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“Talk to me about Dear Agony and myan I’m so excited to write.”


<3333 I will, but not tonight. I don’t know how many chapters are gonna be left, to be honest. It got longer than I intended it to be. I still have like the action crap that’s supposed to happen that was gonna happen in the last chapter but then all that fluff and h/c crap happened and then I realized just how bad Michael was after he killed Ray and now it’s gonna take like way longer cos he’s all PTSD and shit and I’m just like fuuuuuck. 

It got out of control and it was just supposed to be a quick little side prompt fic. jfc.


It’s been one month since Power Morphicon 4 ended. And one month since my world was turned entirely upside down and my life changed.

I think you can tell why just from the common theme of these photos.

I was just a dopey fangirl with a big crush who had a dopey idea for a last-minute cosplay that I didn’t think would get anything more than casual appreciation. Instead, I got the most unbelievable amount of love and attention for it. Not many cosplayers can say that the very individual who originated the character they’re cosplaying was actually touched by their portrayal the way I can. Call it flirting, call it having a thing for me, call it what you will–and other people have said both of those things about my stories and photos–but there was something magical about that whole weekend that defies description.

I know that there are many people out there who would be extremely jealous of the attention I got (even on the day when I wasn’t in cosplay), but it was never my intention to go looking for it. It just happened, and I wonder every day just how–and why–I, of all people, earned that adoration when I’m really kind of a nobody in this big, crazy world. If it weren’t for all of these photos, I would have thought all of this to be a dream, because these things just don’t happen to me otherwise.

To say I fell in love a bit would be a huge understatement.

Yeah, I finally said it out loud here for all to see. But if you had the same experiences I did…wouldn’t you feel the same way? It’s why more and more, I’m believing those other people who think there was some flirting going on…excuses to interact with me, excuses to show me off, and so on.

My only regret of that weekend? I never formally and directly got to say “thank you” for all that appreciation…to really show my appreciation in return. I was so overwhelmed by everything that it never occurred to me until it was too late. And every time I think back on this, I find myself wishing I could have the chance to do just that, nigh-impossible as it might be after the fact. I hope that I do get that chance one day, whether in person, or some other way.

I'm writing a speech about fandoms...

i’m so tempted to put the K-Pop fandom in there, but the kids in my class already think i’m wack and besides if I try to explain I’ll just be like…

or should just end the school year by making everyone think i’m insane?

I might as well, considering I wore a giraffe costume to school today and someone in my spanish class wanted a picture with me…

K-Pop fandom paper it is then! XD