the straight walk home (preview)

Let me tell you a story, about a vaquero named Vasquez….

September 5, 1875

The sun slipped down in front of The Walrus Gang as they raced further across the plains.

Blinded by the fierce light and the sand kicked up by their horses, the gang followed the trail left by their traitor as best they could. Although none of them had any lingering doubts as to where the traitor was headed.

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anonymous asked:

So you're dating Jason? :p story?

There’s not much to it! (To be clear, his name isn’t Jason XD.) We’re coworkers, but we actually met at his place at a going away party for Leo Guy, who was his roommate. We somehow always got scheduled for the same shifts so we spent like 40 hours a week working together for a month or so, and it just…kinda happened? I mean mostly it was about 200 hours of flirting…?

The thing that is fucking me up the most is the simple fact that Harry Styles is a fucking legend. The lads a fucking legend. Among the fucking mess and anarchy that is 21st century pop-culture, the boy has managed to make himself iconic before he’s even dropped a single. He’s managed to make himself relevant and raw and real. Fucking incredible. Never seen anything like it in my time, will probably never see it again. I’m so ready for everything he’s got to offer. Legend.

you can say you’re a lesbian if you only just figured it out

you can say you’re a lesbian if you haven’t dated any girls

if i was able to so surely say that i was straight (when i wasn’t) even before i dated a guy, kissed a guy, had a legitimate crush on a guy, then you’re allowed to say you’re a lesbian even if you haven’t “tried it” yet

you are real and valid and your identity is important, no matter what your dating history is

me: hasn’t seen anyone i know outside of my family for months

me: avoids every attempt at conversation

me: can only send about two texts a day and can’t keep up communication even though i started it

me: is desperately lonely

me, with tears in my eyes: lmao mental illness who