i used to love everything about you:

the stars glowing in your eyes,
the gold covering your heart,
the bright smile on your lips,
the silky sound of your laugh…

now that time has passed i know

fire when liquid still burns,
pure metals are icy cold,
lips can make your stomach churn,
silk can cut you to the bone.

the softness of your skin, 
the lightness of your touch
-imaginary hints of presence,
blurred border between real and not.

i used to love everything about you
but you are not the ‘you’ i thought i knew

—  i made you up; d.m

So here is what I don’t understand about this whole situation (or alternatively my general musings with no actual IT experience)

1. One Direction was removed from the site. There wasn’t a blank space on the page where their picture hadn’t loaded. There wasn’t a box to click that led to a broken link for their separate page. The layout was edited to not include them. Every artist was shifted up a position. 

2. Articles are released an hour or two after the “glitch”. I know tabloid media trolls our trends a lot. But to go up so quickly after the trends?? Even with the “it’s pretty unfortunate” vine that took what a day? Definitely more than an hour or two.

3. Now Magazine tweets that a “publicist” confirmed One Direction has not left Modest. No article or anything to go with it. Just 140 characters or less from a tabloid. (Not even their usual mouthpieces like the Sun or Daily Fail.) Why not tweet from their OWN account that they were having issues with the site and it would be back to normal asap? They obviously knew about the issue.

4. The site crashes and shows a 403 error code literally ALL day. From what I understand this code means the site was shut down by their own team and not due to the initial heavy traffic.

5. An under maintenance post shows up 8 hours later only to be followed quickly by an operational site with NO changes. 

My question is what took so long to get the damn site back up?? Nothing was changed so they weren’t editing it? And in my opinion, this is a pretty simple website. A few links to text post essentially. We do this on tumblr all the time. I find it VERY hard to believe this would take them ALL DAY to fix. I know Modest is incompetent, but come on. This to me seems like pretty basic coding. I’ve seen more complicated layouts from people on this site.

Did Modest accidently jump the gun? And the new team decided to use the fans reactions as an opportunity to drag Modest? If they were simply reporting on the possibility of new management why bring up the argument for poor management. And why silence from Modest themselves? 

In short, something was definitely happening behind the scenes today. I firmly believe this was no accident and that modest is out the door. I just don’t know that we were meant to see this today or when we will get official word.

d gray man is just one big fucking train wreck like it starts out with this kid who has this weird ass arm and wants to save the souls of demons when everyone else is just worried about living another day and there are some pretty funny parts and then you hit a point and it’s just like wait what’s going on holy shit what i didn’t sign up for this and before you know it you’re sobbing over children with false memories and suppressed identities and confused morals and all you want is for them to be happy but all they get to be are traitors and prisoners and you just end up wondering where it all went wrong

pastatution69  asked:

Can I date you? (This question is for science)

Went to the doctor the other day got some tests done. Results came back: I am super married. :( Absolutely riddled with terminal marriage. Doctors say I got 60-70 years, but I think cholesterol will get me first, tbh. Worst thing is I developed a malignancy. They removed it this morning:

I was all like, “Wow, that’s pretty big”, and was on my way out, but then they gave it to me! Made me name it and everything! Now I don’t know what’s what. I mean, I guess we have to raise it like a hairless cat, or something. Put it in little outfits and hats…

Anyway, looks like it’s pretty serious at this point. If it ever clears up, though, I have you penciled in for one date. Thing is we have to go where I want, and that’s skydiving, because I want to go to the sky for our date. I’ve flown through it, but never stayed to visit. One of those things you kind of take for granted because you’re there but never really do, you know?

Thanks for your interest! Need all the support I can get in this trying time.

what if instead of ‘all the love’ harry started assigning percentages, like. ‘you get 82% of the love.’ and you get ‘74% of the love.’ and ‘you didn’t sing loud enough on the floor so you only get 62% of the love.’ (and maybe after one concert, where he got so riled up that he and louis had to get off in the dressing room before going back to the hotel, he logs in and goes, ‘great show today, 69% of the love’. but anyway.) every single crowd would want to get 100% of the love, and they’d all bicker about what they can do to raise that percentage. and they’d all have conspiracies about ‘well at this concert, the crowd did this and they got 2% points higher!!’ but harry has tough standards. and no one gets 100%. until the day he and louis like do something proper boyfriend-like on stage. and he logs in and tweets, ‘@Louis_Tomlinson 100% of the love.’

