feelings and I just want them to go away ASAP.