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im dying inside from kings cage and deep down inside me i actually really want there to be a scene with cal and maven beating the shit out of each other in rq4, wbu

mmm they definitely have some issues they gotta work out

But I feel like Cal went from being super pissed off at maven in gs to being more, heartbroken? in kc. Especially after Mare told Cal the part Elara played in his betrayal.

I think for Cal the initial anger has worn off, so idk if he’d just blindly attack him on sight? At least without thinking first? Plus Maven isn’t stupid enough to fight with Cal because he’d know he’d lose.

So I don’t know if I necessarily WANT them to fight in rq4, because Cal is physically superior to Maven, and it wouldn’t solve anything.

But at the same time, I’m always down for more people to fight Maven

I just need to take a minute because John Boyega…I mean, he really did not come to play. Since Attack the Block days, he’s always spoken about the vision he’s had for his career. From strategically picking roles with underlying social commentary/messages to wanting to own and control his own image and create his own projects.

And then he gets an audition for Star Wars. He goes through seven entire months of auditions–auditions longer than anyone else, and actually books the part. Earns the part! Like, he DID that. And he killed the performance. And honestly, leading man in the biggest movie franchise ever? He could’ve stopped there. But he didn’t. He could’ve been satisfied. But he wasn’t.

He reinvested that money and co-founded his own production company and is already investing in another franchise and securing lead roles for himself. But it’s not just about him and you can tell he knows that. If it was just about his success, he could’ve stopped with Star Wars. He’s not just making sure that Hollywood will never be able to typecast or control him, he’s also ensuring that if he believes in a project or role for him or anyone else, he can get it done.

He’s been planning and working toward this for years and strategizing about how to overcome and breakdown the racist roadblocks in Hollywood and he’s making it happen. If his career so far is any indication, I can’t wait to see the rest of his plans unfold. I don’t know him, but I'm just so proud of him. Because we need him and it seems he’s up to the task. 

I’m kinda flipping my shit at this panel because freaking Celestia Ludenberg aka the Ultimate Gambler is on a card game LIT ON FIRE BY MONOKUMA


so just hear me out okay

so like.

Adrien and Marinette get closer as friends (thanks in part by wingpeople Nino and Alya, though rather than dating…  They become super awesome platonic buddies).  They get really close, getting to know each other a lot, and Marinette is just all the more in love with Adrien but perfectly happy with him as a friend.

And Adrien is slowly having this revelation of “oh crap I like-like her…!”

But he doesn’t wanna give up on Ladybug, of course.

But like, both of them are really touchy-feely, and they’re cuddly, and it’s like.  All the platonic cuddles.  It’s cold?  They’ll be cuddling somewhere.  One of them had a bad day?  They’re cuddling.  Bored?  They’ll just curl up somewhere and cuddle because they just are.  Ridiculously cuddly.

Sometimes they manage to drag Nino and Alya in and they have group cuddles and it’s v therapeutic for them all and it’s a good time.

And this sort of bleeds over into their hero behavior–the Ladyblog is blowing up with ladynoir cuddle pictures even though both insist that it’s strictly platonic “c’mon, can’t a pair of best friends just cuddle when it’s cold and they have to watch out to make sure somebody doesn’t turn into a monster for stubbing their toe?  Can’t we just have this?”

And Chat is slowly feeling more platonic towards Ladybug as his feelings for Marinette grow, meanwhile Mari is starting to find her crush on Adrien is shifting towards Chat.

And it gets slowly harder to separate their hero and civilian lives when they’re sleepy and cuddling because it’s just so familiar and without even realizing it one time Marinette is just scritching Adrien’s head where she usually scritches Chat’s and is like “Love you, minou.”

And he sleepily nuzzles her and mumbles “love you too, princess.”

And neither of them actually realize it at first.

Because they’re both half asleep and the cuddles as civilians and heroes blur together so neither of them realizes they’re not transformed and forget about it when they wake up.

Until one time they’re curled up together after a patrol under a blanket and cuddling and have hot chocolate LB brought and some sweets from her bakery and Chat just sleepily mumbles “Your parents make the best cookies, Mari.”

And she just sleepily responds “You always say that, Adrien…”

And that’s when it clicks.

