anonymous asked:

not the same anon from before but same subject! what makes a good gif/gifset in your opinion? and what are the processes that you think are really necessary to make a good gif/gifset?

oh i’m sorry i don’t know why i never realized you’re italian, now my ask (about gifs) seems really insensitive. italy is in my thoughts, you’re a strong people

hi! it’s not insensitive at all, don’t worry! we actually packed a couple of boxes full of stuff this morning and hopefully the red cross will be able to give them to those who were affected by the earthquake (i also want to buy a couple of small toys for the children, since someone who actually lived through an earthquake said they were highly appreciated. poor children DDD:)

about your question, i like gifsets to be from hq videos and neat? of course this is only my personal opinion - pls don’t get offended - but i don’t like when the gifs are super packed with stuff or text i can’t read. i prefer more text in the description and less on the gifs (maybe i’m actually blind idk but sometimes it’s really hard to read what it’s written on a gif. maybe it’s because english is not my first language idk)

as for colouring, i like everything lmao. i like saturated colouring, i like pastel colouring, i like grey/b&w colouring…. everything, really. as long as the colouring is appropriate for the scene and the quality of the video, i’ll reblog anything.  

… and i don’t know, really! i just reblog whatever catches my eye lmao