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Okay, so I read your fic this morning. Your point about Damian not accepting the permanence of death? I keep thinking about that, and how he didn’t even mention all the ppl he knows who’ve come back! He grew up with his grandfather continually cheating death, and then didn’t Talia come back in Batman&Robin/Son of Batman? Like the only member of his family who /hasn’t/ come back from the dead in some capacity is Alfred (unless that happened too, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised at this point).

Anonymous said:
(Same anon talking about Dami’s lack of acceptance about death of loved ones) But now you’ve got me thinking about it, I’m really torn up about what the poor kid will go through when someone he knows dies for real. Like, Tim isn’t dead, and that’s great, but man, it’s just gonna reinforce this attitude about death and it’s gonna hurt so bad for Damian when someone he loves dies for real some day. :(


Wow yeah, that’s a fantastic point you’re making. Obviously the Tim thing is gonna turn out fine, but you figure at some point he’s gonna have a normal experience with death, and that won’t be pretty. 

Every death so far has been violent, so maybe natural deaths would be the thing to keep an eye out for…. like old age….. you mentioned Alfred…… okay bye

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