anyway i know tumblr is probably going to do that ridiculous thing w/ tyler posey that happens every time a fave does something remotely Not Cool, where nobody is allowed to like him anymore and anyone still enjoying his content is immediately labeled a Homophobe so this is just a reminder that your faves are allowed to fuck up! It’s ok if you can’t see him the same way anymore and it’s ok if you decide not to interact with his content anymore but its also ok if you ignore this-especially because I have seen so many latinx people excited about a mainstream latinx actor, y’all have no obligation to “cancel” him just because he fucked up. You’re fine.

Imagine doing a video call with Woozi and seeing him get flustered when you ask him to do some cute gestures.

BONUS: Despite being reluctant at first, Woozi still does it because he wants to make you happy.


Please excuse me for klancing

Karazhan is just so fucking huge

I have this headcanon that after TBC a whole bunch of different mages and warlocks started squatting there and drew gang territory lines and everything 

and the tower is still empty enough you could drop a herd of elekks in there and nobody’d notice

Okay, because i love him I’m going to share my Lance race Headcanon

(just a lil self-indulgent but hah)

A big part of it is by looking at his family

Sooooooo I’ve already said i see him as mixed, bc that’s kinda a given, BUT! I like to think of him as a mix of black white and filipino.

Because on one hand, the man in the middle who i’m assuming is his dad looks like one of my uncles on my mom’s side, and mixed characters are close to my heart bc, at least for me, I don’t always see them around, and i mean i know they are out there but *shruggg

I also think Cuban Lance is nice but I’m here 150% v mixed lance 


vacation // lee seokmin aesthetic 

none of the pictures are mine !! credit to the rightful owners !!

anonymous asked:

You're an"actor"... Let me guess, your biggest role to date is of someone who pretends to respect Louis. I wouldn't spend any time picking out an outfit for the red carpet.

Well gosh, anon, you got me.  You sure dragged me good.  Time to pack it all in and go home. 

Do you feel better now? 


Looks like I have two new sons (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


Atlus may have not shown him much in game but

RememberGoro2k16, he was the one who brought us news (the real mvp)

Happy 6 years to my favourite human beans ever❤️❤️

Sad truth: I have totally forgotten why I used to love Loki.

Im screaming this story sounds so fake but it just happened to me in actual related life in 2016 and it’s Pokemon go related. I’m in the park where everyone comes to play and its v communal people always look for the chats. And this guy comes up and goes “you got weedles?” And I’m like uh yeah because who doesn’t? And he goes “alright cool” and there’s an awkward silence so I go “wanna see?” And he sits beside me and I open the app and he’s incredulous and he’s just like
“Dude I asked you for bud”
This guy was looking for weed and I showed him a virtual weedle he laughed so much I can never come here again