“I need to ask you the most important question I can ask someone.”
“Will you.. *drops to one knee, presents bottle* share a coke with me?”

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Very Important Question: do Chalo and Priya like to cuddle?

True facts:

  • Every evening, if I am on the couch, I am also the center of a dog sandwich. It is law.
  • I was late for work this morning because Priya wanted to be a little spoon. I just lost track of time.


Well, the time has come to play,
This town is weird but you stayed;
In the house so big and wicked,
It was easy to hide the secret.
The man downstairs was very clever,
Although he couldn’t hide his plans forever.

No puppet strings can hold me down;
So patiently I watched this town.
Abnormal, it is now the norm;
You enjoyed your calm before the storm.

Thirty years has passed since then
And now the man is back again.
I didn’t give him a chance to win;
Instead, I made him bow to me.

The prophecy seemed far away,
But finally we’ve reached the day.
Give up the past, embrace the strange.
Everything you care about will change.

Game is over, and I won
Now it’s time to start the fun!
I always love corrupting lives;
Now, let’s see… which Pines survives?

So I basically just connected a few ciphers from the show, but the outcome is soooooo freakin’ good. I’m proud of myself. And that doesn’t happen often.

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“Jay, calm down it’s not that big of a deal…”


okay but headcanon that when Cyrus mentions that Jay looks shorter, it’s not actually that Jay got shorter, it’s that Kai got taller.

and what it looks like below:





“Yeah, I don’t know Dean. If he’s so sketchy, then why were you praying to him?”

i really want a fic about ginny being the one to help george with the store after fred is gone. like at first it’s just to get a break from harry and she knows hermione can calm him down bc of all the shit they went through hunting for horcruxes but george soon realises she has the same glint in her eye as fred did when he came up with new ways to prank people and the same talent for creating new products. 

so she ends up staying full time, until she gets the chance for a quidditch career and george practically forces her out the door bc he’ll be fine but whenever the season is over they end up back at the burrow, heads together working on the next big thing. 

I See Straight
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(This time I’m putting my lyrics up first before the ramblings. Enjoy a freshly-concocted Allie song about the precious heart-breaking wrecking ball that is aokuro. Tata!)

Hi there, how have you been?
Is the world still as quiet as it was when I left?
I see you look happier now
You look satisfied, you look content

Now I don’t mean to ruin the moment for you
I just want to tell you a few more truths

I am so wide awake but it feels like I’m dreaming
The look on your face, well it’s stopping my breaths
and the road was so long but it feels much more worth it
than anything I’ve ever done
See I know it’s been too long, it’s prob'bly too late
But I’m taking my chances, leaving the rest up to fate
won’t you walk home with me today?
there’s so much more that I want to say

(I was there the night we fell apart
looking up at your window, 
as one with the shadows
I was scared
I was more than a little unprepared)

Well I guess I’ve been fine since that day
It took a little while to see things straight
but I’ve found a way so I’m okay
and what about that dinner, eh? What do you say?
Can I pick you up ‘round seven this Friday?

And I know it won’t be the same anymore
But I hope I’ll be better than I was before

(You-- You're saying yes? Really?)

I am so wide awake but it feels like I’m dreaming
The look on your face, well it’s stopping my breaths
and the road was so long but it feels much more worth it
than anything I’ve ever done
See I know it’s been too long, it’s prob'bly too late
But I’m taking my chances
leaving the rest up to fate
Because right now I think everything’s great
And with you I see straight

I WAS SUPPOSED TO FINISH THIS but vocal problems + ep43 butchered my abilities (I seem to be really hoarse and it isn’t getting better) and so I ended up with another unfinished one (which I SWEAR I WILL FINISH but please don’t hope so much) but I can’t wait to post it because it’s just such a perfect moment because… you know… episode 43 just came out… and this





Yeah so… I guess you all will have to make do with the voice for now. Pardon for any hiccups. I just want you all to feel how I feel, if only for a bit. HIHIHIHihiHIhiHIhIHiHiHIHIHIhih

goddammit i’m going nuts again


/slinks away into shadows/


(gif credits to ms amiys and shvtoku and rakuzan)

I See Straight [draft] (c) Halyse | atsueshi.tumblr.com | 2014

(don’t say I didn’t say anything, tumblr.)

PS. Y'know the line that says “the look on your face, it’s stopping my breath”? Well it’s this one:

and you know how Daiki looks like?



(credits to this post)

Imagine Woozi giving you short but sweet kisses as his way to calm you down you when you’re feeling restless.

