one day bitty isn’t gonna be at Samwell and all the incoming freshmen will only hear legends of his amazing pies. some will just be like “nah they couldn’t of been that good I think people are just exaggerating.” then one day the great Eric Bittle and bf Jack Zimmermann comes to visit bc fuck that was their Haus for so damn long and someone asks about the legends of Bitty’s pies and both Jack and Eric look at each other like “fuck it’s time”. then in 10 minutes flat Bitty comes out with a fresh out of the oven blueberry pie and just sets it down and let’s these hockey players experience the truth in the legend. that one kid who said it was just exaggerated never said shit again.

I think the biggest challenge I’m facing right now is not stuffing myself into a box and naming it “Witchcraft”. I have this bad habit of tailoring myself to fit a certain image, ideal etc, when what I should be doing is tailoring in a way fit me. I’ve been so desperate to do define myself when I hardly even know myself, and that is what I have been doing for the past 5 months uncovering who I really am. Through introspection and shadow work, I have been in the thick of it, addressing and tending to the fallout, uncovering pearls of wisdom, nuggets of truth, banishing & befriends demons and monster of my own & others making, and appealing salves to the deep wounds that litter me, and I am doing this all alone?

So am I practicing witchcraft? No, I don’t even have a practice let alone a path. I have the ocean and she has me, that is it. No spells, no rituals, no divination, no deities, no spiritwork, no herbs & oils. Nothing.

Right now my witchcraft is the most important craft of my life, self-discovery and ultimately self-healing


friendships: Alec/Jace  

jace is alec’s bestest friend 5eva.

You know something that bugs me? I just saw another one of those “Hogwarts House” things, where Hufflepuff once again embodies the anthropomorphization of the sound of “Hufflepuff,” all fluffy and sweet. You know what Hufflepuff values? Hard work, loyalty, dedication, fair play, and patience. 

Hard work and dedication aren’t sweet and warm. They’re sweaty and tiring and oftentimes they make you angry. Coming off the end of your second 13 hour shift in 2 days? That’s not sweet. Busting your butt to get into med school for ten years and waiting on tenterhooks to find out if you’ve made it, that’s not fluffy; that feels like your viscera are taking flying lessons, and it sucks. Working for years to support your disabled sibling who last you saw hadn’t moved off the couch where they’re watching the latest new Netflix show? Hard work, dedication, and an awful lot of bitterness, resentment, rage.

Fairness? How the hell do you manage that? Wanting things to be fair, that’s striving for an inherently unattainable ideal, because someone will always have been born smarter, faster, better at knitting than you, and some people will always know more connected people than you. How can you go through life and treat the people you despise with the same courtesy as your colleagues? How do you give up an advantage you consider unfair? Is it unfair if you’re naturally better at something? You have moral and ethical questions that will always be important to you, and a world that doesn’t care. I don’t know about you, but the idea that the world and humanity overall don’t care about something that important to me doesn’t make me feel like “tea and sweaters.”

And as for the last, loyalty is one of the best qualities in the world (personal opinion) but it can be very dangerous. Loyal men will follow a leader to ruin. A person loyal to an idea can run into obsession and mania. Dogs will kill and die for a master to whom they have dedicated their obedience and loyalty. People live and die for their countries and their battle buddies, to whom they are loyal. A loyal man is a dangerous man. Unquestioning loyalty can be deadly, and is misleading.

The world would not be a kind place for a Hufflepuff.

Hufflepuff, if it caught all of the people it claims to value, would be the House of the potentially broken. Their aesthetic wouldn’t always be soft and fluffy. They might be a puzzle box, with an unknown interior; could be a bomb, could be a chocolate. They might be calm sunlight in a meadow, sure, but the storm is still coming. They might be a seed, something green and growing with a bit of care, but it’s anyone’s guess if the plant will be monkshood or sugarcane. 

Not that everyone who wants soft and good things for Hufflepuff is wrong; I just think everyone has missed the potential in the House and in the traits it values.

You know you’ve been going to a particular convention too long when you look at the schedule and realize that at least a half dozen panels are eliminated immediately because of your ever-growing list of terrible panelists you will never subject yourself to again. 

… or maybe I’m just judgy. That’s probably it.

