I did a normal pig, might as well do the Pig King too.

I like to think that the Pig King is actually a pretty competent ruler for the pigs and by far the most intelligent of all them all, even if he’s a little obsessed with eating and collecting oddities. As such I think he deserves a throne, so here’s a loose exploration of a throne made from the remains of a large tree.

11 Questions

Thank you so much @superkittycas for tagging me, I feel so honored to be included in something like this!!!

1. Always repost the rules

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1. Favorite season of Spn?
Gosh darn it… Maybe Season 4? Simply because it’s the first season with Cas and Cas is bae.
2. Zombie Apocalypse or Donald Trump as president?
Ahahaha… Zombie apocalypse, please.
3. What would you do if Misha accidentally called your number?
I would probably first freak out, maybe even start screaming… And then tell him how inspiring he is and how I aim to stay humble like him and that I wish that all celebrities would be like him. (And that he can tell everyone he and Jensen are getting married. Kidding, lol.)
4. Favorite guilty pleasure?
Reading fanfiction. It’s legit so bad. I do it way too often, usually late into the night.
5. Juice or milk?
Milk!!!! I love milk, always have, always will. I only like fat free, though.
6. Favorite fanfic of any fandom?
You’re killing me here. I feel like I should say Alone on the Water, but I feel like the actual answer would be If At First You Don’t Succeed (Destroy All Evidence That You Ever Tried). It’s seriously amazing and I love it so much. Read it here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/4903162/chapters/11245627. Another one I love is Alpha House ‘Verse, lots of feels and smut, and you can read that here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/1202950/chapters/2455675
7. Loki or Thor?
Loki all the way!!!
8. Do you want a Black Widow movie as much as I do?
Maybe even more. I also seriously want a Hawkeye movie, though.
9. Are you a fan of Hamilton?
Honestly, I don’t know much about it. All I know is that people are currently obsessed with it and that it’s a musical recreation of Alexander Hamilton’s life? Idk?
10. What would you do if you ran into Jared, Jensen or Misha? Or maybe you already have…..
I would totally just stand there in shock for a few minutes, then finally snap out of it enough to ask for a picture, then gush about how much he has influenced my life, listing specifics based off of who it is. I wish that I’ve met them before, haha. Only in a very vivid dream, sadly.
11. Do you like pickles? ;)
Not really, no.

My questions:
1. If you could have any color eyes, what color would you choose?
2. Photography or Drawing?
3. Team Cap or Team Iron Man?
4. Who would you rather talk to: Misha, Jensen, or Jared?
5. Time travel to the past or future?
6. Most vivid dream?
7. What is one thing you want to be remembered for?
8. Thoughts on Hawkeye?
9. How would you describe yourself with a single word?
10. Lustiel or Casifer?
11. Sharpen or Smudge tool?

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So say after legacy/high school nothing gets sorted out (I know I know I would hate that too but there’s lots of rumours about that being the case) and the ‘triangle’ remains. Both girls still like Lucas, and he hasn’t made a decision.

So after the campfire, and when they’ve started high school, Maya still teases Lucas/acts mostly the way she did before, but feels way too awkward to 'ha-hurr’ him again.

Maybe Lucas sorts out his shit with Riley, or whatever, but Maya doesn’t want to go out with him because of Riley - even though Riley is okay with it.

Maya and Lucas continue to get into these hot fights where you know they just want to kiss each other but they CAN’T

And Maya doesn’t ha-hurr Lucas. Ever. Maybe it reminds her too much of the campfire, or maybe it was ruined when there was all the 'he just held my face’ shit, or maybe she just feels too old to be acting like that.

But Lucas doesn’t like that.

So Lucas and Maya are arguing or whatever, teasing one another.


Yes, the next ha-hurr is initiated by Lucas.

We finally see how Lucas feels 😏

One of my biggest things with the whole Fine Bros deal is that they made this huge fuss & then tried to backtrack by saying that, for the most part, they only have people in their videos from Southern California, & they want to get input or reactions or whatever from people around the world.