Imagine: Freaking out about the situation at hand and Legolas is trying to calm you down

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     You were pacing back and fourth quickly while your best friend, Legolas, watched with an eyebrow raised. You both had been informed that Mirkwood and another kingdom were going to war. You were a well trained guard, but you usually just kept an eye on the King and the Prince. You had never been on an actual battle field but they said that they needed as many guards and warriors as possible. There were few females in the Guard and army and you didn’t really know any of them well enough to talk to about this. There was Tauriel, but you weren’t extremely close to her. So of course you went to Legolas. That brings us to now. You kept pacing and thinking about to start your little rant.

     “I don’t understand why we are going to war! Things have been so peaceful recently! And even if there WAS a good reason then why make all of us go! I’m sure the army would be enough! I mean are they even considering the fact that some of us have never been on the battle field and are not suited for a war! Some of us just guard the prisons or guard the king and you! I mean yeah I get strength in numbers, but still by no means do they need all of us! Not only that bu-”, you were cut off by Legolas grabbing your shoulders and making you face him.

     “Calm down _____, It is just a silly feud. Nothing to be worried about.” He offered you a soft smile.

     “You don’t understand! Your a tall, strong, muscular man, you have no reason to be scared or worried. Not only that, but you have been in battles before… well two… but still! I, on the other hand, am a short, weak, fragile woman, I HAVE EVERY REASON TO BE WORRIED! LOOK AT ME! I’M 127 POUNDS OF SASS! WHAT AM I GONNA DO? SASS THEM TO DEATH!” you shouted and started rocking back and fourth on your feet nervously. Legolas laughed and kissed your forehead.

     “You will be fine. You are strong, agile, smart, beautiful…” he trailed off and you looked at him wide eyed.

     “Did you just say beautiful?” You smiled at him.

     “Yes, because it is true. Just look at that beautiful smile”, He smiled back at you,” But since you are so worried then I want you to tell me something you’ve always wanted to tell me and i’ll do the same… you know… just in case we don’t come back.”

     You nodded and got on your toes so you could whisper it in his ear,” Amin mela lle.”

     He smiled and picked you up then spun around. You both started laughing then he lowered you and put his forehead against yours,” Amin mela lle _____.” 

     “If you die out there I won’t forgive you.” she laughed.

     “I wouldn’t dream of dying on you, Melamin.”

     Now you were less concerned about the battle. You had not a care in the world. Well… until you realized something…

     “We have to tell your ada don’t we?”

     “For now let’s pretend like we don’t.”

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random make out session meme [i'd say I'm sorry but....]


   Tauriel could only pray it was a normal procedure
     and nothing was wrong with the child when she
 heard from the healer that she would have to stay
after an examination. Fortunately, though, Haldir
  returned to her side soon after he had got to know
     about that, and his presence calmed her down.

    “I know I should not be doing that,” she murmured,
 shifting on the bed and patting the place beside
  her, “but no-one is here… and I miss your warmth…”

WinterIron AU!

Hello! this is my second WinterIron ever~ I think I’m getting better at drawing Tony(? I will make him more and more handsome uvu

Anyway! I don’t exactly have a plot for this AU but could be something like Tony is a troublemaker who goes to street fights for fun (and bc he needs some shit to calm him down when his brain is thinking too much and the alcohol is not a choice anymore since he stops drinking it), and he’s a guy with style but has a terrible taste with jackets, wearing the most ugly jackets that could exist. And Bucky also goes to those street fights for money as a way to living while looking for a job, and he’s kinda a creepy stalker who tease Tony bc of his bad taste in jackets (but secretly thinks that he looks really cute in them).

Or some shit like that(?

I’m not good with plots!

when i was in high school this girl in my geometry class started having a full blown non-verbal panic attack, and when the teacher couldn’t get her to calm down she made everyone around her get up and move their desks, then she had the girl lay down in the floor and she laid down next to her and started whispering calming things and reminding her to breathe until her panic attack was over. i’ve always had so much respect for that teacher ever since.

Hey guys! I just showered to calm myself down and clear my mind a little.

I’m gonna stream a few fun movies if anyone wants to come!

The lineup is going to be:

Zootopia, Wreck-It Ralph, Lilo and Stitch, Bolt, The Book of Life, The Princess and the Frog, and Brother Bear. 

I’ll reblog when movies switch over, I’ll be streaming all day. (the only exception to this is if internet goes out, but it doubt it will)

Zootopia will start in 10 minutes, it’s 3:50 PM rn,

https://rabb.it/r/xpqf29 here’s the link to join, and I’ll be ‘Raisin (Baelya)’!