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2010: ha I'm not like other girls that catch feelings for guys! I can literally NEVER imagine myself falling in love with a man. I feel bad for all of my friends having relationship issues but like I don't even understand how they like those guys it's so easy not to?? I don't get it? Anyway team no feelings, I'm the girl that breaks guys hearts I guess! 2016: *falls in love with a girl* oh....

So, I finished Gilmore Girls (took me a little while because I almost swore off it after the second ep) and I don’t know how to feel.

Hey y'all, idk if it’s a full moon or what, but it seems like a lot of people on my dash are having a rough day/night and I just wanted to tell y'all you can message me whenever, but like obviously most people aren’t actually gonna take that suggestion to heart (which you should, honestly, but it’s understandable) so I’m just gonna encourage y'all to make it through today/night or however long this weird feeling lasts. Also, if it’s any help, there’s definitely a dog somewhere that would love you more than you’ll ever know so there’s that to lift your spirits

H2OBrohmtoonz |Word-Count: 430

Prompt: A very lovely UNO Teams/Holiday AU based on this lovely post & this other lovely post!

“No fucking way, he’s gonna stack, he’s gonna stack!” Luke yelped, awaiting his punishment from a smirking Jon whose shoulders were shaking in a silent laughter.

“You done goofed, Ryan,” Jon looked at Ryan who had his cards covering his eyes, and then looked at Bryce who had the most excited look on his face. “Fuckin’ stacked, bitch!” He slammed his Draw 4 onto the table, picking the colour red.

“Ah shit, Luke!” Ryan howled in defeat, Luke grumbling to himself as he drew his cards. Jon exchanged a look with Bryce who nodded,

“Hey, Ry, guess what?” his smile stretched from ear to ear, so mischievous, but so sweet all at once.

“Oh geez… What?” He was hesitant to answer, knowing Bryce like the back of his hand. He knew for a damn fact that Bryce and Jon had a plan, and it was going to suck for him.

“I bet you could use a break from the stress, babe,” Bryce ever-so-gently set his red skip onto the table with a small giggle. Ryan’s eyebrow twitched making Bryce laugh a little more.

“Who fuckin’ shuffled in the first place?!” Ryan complained with a huff, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Don’t pout, Ryan!” Luke cooed playfully, nudging his teammate’s leg with his foot under the table, everyone laughing.

Jon took a sip of his hot cocoa, slurping obnoxiously, before checking his cards with pursed lips.

“Luke, I’ll let you go just because you’re cute.” He decided aloud, setting a red 7 down.

“Quite the gentleman, I see,” Luke replied with an impressed nod, subtly putting his blue 7 on top of Jon’s card.

“Well,” Bryce sighed, “I believe it’s time to turn the car around!” sticking his reverse on the pile.

Games upon games later, in the end Team Brynathan won, leaving a sulking Ryan and Luke.

“Hey,” Jon poked Ryan’s cheek, “UNO is just a game, boys. You know we love you guy’s right?” He asked looking between Luke and Ryan.

Bryce sat next to Jon, nodding in agreement. “It’s true, we love you,” He said, voice now hushed.

The two children, that Jon and Bryce called their boyfriends, looked up.

“I love you too,” Ryan replied.

“Yeah, I love you too,” Luke smiled.

“We can go cuddle now if you want?” Bryce offered.

They all agreed, spending the rest of the cold winter night huddled tightly together in a loving embrace.

The thing that is fucking me up the most is the simple fact that Harry Styles is a fucking legend. The lads a fucking legend. Among the fucking mess and anarchy that is 21st century pop-culture, the boy has managed to make himself iconic before he’s even dropped a single. He’s managed to make himself relevant and raw and real. Fucking incredible. Never seen anything like it in my time, will probably never see it again. I’m so ready for everything he’s got to offer. Legend.

Welp,,, all the Anti stuff is happening so I decided to draw some fanart of him,, I don’t know what the official design is but I think this is close enough

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