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Supergirl has faith in us. So let’s have a little faith in her. 

           { H W N G T F N Y 'S THIRD FOLLOW FOREVER }

hi everyone! i finished my junior year (in hs heh) this past wednesday and i also reached my next thousand a couple //months// ago! i promised an anon i would make a follow forever a long time ago (sorry omg) and now that it’s summer, i finally have time! 

thank you so much for putting up with me and just ugh i love you all :) :) :) p.s. special shoutout to my gardener-cat-uglychingu tracey xoxo 

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so i’ve had this blog for a while now like two years rip but i’ve only just started to give somewhat of a shit about it, and i’ve recently reached my first thousand followers!!! i just wanted to say a big thank you to all of you lovely people for continuously putting up with my bullshit and my extreme love for the lil moles on calum’s cheek as well as cashton i love and appreciate you all !!

- ̗̀ special shout out to The Worst ™ people i know   ̖́-

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and super special shout out to my sons @5sos-official ♥♥

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lil messages for some of my faves 

@sweaterpawclfford: you are hands down my favourite person in the world right now. one of my best friends, i’m honestly so glad to have you in my life. i love that we could go a whole month without talking to each other and then come back to each other and have not a single thing change. we’ve been friends for like, nine months now (you could have a baby in that time)(yes i just made an aaood reference don’t act like you didn’t love it) and it’s been a really awesome nine months!! i love you so much 💛💛

@hotdamnhoseok: jerilyn!! my love!! my sweetheart!! my kpop obsessed wife!! i have no idea when we started talking but i know i’m so glad we did. you are so easy to talk to and so fucking fun to talk to. i love your cute little accent and your cute lil smile and even the fact that you literally like everything i hate. it’s great that i can talk to you despite our vast differences and just like long story short i’m highkey in love with you 💗💗

@nbmikey: pj my nasty son i love you so so much!!!! you’re 100% the cutest person i’ve ever met. you’re so easy to talk to and super talented but also a fucking loser who changes his url/fave so much that i can barely keep up. but i mean you send me cashton blurbs and talk to me about trans girl cal headcanons and how much we both want to finger calum so i can’t even complain. 

@calumhoodes: paige you were my first friend on this dumb website and i’m so thankful for you. you’re such a sweetheart and your love for calum’s nose inspires me everyday.  you’re honest to god the cutest lil ethereal flower goddess i have ever come across and i just wanted to say thank you for being such a great friend to me 💖💖

@appreciate-calum: I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MY TALENTED LIL BEAN CHILD!!! you’re fun to talk to, especially when we’re bitching about troye or calum or gay headcannons. and i absolutely love all of your writing bc it’s all just really fucking amazing. i also love to send you dumb blurbs (even tho i haven’t in a while)(i should prolly get on that) idk i just love you tbh :-) you’re prolly not gonna see this tho bc you’re almost never online!!! 

and that’s all!!! once again i love every single one of you and i am super thankful for all of you!! happy holidays :-)

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