If you’re going to break my heart, be gentle.
It doesn’t have to end in chaos and tears, there doesn’t need to be raised voices and slamming doors.
Stop the roaring fires, stop the traffic and quietly give my heart back to me.
Time isn’t a guarantee, and forever is a big promise to make, one I never expected you to keep.
Don’t be in a hurry to forget me, we taught each other so many things over the years, things that changed my point of view, things that changed me.
We walked this road together for a long time my love, but sometimes life leads us apart. I won’t soon forget the look in your eye when you woke up in the mornings, or the way you held my hand. Years from now I’ll smell your aftershave on the street and I’ll search for your eyes. Hopeful and heavy hearted I’ll hope to see you standing there, looking every bit as beautiful as the bright eyed nineteen year old you were when I met you. But you’ll be gone, long gone.
Maybe one day we can make this right, and live the life we dreamed of together. But as for right now, there’s lessons in this life we have to learn alone.
And while this hurts so much more than I ever thought it could, I’m grateful that I lived a part of my life with you.

Wild, crazy and unconditionally I loved you. So I leave you saying thank you, for making me a better person, for showing me what real love was.

You were my best three years.

—  Please, don’t go. Please baby, stay.

Thank you all so much for following (I hope I’m following all of you because you are all amazayn) :)

Thank you to the new friends that I talked to. For an introvert like myself, it’s a big deal for me and I already feel like I’m becoming more confident as a person :)

If you are feeling down or just need someone to talk to, send me an anon or whatever. I may not be here all the time but I promise that I care for all of you and I hope none of you are hurting. 

I’m a strange person and I know not everyone is comfortable socializing on this website but if you are, send me a mail. I would love to be your friend! :)

Maybe this decision will bite me in the ass someday but I’m going to go out more.

So I’ve acknowledged that I’m an introvert and going out requires a lot of effort for me, but part of it was due to my health issues. I’m recovering from that and maybe it’s time to push myself a little.

Staying in was comforting when I had difficulties gathering energy for surviving a day. Now it’s just bothering me more.

In case that leap proves to be a little too much for me, I won’t be telling my friends just yet. I don’t want them to expect social wonders from me. I don’t want to break any promises, like I did when all of this begun.

For now, I just want to live a little more and I finally have the energy to do so.

mightymissjane asked:

Hello there! I'm new tho the snk fandom and also to the jeanmarco shipping area any advice what I have to read or could you link me to some fic recs?

Since I love to read (especially fics), I have a long list. I really only read jeanmarco fics so that’s what these are. (I’ve got links to most of the authors and all of the fics)

All the Stars in Texas by southspinner

A Different Song by quartetship

Droplets by theprophetlemonade

Steady to the Catch by commodorecliche

Like a Drum by Lownly 

Forget Me Not / Wisteria by butterflychansan

The Pear Tree by avoidingavoidance

Searching for Superman by attackonmyponderland

Render by lostlegendaerie

As Much as I Ever Could by shingekinoboyfriends and katiedegenarro

Music to My Ears / Music to His Ears by theunbloggable and pencil-only

Cross My Heart and Hope to Die, I’ll See You with Your Laughter Lines by salangaani

To My Beat, and You Don’t Stop… by enjouji

Isotopes by jeen-christine

Strings by Kenjiandco

Dichotomy by saphruikan

They Radiate Like Stars by farseerscreed

Benvenuto by angels-in-your-angles 

 And jeanmarcofanfics is a great rec blog!

I hope this helped!

happy 200 days and status update

okay first, good news!!! it’s been 200 days since our boys debuted and though i wasn’t there for the entirety of it (became a unicorn in november i think?) i’m so grateful for them and also for what they’ve done in letting me meet all of you~ 

and now bad news… i’m going on a temporary hiatus until friday because of the pile of work and commitments that i unfortunately have. i’ll miss you guys till then :’( but whilst i’m gone, feel free to look at my updated masterlist!



Music/flipping starts at 0:30 if you want to skip the sappy stuff!

Video: Recorded on a crappy point-and-shoot Nikon

I just want to go back to how we were. Bestfriends. Being at each others houses every weekend, standing up for each other, having thousands of inside jokes, my parents loving you and your parents loving me, everyone knowing we were attached at the hip, inseparable, and most of all, happy. But I realize now that all you care about are your newfound friends that are SO much better than me I guess. Realizing that it was never your mom saying you couldn’t come over, but that it was just you having better things to do, and better people to be with. I guess because I’m not the prettiest or the most popular, I’m not good enough for you. You trust the people you’ve known for a year that have betrayed you before, more than you trust me, that you’ve known for 4 years, and I would never think of backstabbing you. But you do it to me like it’s nothing. I wish I could have realized all of this earlier, and saved myself the heartbreak. Saved myself the embarrassment of everyone knowing the secrets I trusted you with. I hope you know I’m done with you and I’m over it. Don’t come crying back to me. It’s funny how you’ll probably text me “hey.” After you see this acting like nothing ever happened. Just being nice to me to make me look like the bad guy, like you never did anything to me. And you know what, I don’t care if you tell everyone bad stuff about me, because I know the truth and that’s all that matters. I hope you’re happy. I wish you the best in life. This declares the end of the best friendship I’ve ever had. Bye.

I wonder what you think about my new hair
And if you notice how dead my eyes are
You used to say they were your favorite color
But I’m sure by now you’ve forgotten the way they shined when I saw you
Just like I forgot the way you said you loved me or the taste of your breath on mine
They say all good things come to an end
We must have been something really fucking magical because we crashed and burned
—  you shouldn’t matter but you do