Newsflash, my dudes- people all around the world are already doing that. I literally watched a random video the other day of Koreans reacting to Anaconda by Nicki Minaj. You can’t act like these videos aren’t already happening and people aren’t watching them. It takes 3 seconds to search on YouTube and you can find thousands of results for nearly any reaction video you want, from a wide range of content creators across the globe.

And honestly, if you really want to hear the voices of people from around the world- your channel is/was successful enough that you have every opportunity to travel around the world and make these videos with people in different regions & countries!!! Seems to me like you want to make other people do the work and then take the credit.

So yeah, what annoys me the most is the whole, “We want react videos from around the world.”
They already exist. You’re just not making money off of them.

tsukkiyama headcanon where tsukki and yamaguchi swap music regularly and tsukki sends yama a playlist like usual and yamaguchi listens to it and it’s pretty good but then at the end there’s one of yamaguchi’s favorite songs that tsukki absolutely hates because it’s “too cheesy” and yamaguchi looks back at playlist and realizes they’re all love songs

Okay, we get it. Not everyone likes SNSD, but honestly, no one’s forcing you to like them. So what I want to know is why are some of you so angry that there are people who like them? Really think about this. What is the point of your adamantly illogical and senseless posts about why SNSD are ‘overrated and talentless’? What is the point of trying to belittle and discredit their accomplishments? Which is kind of ironic to do so, when you’re Jessica stans and she was part of all those pre-9/30. Do you want to belittle her hard work too? Doing so just proves that you really don’t care about Jessica and only care about hating on SNSD. Do you not see your hypocrisy? Really, if you hate something so much, why dedicate yourself and keep up with every single thing they do instead of focusing on what really matters? Go be happy with Jessica as she only improves. Many of you are literally going out of your way, making posts just saying nasty, biased, misinformed, superficial and even shallow things about SNSD and tagging it as well. It’s just sad and tired. It’s getting to the point where it’s becoming hard to take any of it seriously. Ultimately, you’re all just contradicting yourselves for the most part and it just becomes so overwhelmingly pathetic when there’s some of you with blogs dedicated to hating on SNSD. Now the funniest thing, well, it’s actually sad, about this is that most of you think you’re doing others and even Jessica a favor, but really you guys are just associating hate with Jessica, which we all know is totally unlike her, considering she’s only had good things to say about SNSD and her time as a trainee and member. She’s not shady or spiteful, so stop making her out to be. You guys are being toxic and an inconvenience, and I doubt Jessica, of all people would appreciate what’s being said. But as I said, hating on them isn’t going to take away all they’ve done or accomplished, hating on them isn’t going to make people like them any less, so what is your point? I’m genuinely curious. Now, if you’re doing this with the intentions of purposely pissing people off and upsetting them.. That only says enough about you and the type of person you are, which I don’t see how that’s such a great thing to flaunt. I’m not even telling you guys to that you need to stop hating on them, because really if you really hate them, I’m no one to change that, but at least be considerate of other people and keep unnecessary or even wrong opinions to yourself, instead of ruining things for others, or contaminating the tags. Now, don’t think I’m defending the petty ot8 stans, because I’m not, they’re in the wrong, just like a lot of you guys are, but they’re not the ones with blogs dedicated to hating on Jessica and persistently making themselves known, unlike some of you.

It’s been over a year though, Jessica’s over it, SNSD’s over it. They’re doing their own thing on their own paths now, both sides are happy. None of you were even directly involved so you should do the same as them. Just do yourselves a favor… Decompress and get your priorities straight. Or at least, give me good discourse justifying your actions. Thank you.

i just watched ‘the 5th wave’ and i didn’t quite like it but please tell me that, at least in the books, cassie and ben are endgame