And…  Instead of freaking out, they’re both like “Oh.  Okay.  Yeah.  Yeah that makes sense.  I’m glad it’s you.”  And go back to cuddling and they’re even more cuddly later.

(And Nino and Alya are like “We KNEW it wasn’t platonic!” when they end up kissing a few days later during group cuddles)


who has been my new boyfriend
through two birthdays and the funeral,
but I like to call him that,
know too well the way men steel-plate
themselves inside my joints
until my body has to relearn running.

& he knows
a few parts of this story,
but I didn’t want that man’s name
back in my bed.

just told him,
picture yourself in a theater with your eyes closed,
your own palms pressed tightly to your ears.
on the drive home, 
he’ll describe each scene frame for frame,
talk about the previews, which one
the two of you should not-see-together next,
and you will feel lucky enough in that moment
you won’t notice the entire city of Portland starting to melt.

months later,
when he says it is your favorite movie,
you will nod and know it is
not worth arguing over.

(“are you trying
to tell me

you’ll tell yourself it’s true.
tell yourself
it’s the best movie
you’ve ever seen.


while Mika and Ferid are just staring there like

© to Namanmari 

I mean, I understand when Yoongi chose Jimin’s part as the one that made his heart race because I’m pretty sure that made everybody’s hearts feel like the whole entire jungle is in there but Jimin choosing Suga’s part is.. I don’t know? Obviously, as a Yoongi-stan, it made my heart flutter too (one of my favorite parts) but if you’re not one, I feel like you wouldn’t really choose it? Like, I know for sure you would choose something else because it wasn’t really that striking? (I’m not dissing Yoongi, btw lol) It was something that I feel like if you’re not a Yoongi-stan, you would just think of as something cute and then move on to some part more noticeable like maybe Taehyung’s or Jungkook’s floor dance. It was, for lack of a better word, a gentle moment and I noticed it because I was looking at Yoongi the whole duration of the video. But Jimin chose it and I don’t even know if I’m making sense, it’s just really surprising.


breaking news: yu sungoh has left 24k to pursue his dream of having a kpop reaction channel; his first video featuring him being cute and quietly boppin’ along to EXO’s “LOTTO”

no but actually i don’t know what he’s doing, i hope he will return to 24k but if he is happier pursuing something else that’s okay too ♥ he said he would be uploading a cover next week so go subscribe to his channel; whatever he wants to do on youtube imma support him.


a Fatal_Error has Occurred: The Beginning - Part 11 (END)

Start from the beginning of The Beginning here!

Previous <—–> Chapter One!


I hope you guys enjoyed what was essentially the prologue :) I’m really excited about what I have planned :3 Expect an announcement in the next day or so about how I’m gonna go about the next part/first chapter of the comic.

Also, thanks SO MUCH for everyone’s patience with me for this update! Like I said before, I wanted to make sure the panels look exactly the way I want them to. You guys deserve only the best!

Aftertale, Errortale, GenoSans, and ErrorSans belong to @loverofpiggies!

This one’s about bugs

Guys, I love ID. I really hope I get to do an ID rotation on Medicine. If you remember, I once posted the mnemonic I swear by for viruses. Well here is the bacteria counterpart. Also your micro mantra should be: sketchy is life. Love Andrew like I do (this part’s not the mantra, I just love Andrew).

Let me know if you have any questions or need clarification. This is a perfect example of a “not aesthetically pleasing tumblr study post” because sometimes your handwriting sucks and you aint got that kinda time in my life for pretty arrows and banners and I just wanna finish this shit so I can leave the library when will Step 1 even be over why is this my liiiiiife

Don’t Make Empty Promises:  Part 2

Pairing:  Bruce Wayne x Reader

Warnings:  LONG, Swearing, Mentions of drinking, A little bit of fighting

Key:  As always, (Y/N) is your name.

Author’s note:  Soooo… Yeah, it’s long.  Like really long, but I think it turned out for the better.  If you came to the join.me last night, you’ll know I cut out the last part so there was a bit more of a cliffhanger just to help me lead into the next part.  Hope you enjoy!  P.S. You’re welcome for that last gif ;)

(Part 1)

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Don’t Make Empty Promises:  Part 2

You shifted again, rolling onto your other side in the small bed, glancing at the clock.  5:30 pm. Great.

