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hernando: “the problem is, honey, that you don’t have a cock.”

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what's your take on saruhiko x fem!mi or fem!saruhiko x mi?

Not really interested, to be honest. As far as genderbend goes, I’d prefer genderbending both characters or neither. If I have to choose one I’d rather have Fem!Saruhiko than Fem!Misaki for the simple reason that most of the stuff I’ve seen with female Misaki uses it as an excuse to super-feminize him and turn him into a stereotypical weepy whimpering lump who is only vaguely similar to the actual Yata of the series. Like I see female Yata as still being a super tomboy who always tries to act tough and probably scorns the idea of having a boyfriend like, ew, I don’t need that, and who is not going to be shying back from a fight or needing Fushimi to protect her with his skinny nerd twigs big strong man arms. Too much het genderbend stuff that I’ve seen seems to be desperately trying to stuff the characters into the most traditional of gender roles whether it turns out to be OOC or not and I don’t care for that. (Also a lot of it seems to be storylines like “Fem!Misaki is pregnant and Saruhiko takes care of her” and that is honestly the kind of fluff that I personally find really uninteresting.)

dislike “discreet” devices/aids im sure u are all shocked that between trying to hide a thing that still looks “off” and wearing it as loud&ugly as possible i choose the latter lmao

  • friend:I have only the best seaweed.
  • me:oh?
  • friend:It's Japanese!
  • me:...? The best seaweed is Korean, tho...
  • [ sometime eventually later, like always ]
  • someone:*sees that I call myself a fujoshi*
  • someone:*sees that I correct people on their jp pronunciation*
  • someone:*ignores that I correct people on language pronunciation of any language when I can*
  • someone:*sees that I hate dub anime*
  • someone about me:ugh she's such a weeb

What I think is going to be funny/weird about keeping a journal is that it’s not exactly feelings I’m unwilling to share? Like…I don’t really see it including anything I’d be horrified by someone I love reading or anything. And it’s not going to include anything really secret? I just HATE admitting to having feelings or reactions that seem weak or like overreactions or things I can’t just handle or get over. So that’s going to be fun.

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But if Ivan did confess to liking you, would you share those feelings?

Yao: I honestly have no idea. It’s not a situation I’ve ever thought about. Could I like Ivan that way? And if… if I did, how would I know? He’s… important to me… but… …Either way, I don’t think this is relevant. It will never happen.

10 favorite characters

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are these in order or no? I’ll just go in order of w/e pops into my head first

  1. toujou nozomi - love live! ← fcking kill me put me out of my misery
  2. izuki shun - kuroko no basuke
  3. suzugamori ren - cardfight!! vanguard
  4. tanaka asuka - hibike! euphonium
  5. kisaragi zanya - future card buddyfight
  6. ryuugazaki rei - free!
  7. jude mathis - tales of xillia
  8. kotobuki reiji - uta no prince sama
  9. anjou mamoru - cardfight!! vanguard G
  10. ayase eli - love live!

if you think I know 10 more people outside of who pleb knows you would be mistaken

Me: Hmm, maybe now that Naruto Gaiden is over, crosstaggers will finally leave the SasuKarin tag alone.

*Goes and checks the SasuKarin tag; literally the first posts are petty anti-SK shit*

Me, to crosstaggers: Get out. Now, please, before I have to get the bug spray.

Is there such a thing as a lesbian sugar mommy? Like hello I have a need.

Good Ground

You know you’re in the painful part of growth when you’re reminding yourself that Jesus got sad and scared too.

You know you’re growing when you understand why Jesus withdrew to lonely places to be with His Father often.

You know you’re growing when you realise just how much that growth isolates you from people who aren’t.

You know you’re growing when you’re scared that in your struggle to reach the light, you’ll leave behind all the plants below that for whatever reason don’t take in as much soil and sunlight and water as you, and the consequences of that natural progression scare you to death.

You know you’re growing when you stopping wishing for answers to your questions and you just wish for more of Jesus in your life, so that he swallows those doubts that would choke you if you weren’t sown on good ground, and so that you can just having him for having him’s sake.

You know you’re growing when you recognise that He is the good ground. He’s the solid Rock, the best ground around. To borrow from Tupac Shakur, to be a rose growing from His concrete is the most pleasurable pain one can go through, and boy am I going through that right now.

What should happen vs. What does happen.
  • What does happen:
  • Person:*Points out something some famous person has done wrong*
  • Fan of that person:oH MY f ucking god how dare u they are the best person ever!!!!!! THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL AND THEY DID NOTHING WRONG"!"!!"£"222""!! lOOK AT THESE OTHER THINGS THEY DID THAT WERE GOOD THAT FIX THIS THING
  • -----------
  • What should happen:
  • Person:*Points out something famous person has done wrong*
  • Fan of that person:Wow.. Yeah they did kinda do that. That's not good. Good thing I'm not some bipolar idiot who defends someone when they've done something really wrong.