Screenshots from A SPLASH OF COLOUR! | The Witness! :D

OH MY GOD THIS GAME WAS FRIGAN GORGEOUS AND COLORFUL! Seriously this game had such an amazing art style I loved it. Seriously games with amazing art style, design or art direction just blow me away I absolutely adore them. That’s why I take screenshots of the game Kingdom whenever Jack uploads another video of it cause that game is so beautiful looking I just gush and nerd out over it. :) I’m a gaming nerd what I can I say? xD

I can understand why Jack might not make another video of this game though. This is a puzzle game and so far a pretty complicated puzzle game already and that’s not a lot of peoples cup of tea to watch as far as videos go and I personally don’t want to see Jack get extremely frustrated trying to solve extremely complicated puzzles. But I’m not against the idea of him making another video of this game either cause I had a lot fun with this video and taking screenshots of both Jack and the game from this video. So whatever Jack decides for this game as far as making more videos of it go I’m perfectly okay with. :D

You know, New Day put Ambreigns on blast.
Ok. Cool. It is what it is. We have a few laughs and keep it moving.
But what I’m not here for is people using what New Day said as an excuse to be a complete douche to shippers.
If you’re doing that then you need to fuck off and get the hell on.
Shaming people is a bitch move. P.S. Calling people weirdos don’t make you great either.

I want to tell you guys my favorite story about new Grump Vernon/(Why I think he’ll be okay with shipping if that issue were to come up) on the Grumps first charity live stream they played a newlywed game where husbands and wives answer questions about each other. Arin and Suzy played and Ross and Holly played. Then Vernon asked Barry to play and they pretended to be husbands and asked for really sexual questions and I believe one of them was ‘who gives the better blowjobs’ (And I think they answered Barry???) SO I mean, that was really cute and a reason why I like Vernon. I’m pretty sure he also said he wanted to see himself shipped because of it??? But nothing ever came of it. 

Also this: 


AU in which my favorite gems are a sailor and a siren, their love forbidden and mysterious. This was fun!! I needed a break from studying for standardized tests lol.

I’m not an artist at all but I’d love for someone to take these designs and play with them. Make them interesting lol. If you do, please tag me!!

This is for @jackandthegems who asked me to draw my favorite SU character and then this happened. Love you Noah!!

Also gonna tag @jen-iii because I think she might appreciate this.

okay i feel like it’s time to make this post.

yes, i am moving away from the arrow fandom. (to be fair, not the show, just the fandom). and, while most of you already probably figured that out by the url change and the fact that my multichapters haven’t been updated, i feel like i should let you all know what this means.

if you’ve tagged me in any fics and i haven’t seemed to respond to them, i promise i’ve bookmarked and linked all of them for a later date to read, this is just a side effect that happens when i decide to switch fandoms. if you’ve sent me an ask about the show or something and i haven’t answered it i promise it’s not because i dislike you or i thought what you were saying didn’t deserve an answer, it’s just because i’m not in the headspace where i can be excited about this sort of thing with you. 

that’s really the thing here. i’m not excited by all of this anymore. and i feel like, to really regain my love for this show and the characters in it, i’m going to have to move away in my life from the place where my two idols are currently being dragged through the mud in such a way that no blacklist or blocking so far has been able to save me from experiencing it.

so i promise, i’m not ignoring you. i just need to get away for a little bit. and i don’t know if i’ll really ever return to an arrow-only blog. you’re all amazing and wonderful and i’m definitely still watching the show and probably reblogging stuff related to it (maybe writing for it sometimes as well) but i just can’t build my life in a place like this right now.

i’m sorry.

okay i know everyone is freaking out over what jihyun said that 4minute might disband.



she said THE DECISION TO SIGN A NEW CONTRACT IS BASED ON HOW WELL THIS ALBUM DOES - and i honestly think it’s cube who should be worried about 4minute not signing with them, not us about the possibility of disbanding.

I honestly don’t think they will disband. If in any case they do I’ll be sad sure but it’s their decision which I am going to respect it.

Idk i really don’t like when people said pls buy their album and save them idk i find that concept unnerving

life goes on.

 don’t make it so dramatic. be happy. enjoy life.