I’m glad this has been released, but I’m actually more excited about the fact that they include the hi-res super huge version of the cover. That’s some fantastic art. [click image to enlarge]

I was tagged by the one, the only *drumroll* animealiengirl (Thanks, Love!)

Write your name in song titles.

R- Rather Be (PTX cover)

A- Above It All (Building 429 - Yes, I listen to Christian music)

C- Counting Stars (OneRepublic)

H- Hey (Mitchell Musso)

E- Elements (Lindsey Stirling)

L- Lose My Soul (TobyMac)

Why did you choose your URL?

“Confetti it’s a Parade!!!” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5v0gpQSWhM

What is your middle name?


If you could own a fictional/fairy tale being, what would it be?

Does the elopus count?  Or the dinomite! :D

Favourite colour?


Favourite song?

Shut Up And Dance – Walk the Moon

Top 3 fandoms?

1. SPN, Forever, DW

Why do I enjoy tumblr?

Because you people are so much nicer than people in real life!  Seriously!  And plus I can just be me here.  I don’t have to worry about what my mom will say or what colleges will think.  I can just be me and screw it if you don’t like what I post.  My blog is kind of like a way for me to cope and get away from the stresses of life.

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If y’all don’t like being tagged then you don’t have to do it. :)