“The game crashed…” 

Screenshots from 60 Seconds #5! :)

I really like this game’s writing it’s actually very witty. xD The old ladies having the tea party and then attacks the family was the funniest part of the video. I mean you think it would get boring because most of it is just reading but its actual interesting because you don’t really know what will happen and you just kind of go with what the game throws at you. At least that’s the vibe I get from the game watching Jack play it anyway. :]

Also therealjacksepticeye are these new lights helping your video quality? I’ve noticed that some games that used to be 720p on the channel are now 1080p. Not complaining by the way I’m just asking out of curiosity! xD The quality helps makes my screenshots of you look 10x better then they were before. If this is the case good job Jack! :D

I’m kinda interested in genealogy, not so much for the weird white American obsession with telling everyone you’re 50% this and 30% that and 18% the other and 2% milk, but because the little slice of history is fascinating. Not just the history, either, but the fact that we can know it, for these generally normal people leading their generally normal lives. It’s part-and-parcel with my fascination with social networks and circles, really – it’s a similar thing with a larger dimension of time.

All of which is basically a long disclaimer before telling you that the Irish fiddle teacher at CIMW looked so much like my grandfather he could be his younger brother, and when I told him he said that my grandfather’s surname was from his county.

Apparently they bred for massive eyebrows in County Cavan or something. :P

I’ll never understand when someone makes an announcement about them “leaving a fandom” (I’m not saying this in a ‘fight me’ way I’m saying this in an actual ‘I don’t understand’ way, for the record).

Like - maybe it’s just me but I can never picture myself saying/doing something like that? 

When I start to become invested in a series/movie/band/book/etc. it becomes a part of me. Maybe that’s just the way I am. I think of it this way, when I was growing up I really loved Harry Potter. Now, I still love Harry Potter. I don’t blog about it all the time, or even in majority, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like it. But what I see a lot is people who like realise “Oh, I don’t blog about this anymore” so they decide to leave the fandom? Sorry, I’m just wondering if someone can put things into perspective for me.

When you “leave” something, it tends to mean you’re finished with it. Over the years, there have been tons of series that I’ve fallen in love with and they might not be my current favorite but I never would have considered myself to “leave” any of them behind. For a given period, I was all about Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Obviously, that show is over and I’m not thinking about it every day but I never “left” it, or anything. I still love it.

So I guess what I’m asking is, how does someone even decide that they’ve “left” or are “leaving” a certain series/movie/etc. behind? I just don’t understand that.

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me but once I love a series I don’t stop. I’ll always love it, it just might not always be where my attention is.

And I suppose this especially for me really just applies to Sherlock. Like - we’re in a hiatus. The series isn’t even over? I understand it not being what everyone’s focused on or something but how can you decide to leave it when it’s not finished? Gah, sorry, I’ve rambled. But maybe someone can put things into perspective, with me. Thanks in advance to anyone willing~

while im here have draft 1 of this asari chick…

i really don’t know where to even start designing her, i know what she’s all about, even parts of her personality, but her design is just missing me completely… i think i want to make her extremely generic in coloring etc. (blue, blue, blue) and keep her more defined by other features because why not but i really have to resist the urge to give her like RED EYES or something crazy

i think brown eyes… do asari have brown eyes? i can’t look up anything, my phone might burn out on me

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zayn likes big red lips. liam is known for having really nice plush lips. zayn stares at liam's lips a lot. fetus zayn stared at fetus liam's lips then touched them and then kissed his cheek instead because cameras. c'mon then c'mon happened. zayn has lips tattooed to his chest. i mean, it's all there, just put two and two together really.

about the lips with wings tattoo is really interesting indeed

the lower lip of the tattoo have this part that is not totally red is like is a line 

and okay it may well be the effect of the Lipstick

but maybe just maybe can be a cracked lip?

and this rumor about this new lips tattoo on his hand 

i find really interesting if is not really his tattoo nice rumor tattoo

zayn staring liam’s lips is something constant

whatever if was on fetus

on not so fetus

on present (probably) 

and on future i’m sure because zayn really really love liam’s lips 

i would say that he love so much that he should tattoo liam’s lips on his skin 

but i sure he already did so …

none of the gifs are minr

all credits to the owner

This is a completely unreasonable pet peeve to have but it makes me so nauseous when I see people who have clearly never been dirt poor a day in their life make headcanons about characters being dirt poor.
Like? The Dakotas were scraping to get by but their parents could afford to take them on family trips? And buy them matching outfits? And own a car? And waste fuel driving South around just to help her get to sleep? Lmao okay.
Idk there’s something about the idea of some middle-class white person daydreaming about their white faves struggling with some sort of romanticized version of fantasy poverty to tickle their fee-fees that makes me unjustifiably disgusted.

Honestly I headcanon Taylor as lesbian? And she just has this big crush on Victoria so she doesn’t come out to Victoria first, but maybe Courtney?

And Courtney’s got that straight mentality of “Ur gay? Ur not gonna hit on me r u?” And Taylor is just really exasperrated with it but eventually Courtney gets over it and asks if Taylor likes anyone in specific , and Taylor’s just like “What? No!”

