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Tonight at 2: YouTuber Announces End to Hair Dyeing; Sarcastic Pasta Panics

I didn’t watch the livestream but my friend said Jack said he’d stop dyeing his hair this year.

Considering the fact that his sprite in the game has green hair and that we specifically make references to him living in Ireland, I hope we release it before he moves and changes his hair…

Even if he beats us to it, we’ll just instill a cutoff date for references, I guess. Which is annoying because we were just talking about throwing in some Night in the Woods characters last minute, even though we were pretty much done spriting.

Youtubers… why do you keep changing your hair? Our sprites of you are not only outdated, they’ve been outdated for months!!


So I was tagged by @ramen25 for the selfie & bias tag! Thank u hun 🙆🏻💜

(Sorry for this kind of pics lmao, I know u can’t really see my whole face because of the mask but I was drunk yesterday when I did this pics …….. so sorry if I look like shit) I hope it’s not a problem! Anyways I took these pics of him with the mask so it fits with ma pics 👀

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andromeda1023 said: Can you tell me why kids need the Hep B vaccine if there are no risk factors? As a former Pediatric ICU/ER nurse, the only rare kids I saw with Hep B came from parents who were high risk, i.e. Drug users. I’m not against vaccines, but am appalled at the amount of vaccines kids get, several at a time.

Because Hep B is spread by more than just needles. Hep B can be spread during the birthing process or through breast milk. Did you know you could get hepatitis B from sharing a toothbrush with an infected individual? It’s highly contagious and very detrimental to children because they can’t fight it off. That’s why we vaccinate for it. There are no adverse effects. The benefits heavily outweigh any costs. 

I have to give credit where credit is due as it is obviously inspired by @shamefulbirb ‘s Corroded Crank. idk why I did this, me bored. I was super anxious making this since I didn’t know if I wanted to post this because I was afraid people where going to say that I ‘stole’ or copied the same idea because they were both robots. I joined the tumblr community about two months ago and I didn’t even now about Corroded Crank  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Obviously an alter ego of @crankgameplays featuring my terrible handwriting :’v. Don’t kill me pls I cant draw creepy things….I’m terrified to post this

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why tf is kara having to say how super she is again all of a sudden

in the beginning of season 1 kara did a lot of reaffirming for herself as supergirl in front of enemies and friends. it’s generally considered bad writing to do that, and yeah, it’ll make the character come off as arrogant sometimes and can be awkward to watch. but those lines and little monologues were then used sparingly and saved for bigger moments in 1b because the audience already knew kara and what she was capable of and we trusted who she was.

now, in 2b, I’m noticing they’re starting that tactic up again. and aside from the fact that it’s pretty ridiculous to have your established lead declare things about herself 30 episodes into her story, in runs counter to what they’re actually showing. 

so sure, kara can tell the audience that she’s the girl of steel and she laughs in the face of opposition and she always accepts a challenge, but that shit should be evident by now! why is kara having to prove herself again? having to loudly declare her strengths to people who should already know them

it’s almost as if something, or idk, someone… is tacitly undermining kara and making her a pale shadow of the woman she was. someone who maybe, for example, says that her tendency to be fearless is annoying instead of admirable. or that she’s a bad judge of her own capability, or that she’s really not a hero but just selfish. 

so yeah. obviously if you’re doing that to your main character, you’re going to make her say some good things about herself to “even it out”, even if at the end of the day she’s still in a relationship with the one character that uninhibitedly belittles her. 

remember: if she has to say she’s great, she’s not. if we have to hear that he’s changed, he hasn’t. 

anonymous asked:

I understand wanting to be stealth I am too, but as a person of trans exp I think it's a bit ridiculous to completely try to erase the unfortunate circumstances of our birth forms. Sure it doesn't make us any less guys but to lie to people that you were born male bodied is silly, I know because I did it in the past and it came back to bite me in the ass. Even my ex bf who had one of the highest voices I've ever heard on a 'cis' male was not remotely close. As much as it sucks it is what it is

Um, anon, I am not trans. If I was I would just tell people, I am not one to BS. I dated Trans people before that hid it and I wish they would had just told me the truth, but I understood their circumstances. In fact one of my longest relationships was with a trans guy and I had a very happy relationship with him. It was one of the greatest relationships I ever had.

This is exactly why I don’t like talking to people online, because they assume the same thing right away. Hell, half of the time people IRL still harass me over it, on top of having every trans out there telling me to stop lying, when I AM NOT trans. Try talking to people every day, in any platform and having them ask for pictures of your chest or dick to prove your point and then come to me and tell me to stop fucking hiding for something I am not, actually you probably might go through this, which is frustrating when in return you are pulling this crap on me. It is fucking frustrating. The last time I went on a real date, the guy I went with groped me without even giving me a fucking clue just to make sure I had a dick instead of a vagina. Then I just have to laugh it off because it is my fault, because I don’t sound like I should. Yeah, it’s fantastic.

And once people find out it is for real, try getting the creeps off your back that want to play daddy with you. I fucking love that, you have no idea. But I mean they buy me expensive stuff because of that, so I guess that’s okay, right?

But more importantly, how many people do you know at age 13 that stabbed their throat to try to commit suicide and survived? And when they did they couldn’t speak for over a year and had to have speech therapy on top of ending up with a stutter that they are only able to control by biting their tongue. Then having their whole family mock them because oh look, they now sound as girly as they look, how cute.

Then try having a bit of confidence back, enough to attempt a stupid voice clip just to realize that you really should just stop trying to do what other people can.

Fuck off.

How high are Sorey’s high heels?

As you probably all know, Sorey wears high heels in armatus form.


But how high are they, exactly? Let’s use the screenshot below as a reference.

Okay, who does also wear high heels in the series? Lailah.

Let’s compare them to each other, shall we?

So: Sorey wears high heels of similar height as Lailah.

But, how high Lailah’s heels are?

I’ve compared Lailah cosplay boots and high heels that are quite similar.

Guys. They are about 3 inches (7.5 cm).

Sorey fights hellions in 7.5cm high heels.


did some facial ref practice with the vento aureo gang also @ davidpro part 5 when????


Arya Meme
1/7 Relationships: Sandor Clegane

“Why don’t you just kill me like you did Mycah?” Arya had screamed at him. She was still defiant then, more angry than scared.

He answered by grabbing the front of her tunic and yanking her within an inch of his burned face. “The next time you say that name I’ll beat you so bad you’ll wish I killed you.”



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