It’s been almost a month now, staying at your parents’ place.  When you came to their house at an ungodly hour with tears streaming down your face, they quickly welcomed you with open arms.  They let you explain yourself in your own time and quickly accommodated for you. It was all perfect, and you felt loved, but for some reason you just couldn’t quite live normally.  You had been in bed almost every day after the first week of being gone.  You tried going out, watching movies, reading books, but after a couple days you went for a nosedive.  You didn’t want to get out of bed, you didn’t want to talk, and you hardly ate.  Your parents saw your harsh deterioration, and continuously expressed their concern. You knew they were right, but you couldn’t go back to the Bruce’s place.  Not after disappearing without a word.  Bruce would get mad at you for having surprise meetings.  If you were gone for an hour without any warning, you could trust there would be some glares and harsh lectures.  Leaving in the middle of the night for weeks would be a much larger scale of Bruce’s wrath, one you were sure you couldn’t handle.

You rolled onto your back and stared up at the ceiling of the small, blue guest room.  Flowers hand-painted by your father traced the top of the wall, bleeding onto the ceiling.  The scarlet colors of the setting sun had accented the white roses and daisies that riddled the trim of the room, while adding a soft glow to the polished birch wood dresser and nightstand.  You let your eyes travel along the tangle stems of the flowers, wandering through your thoughts as you had been for the past two weeks.  It wasn’t like you were unfamiliar with them, it’s just every time you delved back into them, you would find something new, like revisiting a favorite movie or rereading a book.  It was interesting enough to help you maintain your sanity whilst away from work.

The unfamiliar buzz of your phone beside your nightstand sent a jolt through both your mind and your body.  You rolled back onto your side to pick up your phone, blowing off a little bit of the dust it had collected.  You turned it on and winced at first from the bright light, but when you finally focused on the notification, you saw a left text message from none other than Alfred.

‘We need you back here, (Y/N).  Soon.’

You furrowed your brows for a moment, considering the possible motivations behind the urgent text message.  Maybe he just missed you, after all, you were basically a small family, over at the manor.  Maybe something happened to Bruce.  You didn’t even want to get into the possibilities scattered about that one thought, and sent back a short reply.

‘What happened?’

You stared at the screen for a few moments, and as you were about to set it down, the three flashing dots appeared.  You waited for a reply for a few minutes, until it had disappeared without a message to follow.


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insp: x and true detective

Begin Anew, Chapter 1 | Archive of Our Own
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Since you guys seemed to like the idea of Gigolas in Star Wars, here you go! I’ve started the damn thing. Hope you like it.

(And hey, now the Gigolas tag has 890 stories. *wink* I’m doing my part)

Lazytown Fanfic I am considering: Rolling with the idea that Robbie is part Fae, What if he one day starts growing wings. Like they just start as lump on his back and he doesn’t really think much of it until the lumps get redder and start to grow and become uncomfortable and wow are they ever starting to hurt. 

Regardless he ignores them for weeks but it gets to the point where he’s left on the floor with his back in agony because he doesn’t know what to do. His back is on fire and there’s too much pressure and it just hurts. He thinks they’re tumors and that he’s going to die. 

Sportacus of course has been alerted every so often but since Robbie is just brushing him off he doesn’t know what’s wrong until he’s called in one night to find Robbie on the floor without his shirt. And of course he recognizes the lumps, he’s had friends who were Fae. Robbie is growing wings and he’s very surprised but he has a job to do.

So he helps Robbie through it and helps problem solve because the skin refused to break for them and the wings are too soft to break through.They just aren’t coming in properly at all. His half human or three-quarter human blood is just causing all sorts of problems. 

But yeah I’m considering writing this and I’d definitely be SportaRobbie.
Any Thoughts?

i wonder if Even knew. like for me, before i have a breakdown of some sort, I know it’s coming. the day just feels off and wrong. so what if Even knew, and yet since he loves Isak (bc he does) he wanted to make their last night perfect, because Even thinks Isak will leave him now. He thinks it’s his last night with the man of his life.

i really just hope they talk it out. my poor Even… i know what it’s like after people see the parts of you you’d rather hide, and facing them can be hard. i’m sorry i just have a lot of feelings about this clip.

ya lit meme: 5/10 series or books
↳ fire and hemlock by diana wynne jones

“Suppose they were once facts. Suppose I really am like the man in the story, and something happened to change my past.”

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