And at some point Courtney finds out it’s Victoria and eventually helps Taylor come out to Victoria, and Victoria’s just surprised Taylor thought she didn’t know or that she thought she shouldn’t come out to her because “Hello??? I’m bisexual, and you’re like my best friend, why would I hate you?????”

At some point Taylor and Victoria actually do get together, and when Courtney finds out, she just teases Taylor about it taking so long to happen and stuff

Look I just have a lot of feelings about these three

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I really love your tags, but you should at least put the "useful" ones first so that Tumblr can read them.

Is that still Tumblr’s functionality? I thought they had tweaked things so that a search now finds all tags, not just the first few. I could be wrong. I am an incorrigible tag-burier.

So I did a thing today and I really like this thing.

hello ^^

so i’m in break for my classes, which is good because the kittens have started to need more attention now that they’re moving around and getting into small spaces

i’m a bit stressed out with all the papers i’ve had to write and all the assignments that my professors gave me over break, not to mention, that my practicum at the children’s centre is coming to an end and i need to write up a report…

izumi-san’s been a bit touchy lately? ^^; i feel kind of bad because i haven’t been able to really spend time with any of the friends i’ve made here recently, getting things together and all and trying to study and stuff. maybe i’ll meet up with her and introduce her to rin when he visits.

he’ll be here tomorrow! ^^ i’m excited, i hope the kittens like him


honestly. the word is stolen from his mouth; an icy burn the culprit’s calling card. he knows he should save his breath. but the act of speaking feels so good, so alive in all of its breathlessness. 

if someone is up there - and I know that’s a big if - could you just… tone it down on the fucking snow? i’m up to my fucking waist here! i’ll do anything. anything. I mean that. 

he stops. spreads his arms wide. i’m yours! maker, andraste? ancestors? the elven gods, what is there… there’s a wolf in there, I think? i’m up for pleasing a wolf if I gotta! just stop the snow!

there’s a howl in the distance. it almost sounds disgusted, rahn thinks.

Part I   Part II   Part III   Part IV

I’ve been traveling a lot and somehow you’re in every single city I go to seriously what the fuck who even are you how are you doing this
(Part V)

Paris, 3rd of May

It had been raining nonstop since Marco arrived at the city of love two days ago. Of course that didn’t keep him from exploring like he’d planned to, it just meant that his umbrella was his constant companion.
Also he spent a lot more time in little cafes to warm up and change his plans according to the weather.
There were just some sights that made no sense as long as it was pouring, so he visited the Louvre instead – which took almost a whole day anyway – and Napoleon’s tomb inside Les Invalides as well as some less famous places the owners of the small bed&breakfast he stayed at told him about.

Today was the first day it wasn’t raining buckets and he’d decided to pay the Eiffel Tower a visit now before the weather got worse again and he’d never have a good view from the top.
It still wasn’t exactly sunny, the persistent cloud cover still hanging low, but as long as the top wasn’t disappearing in it, he should be fine.
Marco didn’t get that far, though. Before he could even reach the Tower itself, while still strolling through the parkway leading toward it, he saw his stranger again.

He was standing there all alone on the damp grass, ripped jeans and dirty sneakers, the collar of his dark leather jacket popped up against the early morning chill, one hand shoved into his pocket, the other holding what looked like a slip of paper, maybe a letter or a photograph.
He didn’t move.
Not in all the while that Marco stood there frozen, openly staring at him. At how his profile was sharp against the gray gloom surrounding them, at the way the blond strands of hair were being whipped around by soft bursts of wind, at his eyes, that were varying between tracing the paper in his hand and gliding up to regard the Tower in front of them while he absentmindedly chewed on one of his lip piercings.

Marco didn’t think when he stepped forward at last. He didn’t think about what to say this time, if the stranger would even understand him or how this might be his very last chance to talk to him. He just started moving, barely feeling the gravel underneath his sneakers or the soppy lawn it quickly changed into when he got closer to the other man.
Before he could reach him and blurt out the first thing that came to mind, the stranger turned his head to look at him, movement as sharp as his eyes.

“What the fuck do you want from me?”
Marco stopped dead in his tracks, about two meters still separating him from the other man, and didn’t know what to say. What did he want indeed?
“I don’t know if you’re really following me but four cities is a pretty big coincidence, don’t you think?”, the tone of his voice was harsh and accusatory, cutting through the cool breeze.

Marco still didn’t know what to say. This was not how he’d imagined things playing out if he ever got the chance to actually talk to the guy.
His eyes started flitting around, catching on the paper held so delicately between slim fingers.
It actually was a photograph, yellowed and wrinkled, and seemed to be of this exact location. There was a young woman at the center of it but before Marco could inspect it any further it was hastily tucked away, the eyes of the stranger turning even colder when he looked up to meet them again.

“Do I have to beat it out of you?” Pale hands clenched into fists as the stranger took a heavy step towards Marco who jumped back at the sudden movement, raising his hands slowly.
“N-no! No, it’s okay. I’ll…” Yes, what would he do? God this wasn’t turning out as planned. Hell, there had never been a plan in the first place. Just confusion and curiosity and a night on a grimy dancefloor…
Marco took a deep breath and let it out again, lowering his hands as the stranger didn’t make another move toward him and just stood there glaring, waiting.

