“Sorry… I just wanted to feel like a normal student after this week’s ultraviolence.”

redraw a screencap! Pistols on Tracy Island

Iiiiiit’s time to redraw a screencap! Just to keep limber~

boom one of your favs right? I can’t remember what ep that is from (ep 26?) but I found it while googling pictures of Tin-Tin (as you do) and you know what, I love it, and I miss the old red-head Gordon. I was considering redrawing as TAG designs but YOU KNOW WHAT? NO

do you know how hard it was to not clean this up and try to colour it in in photoshop? I’m getting into habits. But I like spending an hour on something sketchy and then just be finished.

Scott, that is a fuuuugly jacket. But I bet Gordon’s jumper smells like Old Spice and the sea mmm

thadhadaway if you don’t hook me up with all the classic eps at work on Saturday I will end you <3



I literally spent two and a half hours drawing and coloring Yuto in Photoshop and I’m totally exhausted… I think the only good thing that came out of it is that I gave in and decided to work with lighting and wHY AM I SUDDENLY DRAWING

What the fuck happened while I was gone!?

Ok. The tag needs some serious cleaning up so what I want everyone to do is post adorable animal pictures in the tag.
Whether it be Mark with his puppies or some kittens, Photoshops of Mark with various animals or just doodles of Mark with animals, please let’s clean up this tag and make it a happy place again. I know many people (myself included) come into the tag seeking distraction or happiness but end up sorely disappointed with some of the community instead. So please let’s make the tag a place where others can be happy again.

you know what’s the worst?

when you’re on fb and there’s a link from someone that’s like “11 Worst Pug Photoshops” or some shit like that okay

and there’s this small part of you that’s like wtf sure why not let’s see what’s up so you click it

but then it’s in a format where you have to click NEXT every two seconds

which is disgusting and awful as it is, okay

but sometimes that button doesn’t even take you from #11 to #10 it’s to SEE THE COMMENTARY for #11 so it takes approximately 1000x longer to go through because these sites have a billion other things that load before the content you’re interested in finally shows the fuck up

so you’re like “you know I was interested but you have a shitty ass website so I’m never doing this again fuck you kbye”

until you fucking click on “13 Pugs With Celebrity Look-Alikes” or some shit and hate the world all over again

anonymous asked:

i'm so sorry if you've been asked this before but what programme do you use for your art and what brushes / settings do you use? your art is amazing <33

Hey!! I haven’t been asked this yet :) I use photoshop CS6, I use to paint cartoons on SAI tho. And I use normal round brushes except for a few pencil sets that a friend of mine helped me to create, so I can’t help you there :( also I found some really nice brushes on kelpls’s blog. Their art is awesome!!!!!!!! But yeah, besides that, I use normal round brushes and a few handmade with texture ^^ most of the nice effect on my drawings are made by photoshop filters, and the use of pictures as textures, playing with opacity and blending modes. Have a nice day!! 

Also in deviantart there are a lot of interesting brushes :) I guess that if you search there you’ll find awesome brush sets!! 


Accidentally stumbling into dA galleries filled with MS paint bases and poor photoshop jobs fills me with pity. Most of the time, the galleries belong to 12-year-olds who came onto the site by faking their ages, but tonight I found one that belonged to a woman supposedly in her early 20s.

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