Ginger is a lucky guy

So… one friend of mine was in NYC a few days ago for work, he isn’t a fan or a shipper but he watched Outlander with me and other friends some episodes and he knows I am a shipper and all SamCait thing. He came back to Brazil before new year and called me on the phone to talk about what happened there.

After Christmas he was working near Bryant Park and during the break he went to the park for lunch and to buy something for his girlfriend at one of the wee shops there. It happened to be one of the holiday shops. He found what he wanted and when he was coming back, my friend saw a tall, brunette, skinny woman that for him looked like somebody we know so well.

He came closer to be sure it was really her and it was. (ASJIADMANDIUASOIAMSOI SOMEBODY HOLD ME)
Cait was there alone. He came up to her and they had a little chat when he told her where he was from, what he was doing there and he knows her from Outlander because of me (AJJSAIOJFOIHAOSJAOIFHOIAJSOAJSIA HALP), Cait thanked him and also said that she would love to visit Brazil sometime and these sort of things.

They chatted very quickly cause he had to rush for his flight back to Brazil, but the thing is, that blessed and shameless man before leaving her there, looked inside her eyes and said “THAT GINGER GUY IS A VERY LUCKY MAN” aka SAM HEUGHAN. AHSHDKSKSJS
And her beautiful and virgin skin just turned into red. RED. I SAID RED !!!!! She blushed so hard and tried to not smile. My friend took a leave after that and said that another woman joined Cait that time.

So that’s it. My friend met Cait in NYC, breathed the same oxygen as her and said to her that Sam is a lucky man. (OMFG STILL CAN’T BELIEVE THIS !!!!)
He also said that she REALLY is a natural beauty, actually he said that Cait is one of the most beautiful woman that he ever saw; skinnier and taller than he thought, smells damn good, is kind af and shy.

The darkness makes her brave.

When she was a little girl, lost in a sea of revolving faces— some kind, some not— the darkness kept her company. It was safety, it was warmth. It hid her from the dangers of the light, from harsh faces and harsher words, from loneliness, from disappointment. The night was her blanket and she painted her dreams in the stars.

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sCREAMS I just read all of phantomrose96‘s amazing Tourmaline fic and it was so lovely and wonderful and then like the trash shipper I am I fell headfirst into this ship i mean heIGHT DIFFERENCES SCREAMS

Cinnabar design belongs to ghostfiish and Howlite design belongs to beccadrawsstuff !

neurodivergent and neuroatypical headcanons are my jam! lets make some!!!!

freddie has anxiety!!! that’s why she hates being on camera, she hates that she doesn’t have control over how she’s being perceived because that’s something she obsesses over a lot.

balth has adhd!!! he got into music because he could never sit still but music is something he can focus on. but he is still always hyperaware of whenever anyone is displeased and feels the need to soothe such situations because they stress him out.

ben is autistic! he has trouble coping with change and often fails to recognize social boundaries. but still he has super rad special interests that he can talk about for days.

Turkey and Crocodiles

A/N: Haha, AU where Connor and Oliver aren’t smack dab in the middle of another Really Bad Idea and instead get to actually enjoy Thanksgiving. (Um, this is my first and maybe only Coliver fic? Be gentle with me.

Surprisingly Oliver is the one who has to work on Thanksgiving.

“How does that even happen?” Connor asks, pushing eggs around in a pan and trying his best not to let Oliver see his pout. Oliver sidles up behind him, wraps suit clad arms around Connor’s waist, and kisses at the spot just behind his ear that makes Connor shiver every time. “Aren’t fancy offices like yours closed for the holidays? Even Annalise is taking the day off.”

“It’s not fancy,” Oliver counters, “and I’m just on call. I may not even have to go in.”

Connor doesn’t respond, instead he picks up the skillet of scrambled eggs and empties them onto a plate.

“Don’t be mad.” Oliver’s hands are still on Connor’s waist, and he gives a gentle squeeze of his fingers before letting them drop.

Connor turns to face Oliver, arms crossed over his chest. “I’m not mad.” He says, “But I will be if I end up eating turkey alone tomorrow.”

Oliver smiles at him, pulls him in and pecks him on the lips. “You won’t.” He says. “I’ll be here.”