“It’s … it’s actually been six…” He wasn’t sure if this was the right thing to say but sticking to the truth couldn’t be the worst he could do.
“Six cities. You said four but it’s been six”, Marco started again, voice kind of timid and only able to meet the other’s eyes every few words before they flitted away again. “I … I saw you in Rome. At the Trevi Fountain. And at the aquarium in Vienna. Then Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam. Now we’re here. Six.” He didn’t think that expression could become even harder but was proven wrong. Trying to reciprocate that icy stare as calmly as he could he noticed something.
The reason those eyes seemed to practically glow with anger was that they were bloodshot, a little swollen around the eyelids, too. Now that he came to think about it, it was a little chilly but not enough to warrant that feverish redness to those pale cheeks…

“You stalking me or anything?”
“I … no. No!” Marco tried to clarify as the stranger cocked his head to the side, covering a little sniff. Oh. “No, I promise. This is just some stupid coincidence. I’m just a guy doing my thing and there you are, doing the same thing and yeah this is crazy but I promise…”
“So we had the same route for almost a month and you’re trying to tell me it’s what? Fate? That your shitty pick-up line?”
“I’m…” Marco was at a loss for words again. Was that what he had wanted to do this whole time? Hit on the guy? Well, Berlin had been … interesting. And the guy was really attractive … but was that everything there was to this? “I don’t know.”

“You don’t … Okay, you know what? Just fuck off already. I don’t if you’re a creepy stalker or not, just don’t try anything or I’ll kick your fucking head in. I don’t have time for this shit.”
For some reason this blatant rejection hurt more than the open hostility from before. Marco couldn’t do anything but slink back from the stranger.

This was it then. His big mystery had been somewhat solved. There was nothing more to this than coincidence and maybe a bit of luck. And now there would be nothing more than possibly one or two more glimpses in a crowd.
“Okay, I’m sorry. Get to Bern safely, then.” That made the stranger, who had already been about to turn away, make a double take.
“Bern?” He raised a dark eyebrow, blinking slowly while, for the first time, really regarding Marco.
“Yes, we’re headed for Switzerland, right?”

“No…”, that deep voice drawled, laced with confusion. “I’m going to Madrid after this.”
Oh god so this had been Marco’s very last chance and he blew it and now he would never see that stupidly attractive guy again, that guy that made his heart leap so very high and…
“So you’re really not a stalker? And you didn’t just say that on purpose so I would … did you?”
“I’m … no!”, Marco managed after marginal sputtering, trying his best to sound as convincing as he wanted to this time. “I’ve been trying to tell you, I’m not…”

“Fuck this is crazy!”, the guy exclaimed, all that suspicion and venom suddenly gone from his voice as he shook his head, shoulders dropping as he let go of his prickly defenses. “Dude, what gives? Six cities, really?”
Marco didn’t know what exactly had caused this sudden change in behavior but oh it made his stupid heart hammer against his ribcage all the more insistently. He took a timid step forward, towards the stranger, even though his fingers were trembling, and carefully offered his hand.

“Hi, I’m Marco and I’ve been planning this trip for months before I even knew you existed. I swear. It’s nice to … uhm, officially meet you.”
The other guy’s grip on his hand was strong, cool fingers squeezing his tightly while he still shook his head. A disbelieving smile was now playing at his lips but there was really not an ounce hostility left, neither in the way he held himself, nor in his voice.

“Hey Marco. I’m Jean and I…” There was a pause, soft and tiny, but Marco noticed it. Noticed the split-second of grief before the stranger – Jean! - caught himself. “Yeah, same.”
“Do you…”, Marco faltered for a second before scolding himself: Get yourself together Bodt, you got another chance now use it. “Do you maybe want to grab a coffee? Now or … later? I don’t care I just have a feeling that this…”

“Ugh, thank god you’re cute Marco, or this whole fate thing wouldn’t do jackshit for me.” A nervous giggle escaped him as he watched Jean’s smile pull into a grin, their hands still clasped together.
“Was that … was that a yes?”
“Look at you, you couldn’t be a creepy stalker if you tried, could you? Yes, that was a yes”, Jean clarified, still grinning and just slowly letting go of his hand.

A moment later they were headed off towards the nearest cafe, Eiffel Tower all but forgotten as they were recalling stories of their respective journeys so far.


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Thank goodness, I just really don't like those people who would get you invested on a ship but jumps another ship just because they look good atm and then talks shit at the ship they used to love like c'mon

The fact people are apparently jumping on the H*llence train and disregarding H*llstein after one speed bump as if H*llence was perfect is annoying. And I’m not a part of that.

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Are there any popular fandom OTPs you only BroTP?

questions to make you hate me || accepting

out of arrows ;; whispers into the wind 


Ya know what? I just watched twilight over the span of a week (I watched part every night before bed) and I liked it.

That’s right. I liked it. I was obsessed in middle school, ashamed since middle school, but just this week I really liked it.

It was just a… Comfortable? movie to watch.