"But I’ll still believe
Though there’s cracks you’ll see
When I’m on my knees I’ll still believe
And when I’ve hit the ground
Neither lost nor found
If you’ll believe in me I’ll still believe

For Cova.


Hello please consider the inquisition inner circle sleeping on a big fluffy bed and being very safe and happy thank you


"I got kidnapped by a fourth grader."


Seonam Girls High School Investigators - 1x11


ANNA TORV 7 DAYS CHALLENGE  (created by Zoe)

DaySeven: Whatever tickles your pickle

 Every perfect/heavenly bit of her.

Rhett forgot to let go. (x)

Meanwhile at Link’s face:

I see there’s a meetup going on right now? Well, hi. It me.

p.s. I’ve seen a bunch of your selfies and you’re all so amazingly perfect help <3

i had a dream that we could fly. 


I wrote about the things on my mantel last year, but wanted to post again for trackabandoned. They’re all meaningful (to me), but of little (if any) actual monetary value, and the same can be said for just about everything I own.

I’ll take something sentimental over something expensive any day of the week.

-Antique (at least 40 years old) mini liquor bottles and cigar boxes that were my maternal grandfather's. I scrunched them together so you can see them better.

-Wood-carved Tiki guy that was my bonus grandfather’s. There’s more to this story that I’ll save for another day.

-Wood-carved Buddha that was my bonus grandmother's. The glass decanter in front of the fireplace was also hers.

-“Hang Loose” wood carving that my parents got in Hawaii back in the 60s

-A close friend had a sign hanging in her house and I loved the sentiment so much that I took a picture of it a couple of years ago. She remembered that, and gave me the identical sign on my birthday last year. I love seeing it everyday. It’s a really good reminder.


who’d want me?