“I hope so,” Connor quips as Oliver steps into the living room and slings his messenger bag over his shoulder. “I’m cooking naked. I’d hate for you to miss that.” When Oliver turns, Connor’s smiling too, his lips quirked up just so at one corner, and Oliver reaches for him again.

“That better be a promise.” He says.

Connor snickers. “Oh, it is.”

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*buying yet another book to start learning yet another language from scratch* I’m fiiiine! I’m feeling Really Emotionally Stable and Totally Ready For This Commitment and pssh I can keep up with all the commitments I’ve already made! haha no I don’t know why I’m crying actually I’m totally happy and healthy right now and I Am Definitely Achieving What I’d Hoped To Achieve In The Past lmao actually on second thought I think I’ll buy a book on Ancient Greek too

Ok so like any other fandom, the Soul Eater fandom has its differences. One of the biggest disputes is whether Crona is a boy or a girl. My view on this topic is kinda broad and hopefully I can explain it well.

So, in the anime Crona is labeled as a boy. In the manga however, the author, Atsushi Ōkubo, decided to not give Crona a specific gender. Ōkubo would always use gender neutral pronouns or would just say Crona’s name to avoid giving this character a specific gender. Now people have their theories and headcanons and evidence to prove where Crona lies in the gender spectrum and this one is mine.

I believe Crona is either genderfluid or genderless. Gender fluid is when a person is both a boy and a girl, not taking into account what their biological sex is. Gender fluid people, and PLEASE correct me if i am wrong, will feel more like a girl one day, and more of a boy a different day. Sometimes they feel like both. So in the case of Crona, the character would go by both pronouns (he, she, him, her, etc.) And would also dress like either a boy or a girl considering how they feel that day. Or just a gender fluid outfit like jeans and a t-shirt.

Another theory, which I think fits more Crona than the first one, is that Crona is genderless. People who are genderless, and again please correct me if I’m wrong, are people who have no gender identity regardless of their physical sex. So, Crona in this case would be neither be male or female and would prefer gender neutral pronouns of their choosing. (When i looked up gender neutral pronouns there were a lot to go from so asking a person who is genderless what pronouns they would prefer is the best idea so not to offend them.)  So This, I believe fits more Crona since in the entirety of the manga consisted of gender neutral pronouns to identify Crona.

But, as I said, this is just my theory. Maybe Ōkubo didn’t give Crona a gender because he wanted to give us a little bit of liberty to believe what we would about Crona since there technically is no right or wrong answer. But people will still argue and fight over what Crona’s true gender is  and this post will probably be looked over. The important thing is that we all agree that Crona is a cute little cinnamon bun that must be protected at all times and did not deserve what happened to him at the end of the manga T^T


Abnegation and Dauntless are both broken, their members scattered. We are like the factionless now. I do not know what life will be like, seperated from a faction - it feels disengaged, like a leaf divided from the tree that gives it sustenance. We are creatures of loss; we have left everything behind. I have no home, no path, and no certainty. I am no longer Tris, the selfless, or Tris, the brave. I suppose that now, I must become more than either.

Happy birthday to the Dancing Queen, the true M. C. Hammer, beatricepruor! You hurt my soul and shatter my heart, but I love you all the same! ♥

i don’t even know what to say. do you normally know? i would probably have a speech up if i knew him, but what do you say to a man you’ve immortalized but never met suddenly passes away? a man that lit up so many faces takes his own life. 

thank you robin williams for making my childhood and make my mood on the days where i felt down and watched your films or your stand ups. i wish i could’ve told you only how much you actually meant before you left. i hope you find the happiness and peace that you wish for, wherever you might be.

No, I didn’t reach any goal or special quantity of followers. BUT it’s Christmas day (if you don’t celebrate Christmas, then just take the love) and I thought I wanted to spread a little bit of love by telling some amazing people how amazing they are ^-^

I’m the worst with dedications and words in general, so I’m just gonna say that indepently of whether we talk a lot or not I love you all and I appreciate you as a part of my tumblr life. You’re amazing and beautiful and asgjhdslgfh (oh yes, above all asgjhdslgfh) and I wish I was closer(see what I did there? nvm) to everyone of you.

So here goes a list of people I want to be happy:

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To anyone who sees this but wasn’t mentioned in the post: Merry Chtistmas to you too!