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Hey, Amethystina. In the "Don't tell Cougar" 'verse, have Cougar ever learned about what was on the original post-it note? Did he figure out from letters? Or did he find out later? (love this fic!)

Hi, Nonnie!

Yes, Cougar does find our about the original Post-it note! Jensen talks about it in one of his letters, but I didn’t really see a reason to add that particular letter to the story since Jensen had already explained everything about it to the reader.

Cougar doesn’t do much with the information, anyway, except to make Jensen promise to talk to him instead of bottling things up inside. He really doesn’t like the thought of Jensen being afraid to tell him things. Jensen is allowed to keep secrets, of course — everyone has the right to that — but him being quiet because he fears Cougar’s reaction? No, Cougar is not okay with that. He wants Jensen to talk to him, both about the silly stuff and the serious stuff.

Jensen, fortunately enough, agrees.

popular tumblr post: don’t date or be friends with people who [trait i have because of my personality disorder]

me: :-)

Quick, self-indulgent MCxJaehee angst bc I love her, and it made me sad when she broke down crying bc we couldn’t be there to comfort her. I’m still pretty rusty at drawing, I’m trying to get back into it T_T I hate drawing heads/faces.

When the murdering psychopath is cute af and you can’t stop imagining a “punk” edit of him.

It’s been such a long time since I’ve been able to draw something, sorry for the hand slip.

Got My Priorities Straight
  • Gotham: Peguin's in Arkham!
  • Gotham: Jim Gordon's lying to everyone!
  • Gotham: Lee's super pregnant!
  • Gotham: Dr. Strange is here and he's insanely evil!
  • Gotham: Nygma's falling apart!
  • Gotham: Butch is King of Gotham!
  • Gotham: Tabitha's doing something!
  • Gotham: Mr. Freeze is here and he's tragic!
  • Me: ...
  • Gotham: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Gotham: ...
  • Me: But, like... Is Bruce getting to bed on time? Eating his vegetables? What about Selina? Is she okay? She's got a place to sleep tonight, right? A warm blanket? Enough food? Are her and Bruce talking? Are they friends again? Are they happy right now?
  • Gotham: ... but the darkness? the violence? the drama?

some antis act like theo’s the most evil villain to ever set foot on teen wolf. and a lot of times, those very same people are ones who stan peter or deucalion. compared to those guys, theo’s pretty tame. people whine about his return and say he deserves to stay in hell, but honestly? he doesn’t. he’s done his fair share of shit. but after everything, he didn’t deserve to be sent to hell. now, i do believe he did deserve some repercussions for the things he did, but to be sent to that place, also known as a place of eternal torment, for months on end? i think that’s excessive. you don’t have to like theo. i understand if you don’t, because not everyone is into villains, and that’s okay. but you shouldn’t go around acting like he deserves this shit. i mean, after all, look at all the things kate, peter, deucalion, etc. have done. are they in hell for their actions? no. not to mention, all of them are adults and the things they’ve done have been their own ideas. on the other hand, theo was constantly manipulated from a very young age, no matter if he was evil to begin with or not. the doctors still used him as a pawn. even deucalion manipulated him (he’s to blame for theo’s decision to kill josh again, which also led to him killing tracy soon after). i know theo isn’t wholly innocent, but he’s really not as bad as y'all make him out to be.

I laugh every time someone complains about “filler episodes” in Star Wars Rebels. The entire series is filler between the star wars films, that’s literally all it is! If you aren’t interested in character development of the new characters then why are you watching?? 

Confession Time

I have spend the past four/five years claiming that I don’t mind who Jon ends up with so long as he doesn’t die and ends up happy cause he deserves it.

I’m taking that back. I fucking hate Daenerys. I do, I really do, I’m sorry. If they end up together (and I mean end up together, not hook up because the first is nowhere near confirmed while the later kinda is) I WILL be dissapointed and I WILL NOT like it.

I just have to cross my fingers and have faith in George RR Martin.

I know- I am dissapointed in myself too, but I’m weak. Very super weak. Also I don’t like Daenerys. I really don’t.

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my favorite whouffaldi moments

Nine out of ten boys in this program
have been or are being abused.
Anger comes from a place of
misunderstanding and mistreatment of
the individual affected.

Talking to these boys you come to find
that all of them are angry for a reason.
They use sports and exercise to cope.
Their muscles are sometimes bigger
than their brains and that’s not very
funny considering how society teaches the
modern boy to be violent and big.
Give an abused boy a book of poems
and he will crush it because it’s manly to
break things in your hands than to
just so plainly pick it up and read it
and get lost in poems that know
how you feel exactly but a boy only knows
how to break and tear and scream and destroy
and a boy would rather see his knuckles bloody or his nose broken than to admit
for christs fucking sake they’re not animals and that they’re allowed to feel and whoever hurt them doesn’t deserve to turn them into monsters as well so why do we let monsters turn our sons and best friends into monsters why do we tell them it’s better to break bones than to heal your own


There’s nine of them staring at me from yellow plastics chairs underneath a banner that reads so boldly,
Welcome to Anger Management.
Their eyes are dark and uninviting.
Their legs are shaking, they’re tired.
In here we all have problems but we know
we were taught to say we don’t and it was easier to be angry than to let anybody know.
Our fathers, mothers, step parents, siblings,
neighbors, classmates, teachers -

Nine out of ten boys in this program
are being or have been abused.
Anger comes from a place of
misunderstanding and mistreatment of
the individual affected.

—  Nine out of ten, but I don’t want to say I’m the tenth.

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you like otome games too???? can you list your faves?

I love them. When I first joined tumblr, I opened @soffiasotome​ which I sometimes post on(only reblogs really). I hold that blog dear to my heart because I met some lovely people on it, but most of them are either out of touch or inactive.

Shoot, though, my favourites? That’s really tough. I honestly don’t think I have a favourite because I love otome games and companies for different reasons. Maybe it’s just because I’m indecisive, I mean I do have eighteen save files in Fates just so I could marry eighteen people…

The best I can do is give you a couple of lists. Disclaimer, though, I play a lot of otome games. Not as many as I did in high school, but still a lot… And unlike some people, I actually don’t mind stat building otome games. So some of my choices are partial to that.

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@kc-fanfics Thank you. :)  I couldn’t resist, since I’ve never ever drawn them. And i like this enough to post it full size. Why did noone tell me drawing Yams is so much FUN?!?! and so EASY!?!?!

As for your Question: I do everything in SAI. I’m too dumb for anything more complicated than that. I have no idea how photoshop works although I’ve owned different versions for more than 15 years now.

The only exception is when I do color corrections or touch ups, or text for my comic. That is done in photoshop.

Panneling and sketching for comics is done in Clip Studio Paint.

admitting something to yourself in your mind vs. admitting something to yourself out loud is too big of a difference and it bothers the hell out of me

  • bismuth: an extremist, wanted to shatter enemy gems to win, attacks steven, and more than likely attacked rose when they disagreed with her
  • su fandom: bismuth was clearly in the right??? what's wrong with rose i mean seriously
  • me: what?? is wrong with y'all??? if you think murdering your enemies is the right thing???? why on earth??? are you watching??? steven universe???