“You can look across the limitations of your own life, and see that they are really nothing. In that moment when time stops, it is as though you know you could undertake any venture, complete it and come back to yourself, to find the world unchanged, and everything just as you left it a moment before. 

              And it’s as though knowing that everything is possible,                         suddenly nothing is necessary.(x)


Tony Stark, wealthy genius and famous adventurer, has just run out of luck. Tales of his exploits, usually a regular (and highly popular) feature of Marvels Magazine, may be forced to stop after his last writer called it quits after only two trips. Word’s gotten around that he had a few too many close calls, and it’s making people reluctant to pick up their pens and write for Tony. Desperate to keep the series going, he reluctantly hires the only person still willing… Steve Rogers, the skinny kid with a list of health problems as long as Tony’s list of achievements, who’s been determinedly asking to join the team for years.

Tony always turned Steve down, sure he would never be able to keep up and not wanting to put the poor guy in danger, but what other options does he have now? But when he joins Tony’s team of long time (and long suffering) friends and assistants on his first adventure, he actually ends up proving himself a valuable asset. Sure, his health can cause problems, but he’s more competent than he looks, determined to be useful, and has a surprisingly high number of friends with special skills willing to lend a hand when they need it.

As the series’ popularity soars and Steve becomes just as beloved to the fans as Tony himself, Tony finds himself increasingly drawn to the man in ways that are definitely not strictly platonic, unaware his growing affections are returned. Can something secret bloom between them, or are they doomed to only pine from afar? And even if it can, can they and their friends survive the looming war intact?

Happy SteveTonyFest! Finally finished my gift (this is what I get trying to do shit while distracted) for drzwi-do-szafy, who mentioned Noir, and after reading some and winding up on an Indiana Jones marathon I decided to test my photoshop skills and try to make one of those fake movie things. Hope you like it!

Also, because I’m really proud of these… Cover 1, Cover 2, and Cover 3.


I’M FINALLY ORGANIZED… well ok I’ve got a lot more to do but after organizing papers and books all evening I needed a short break. You wanna know what’s in the shelves??? ‘Course you do:

First pic is my living room bookshelf: history takes up most of the shelves; then some general nonfiction; harry potter books and Beloved Childhood Picture Books I Keep Mostly For Nostalgic Purposes.

The next set of two are the manga shelves in the bedroom. Several abandoned series are buried in a box somewhere, I truly own more than shown here. Terrifying.

Next set of three are my papercrafting papers, which I let get very messy for way too long so I’m glad everything is stowed away again. Most of my papers are kept in general rainbow order in bins, and I’ve put my booklets of papers (scrapbooking pads, origami papers, paper sample books, etc) on the shelf up top.

Last two are my art studio books. The first houses historical references; natural world references; design and symbolic references, and Really Freakin Tall Reference Books That Wouldn’t Fit Anywhere Else. The last one is my brand new bookshelf, which now holds Beloved Childhood YA Novels; Novels I Swear I’ll Read Someday, a bowl of fake fruit, Beloved Adult Novels, and School-Assigned Novels; COMIX; Inspiringly-illustrated children’s books, books about illustrators, and papercrafted books; TOO BIG BOOKS and magazines and a cup o’ bookmarks; aaaand more reference material.

trainer-t0uko I had to go to bed so I didn’t get to finish last night, let’s continue 

Bad photoshop graphic is bad but I wanted to make my point clearer. Do you see just how close the shade of Hikari’s eyes are to her hair. Dento’s eyes by comparison are closer to his bowtie than his hair. Yes both are green but they don’t match as badly

Here is Hikari in BW and the eye color shade they decided on:

With her original blue shade early DP:

And here is an amplified difference:

For fun I also did Serena’s eye color, which is probably my favorite and looks the most natural:

And Citron’s:

Even the blue grey of this shade is STILL a better fit than the matching hair color blue shade imo

And here is a split Dento eye color comparison:

See how one eye now matches his hair and the other continues to match his bowtie?

Maybe I just see color weird but it looks so much better when it’s not a close match I miss her early DP shaded eyes

True friendship is making fun of the other’s park job and turning it into an elaborate headcanon about the driving habits of your favourite characters.


I… I don’t know.
I drew Steve and Tony as mermaids.
Just cause. :3.

Okay so, I’m probably going to be online for the next
hour (idk how productive I shall be. I know, I’m trash)
but then there’s a chance I’ll head off and bury myself
in photoshop because although I blacklist spoiler tags,
some people don’t tag their spoiler content? And I like
watching the episode the day after without knowing
what’s to come.