Unpopular opinion, but I really can’t with the Aaron/Liv dynamic most days. Every single time we see one of these scenes where Liv screws up and then Aaron instantly forgives her with no sign of boundaries it does my head in. 

Yes, I know Liv is testing boundaries and that is what teenagers do, but Aaron as her GUARDIAN, not big brother, but GUARDIAN needs to set some. Cause right now he doesn’t. Liv needs stability and giving her boundaries and punishments gives her stability. If Sandra was still around and Liv/Aaron were having these kinds of interactions as just siblings I wouldn’t think it was that big of deal, but Emmerdale made the choice to have Sandra leave. They made the choice to have Aaron become her legal guardian. That means the dynamic should be different. They are no longer just siblings, but he is also a parent. 

All I am asking is for at the end of these cute scenes for Aaron to be like - ‘Liv, I’m always gonna love you cause you are my sister, but you are still grounded for a week for cutting up my clothes.’ That is really all I am asking, because otherwise these scenes are just repetitive and unnecessary. They could instead use this to show how the Aaron/Liv relationship is growing and changing. Like Aaron, love, you can reassure you little sister you love her, while at the same time putting your foot down.

TL;DR: Aaron listen to your boyfriend ‘I know you want to be her best mate, but it’s not exactly doing her any favors’

Not to be a #misandrist but if a man asks me for directions I feel rly threatened and usually just lie and say I don’t know what he’s looking for but if a girl asks me I’ll go above and beyond to help her. This girl at the train station the other day asked me where the bathroom was and I walked her over to them but you can be damn sure if it had been a man that asked I would at most have pointed in their general direction and left him to it

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last movie you saw: I watched Jurassic Park last night (and am currently watching Suicide Squad) :))

last song you listened to: Well I just watched the Sherlock Parody (which is awesome, Hillywood Show at it again) so if their version of Thrift Shopping counts then I’d say that? Otherwise, Rooster by Alice in Chains.

last show you watched: idk what it’s called honestly but I was watching this show about game wardens in Texas with my dad earlier today lol

last book you read: omg I don’t even know anymore. I pretty much only read fics these days and I just finished Hautley’s Bend last night (10000/10 recommend) [AO3]

last thing you ate: currently eating pizza like the adult I am

if you could be anywhere right now where would you be: hugging Jensen Ackles, duh

where would you time travel to: probably like 5 years from now just so I can get past this miserable point in my life (hopefully?)

first thing you would buy with lottery money: honestly….probably VIP con tickets. I’m shameless.

fictional character you would hang out with for a day: Cas. We could binge-watch Netflix all day together :’))

are you scarred: as in do I have physical scars on my body? Yes, fam. Many. Or as in am I mentally/emotionally scarred? Also yes.

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OQ Fic Celebration - Day 2

my favourite OQ piece that I’ve written is probably this one, because I loved writing such a fun moment with these characters, and it’s the first thing I’ve written that got over 100 notes!

The One Where Regina Has Done Everything

“THIS IS BULLSHIT!” Regina yelled before she tipped her head back and swallowed the remnants of her beer. “You’re cheating!”

“I am not!” Robin exclaimed, pressing a hand to his chest in mock astonishment. “It’s not my fault your aim is crap.”

“My aim is not crap.” Regina glared at him and slammed her empty cup on her kitchen table, which had been dragged from the dining room into the living room for the small party Regina was currently hosting. “Care for me to prove it?”

“I’d say you’re a little too drunk for fireballs right now,” Emma said, taking the ping-pong ball from Regina’s clenched fist and aiming her next shot. She tossed it lightly, arcing it perfectly so it dropped into one of the cups in front of Hook and Robin. She jumped and whooped her victory, and Regina rolled her eyes as Hook lifted his cup and took a swig of his beer. Snow and David laughed quietly as they watched Emma gloat her minor success to her pirate.

“This game is awful,” Regina stated before turning to grab another beer from the kitchen. “Let’s play something that doesn’t require hand-eye coordination.”

“Why do they even call it beer pong? What makes it pong?” Hook mumbled to Robin, who shrugged and took a sip from his very full beer.

“Never Have I Ever!” Emma yelled suddenly, met by a chorus of confused huhs. “It’s a game you losers.”

“What kind of game?” Snow asked, standing to meet Regina in the kitchen and refilling her and David’s drinks.

“It’s just a talking game, no aiming or throwing,” Emma explained, “Everyone takes turns saying something they’ve never done. If you have done it, you take a drink.”

“It sounds like I’m going to be wasted tonight,” Regina groaned as she came back and plopped herself on the couch rather gracelessly.

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NB followers can I please get advice?

Okay so I won’t get into the whole life story, but pretty much I’ve finally come out as not ciz. And I am confused as too what to refer to myself as, because I fluctuate between being agenda to the more feminine side of the spectrum, but never full female if that makes sense? But never felt masculine at all, so I’m not genderfluid. Most of the time I feel and want to appear androgynous, and feel very distant from the female identity, yet there are some days where i don’t mind being referred in a feminine sense? Its rare though.
So, does anyone have any advise please?

Ugh I get so pissed when people here store food in the oven!

Because of that, we got those tiny ants. I have been trying to rid them, buying those air tight plastic cereal and pasta boxes and whatnot. 

So today mom and I go eat and she brings home the pizza in a box and wants it for later. She goes to work and I believe she put it in fridge, I know she dislikes the ant issue too. I wake up from a nap and what do I find? A pizza box in the got dang oven full of fucking ants. 

I am so pissed. That was mom’s pizza and she’s gonna be ripped. 

Everyone else can go ahead and eat ant ridden bread if they like but good gracious, don’t throw someone else’s food from where it’s stored into the oven where the ants can find it. 

Oh and here’s a nice one, last month there was this sickening sweet smell in the air for a few days and I was like, huh, my asthma’s unusually bad, I bet there’s mold somewhere. Oh what does mom find in the oven? A pot full of tomato sauce gunk in my good soup pot, with my wooden spoon I use for my shrimp onion soup… full of MOLD. I had to toss out that spoon because the wood got blue from the mold. 

I’ve said time and time again stop using the oven as a storage hole. Maybe in winter this can fly but not now. 

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It’s about..five AM. I’m so sleepy. The coffee never seems enough. I’m not sure this hoodie is going to protect me from how chilly it is outside; thank God @keeoone @supitskeegs is bringing me another one. But hey - I’m alive and about to watch the sun rise with my best friend. Life is good. Have a beautiful Monday/Tuesday/whatever the hell day it is where you are everyone ✌️

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Let me rant about this, oops...?

“Ugh, the Smosh Squad in this video? Where’s Ian and Anthony?”
“I miss it when it was Ian and Anthony, not these guys.”
“I think I’m gonna unsubscribe to this channel now. I miss the old Smosh.”
“Smosh is just making more channels for money.”

I’m not trying to be a nerd or anything, but Smosh was and still is growing bigger and bigger each day, which is the reason why they need more people to help them. There’s nothing wrong with the Smosh Squad, anyway. Ian and Anthony are probably also busy with other important stuff, I mean, they have a life outside of YouTube, as well. They’re probably planning what they’re gonna do for Smosh Live coming August 26th, am I right? And about the old Smosh? I don’t get it. If you miss the old Smosh then just watch their old videos. I mean, nobody has time for you to just keep complaining about how much you miss it when the Smosh Squad wasn’t there. And, with Smosh Games. Once again, Ian and Anthony have A LOT of things to worry about. And the fact that Smosh is just making more channels for money? Excuse me? They’re just doing that for our entertainment. They’re doing this for US. Either way, I’ve been a Smosher for a while now and I’ll always continue to be.