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Allura,when she first starts laughin she puts her hands over her mouth to stop it. But this only causes razzberries to occur.(fart noises)which makes the whole crew go crazy with laughter, and it makes her flustered but then she joins in with them.

comebxckqueen replied to your post “Something she really doesn’t want anyone to know about her? Traits,…”

[[finally someone acknowledges that last bit, ty]]

ok imma meta/rant at u

it annoys me to NO end when people automatically assume that because nisha is with jack, her opinions, thoughts and actions are COMPLETE derivatives from his mentality. 

do you honestly think nisha wants a clean and orderly pandora?

nisha is ruthless
nisha is sadistic
nisha is a tad unhinged 

and guess what? 


and she would be like that even if she wasn’t in a relationship with him. nisha is not going to change for A N Y O N E, less likely for jack. even in BL2 when you’re trolling around lynchwood and she comes up on the intercom; ‘let jack have his ivory towers. i came to pandora for the action.’ i mean the whole ‘courting’ between them basically began when jack had those scientists sucked out the airlock. it was that building savagery that drew her to him but it’s the underlining aspects ( ie; shitty childhood ) that kept her around. plus getting to decimate an entire town was pretty enticing too. nisha doesn’t want order, she just want’s to be in thick of it when shit goes down. a lover of chaos she will always be.

and does nisha carry the same burning hate for the vault hunters as jack?


but dani wat abt brick’s puppy? well they were trying to get him to talk… and nisha hates puppies…  so yeah, you find a weak point and you dig until they break. quite literal in dusty’s case oops. honestly i think she would have still done it just because she wanted to, or cause she could. 

i mean if nisha hated them as much as some people seem to perceive, you really think she’d wait for them to come to her. like you don’t think that she would have way more fun hunting them down one by one, leaving little pieces for the others to find. y’know really get into their heads before sealing the deal. pay attention people, if pissed off enough i don’t think there is a limit to the lengths this woman would go to end someone.

nisha ≠ jack

nisha ≠ jack

      nisha ≠ jack

S T O P  ok please just stop

you are erasing the opinions and considerations of an already underrated female character to satisfy your obvious dislike of her. 

i’m tired… this took more outta me than i thought and i still have so much more i wanna get off my chest but…. i’m tired -_-

happy belated birthday, @kawaiilo–ren ! ♡ the idea of soft kylux w/ constellations sort of ran away with me… so here’s some art school AU with horoscope shirts & some abstract works by kylo inspired by various constellations (& hux’s face…shhh!!!) in the background :)

tagging @samzillastomps as well for writing such a gorgeous fic in this verse, “pulled to the light,” about a fantastically hot & fun trip to coachella with these knuckleheads 

It Depends

Request: hello there! idk if you are doing this but can you write jungkook smut? anything is fine really

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 1.6k

Summary: You and Jungkook were dating for quite a time and although he was always being a shit about that, nothing ever happened between you two - at least until you decided to change that

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So @puckerupmikey tagged me to do this aesthetic moodboard thingy.
I feel like this accurately describes me though. My aesthetic is Michael, video games, painting, and pretty scenes. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I tag (if you want): @tessie-, @screamngwhispers, @cliffordchick, @rayofsunshinemgc, everyone in cutiecollective, and anyone else who feels like it. (I really don’t know who to tag)

hahaaaaa i just spent cumulatively over 8 hours on an hp/overwatch headcanon i can’t fucking believe me i’m literally the same as 12 year old me i haven’t changed one fucking bit 

I’m allowed to choreograph, and I’m allowed to choreograph within my own abilities rather than beyond them

I know that I’m not at my peak yet, and I know that eventually I want to put out stuff that makes people go “holy shit that’s incredible”, but I’m allowed to put forth works in progress instead of polished, professional-caliber dances

good choreography doesn’t necessarily mean that every beat is filled with the most complicated rhythms I can spit out, as well… complexity does not necessarily equal passion, does not necessarily equal artistry

I’m not presenting these pieces for competition, I’m expressing myself as an artist, so I can sacrifice the technically impressive bits while I’m still learning them for the sake of emoting and conveying the stories I hear in the songs

because that’s what’s happening, I’m hearing stories and figuring out the best ways to express them with the skills I have

and it’s valid, and I’m allowed, and frankly if I’m going to make this my career in any way, I owe it to myself to start putting it all out there

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You know what's really gross tho? Intersex baby's parents will get surgery to 'fix' them.. They choose what sex they *want* their child to be and if they get it wrong to bad for they kid. Like, it's a life threatening surgery if I'm not mistaken to so its like?? Really gross?? There's nothing wrong with them in the first place? When they're older and they decide to get surgery that's different because THEY are choosing it. Some--

–intersex peps never get surgery despite identifying as a girl or boy and that’s fine too. They are treated horribly for no reason. I found a YouTube comment string where MULTIPLE PEOPLE where calling them abominations and stuff. They’re was only like one person defending them! It was really bad.

all the shit against intersex people is really gross and i wish more people talked about it because frankly there’s not enough inter-community discussion on it

hey!!! i am super new to the tumblr witchy community, and i desperately need some more blogs to follow.

I’m interested in a range of aspects of witchcraft, mostly centering around faeries, astrology, herbalism, the moon, and a whole crap ton of different kinds of spells.

I am queer trans kid, so other queer/queer-positive witchcraft blogs would be greatly appreciated.

so if you post, like, at least 90% witchcraft stuff like and/or reblog this and i will check out your blog and probably follow you! also do not hesitate to hmu and we can talk about spells and plants and planets because I really need more witch pals

ok so earlier today one of my friends wasn’t feel too well and said to me “sorry for being depressed.”
and I almost cried because they matter so much to me and it hurts me to hear that from them

so here I am making a post

of what exactly??


if you’re feeling like shit and are not up to deal with anything today??


if you’re getting anxiety over nothing and you think it’s ridiclious for you to be having anxiety??


if something happened and it changed your mood from happy to any negative emotion???

TOTALLY VALID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if you think that what negative emotion you’re feeling at the moment is invalid,
IT’S NOT!!!!!!!!!! it is COMPLETELY OKAY!!!!!

that’s all I have to say for now