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Ok but like literally every time I rewatch the Malec kiss scene my heart starts beating so fast and I get like all the chills. It's like every time I'm watching it for the first time and I get so excited I never felt this way about a fucking ship before


I think I rewatch this scene at least 20 times a week tbh. I am still amazed processing the fact that my 2 favorites kissed. That I’ve waited 4 years to see this happen on screen. That I’ve lived long enough to be blessed with this. That my blushing closeted grumpy-but-oh-so-lovable bby Alexander Gideon Lightwood grabbed Magnus by his lapels and kissed him at his own wedding, in front of everyone. That he finally came out. That Magnus finally gets the love he deserves, after almost giving up. That Matthew Daddario and Harry Shum Jr kissed, beautifully, naturally, with passion so believable all I can think of everytime I watch it is Malec, and love.

If Captain America WERE secretly a HYDRA agent (because we all know that he’s really not)

That would have to make him, what, the WORST HYDRA AGENT EVER?

Is my perception wrong, or if Steve Rodgers really were a HYDRA agent somehow, as ridiculous and stupid an idea as that is, why has he done such a terrible job of helping them take over the world by, you know, helping to stop them from taking over the world all the time?

Really, you’d think that if HYDRA had Captain America working for them they would have had a lot more success in life.

Imagazine Interview Oct. 2015
  • Jonghyun:I know well that people cannot understand me. People must likely think that I am strange but I try to do only what I want to do. So, I do things while understanding everything. Things that are not useful to other people, or things [they] don't think have a deep meaning, and things that I can't understand either, I really love these kind of things.
  • Cr:geeknim trans: professorjjong (Kor--> Jpn --> Eng)

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honestly fandom being grossed had nothing to do with "nothing happening" between dean & amara because it was never intended for her to be a romantic interest in the first place. jensen said so in plain speech at a convention at the start of the year when someone voiced concern abotu it. i really don't understand how anyone was interpreting her as one anyway. she was a controlling + destructive being, forcing dean to "care" about her. that's not exactly endgame material.

… jensen ackles doesn’t write supernatural

  • Me:*pours self a cup of coffee at midnight* So I was thinking, maybe Elder Price is really messed up post-Latter Day song. Like maybe he won't let anyone except Arnold touch him because he is so traumatized by what the general did to him. Maybe he lashes out at others when they touch him and they get real bitter about it, but they don't understand that he doesn't know how to control this sense of helplessness that envelopes him when he is touched. Like every time he gets flashbacks. Maybe he and Elder Church build up a friendship because they have both been hurt like this.
  • Me:But I don't it's silly.


((OOC: You broke him… SO. It’s been awhile. School is finally over for summer and I’ll have more time to do what I’d like to. Working on this blog is one of those things. I may start nightly streaming again to encourage work and interact with you guys. I think that’d be far out. Also if you don’t know what a wurp is it’s an older word meaning something like a spoil sport or wet blanket. Since they are part of an older era I wanted to incorporate some of the old lingo. I’ll probably be doing that more often. Hope you enjoyed! :-) ))

do not go gently, they say, and you look at your knuckles red raw from windburn and think: i don’t know how to be hard.

good is not soft, they say, and you hug your jumper paws tight around your chest and think: this is all that i am.

speak up, they say. make your voice heard. but your throat is small and your voice is smaller and you never used to care until people made you.

i know my worth, you want to say. i am soft and i am gentle and my heart is bruised behind my ribs and i am not nothing because of this. i am something. I am Something.

—  an autobiopgraphy (e.h.)

[NOW AND ALWAYS] | a Throbb fanmix, for @janiedean​ <3.

you’re my best friend - queen | think about you - guns’n’roses | lay your hands on me - bon jovi | wonderwall - oasis | i’ll reach you - delain | connection - the rolling stones | hurricane - 30 seconds to mars | gone away - the offspring

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I have to say it, I have !

I know people are happy to see Mary alive again but I think it’s a terrible idea.

The show started with Mary’s death. That was the reason for everything else to happen.

And if you want to look beyond that, the show is about two brothers becoming adults aka in every lores, stories, tales, mythologies, legends (…) the death of the parent figures (by Mary’s real death and John’s disappearance).

And what after ? She stay in the bunker, bakes pies and never tries to have a new life ? She wanted to quit the hunt, she made it and now she has to do it again ? That’s not what Mary wanted. She was happy in Heaven. She had a good death story. It was a pillar of her sons psychology. Her death was their reason to hunt, to support this life they have to endure.