i had a dream about the pastel edits… @d&p i’m begging u pls… (follow my ig: @shoujodan)

Hah. I’m pretty sure I have gained like 20 pounds within these two weeks. The one thing I fucking hate about traveling is I eat out every. Damn. Day. I loathe eating out.

I was tagged by the lovely @marshmallowsourwolf for the 6 selfie challenge, but because I’m a reluctant selfie-taler, I couldn’t actually find 6 of them!

So instead, I’ll post one pic of myself, where I think I actually look pretty okay.

I won’t tag, because I’ve basically cheated at this game, but if anyone wants to do it go for it!

anonymous asked:

You once said you were born in New York but moved to Brazil very young. Do you consider yourself brazilian or american? Also, did you grow up speaking English?

I consider myself Brazilian. Kind of, we didn’t speak at home but I always had a very easy time learning English since I was very young. My father would always bring Disney films in English before they were dubbed into Portuguese, so I always learned how to sing the songs, etc in English. Then I was put into classes when I was 3 years old and was only allowed to stop once I passed the CAE from Cambridge at age 14. At age 15, I transferred to an American school and that was that haha