I really feel like no one even cares about me anymore. My sisters are always ignoring me and making fun of me. My mom is constantly telling me to leave the house even though I JUST got out of high school and I don’t know what I’m doing yet. My friends don’t even seem to want me that much anymore. No one ever listens to me. They just blame everything on me and don’t care about my mental illness. Every time I bring up my mental illnesses, they yell at me and make me feel guilty about it. Whenever I try to talk to my mom about it, she always says that she has it worse because her husband died. I’m so sick of being treated this way and I just want to leave already.


You guys I know I don’t post much on this blog but when I do it’s got to be deep so here it goes.

Internet friends
People on the internet is what our parents warn us about, but you know all they warn us about is the dangers of it and never the pro’s of it.

Let’s rewind to about 4 years ago so my freshman year of high school or the first year of hell as it may liked to be called but in all honesty it was probably one of my best years of high school why? It’s because I made friends with people online.
I am a nerd, I am a otaku and probably a weeb as well but that’s for y’all to decided on your own. Though most importantly I am an INTROVERT with high social anxiety I would have a mini panic attack whenever I was forced to meet new people in person (since this has gotten much better) so even though I miraculously had a friend or two in real life I relied on the internet for friends and I know what parents are thinking “Oh Hell no that’s to dangerous!” granted sometimes it is. I have meet a creep or two in my time but that’s not my point here my point is that I made friends people who I could trust now of course there was a lot they had to do to earn said trust like me finding out they were actually a real person and who they said they were (no cat fishing here). Now lets fast forward to the present time I have been friends with these people for years now and I honestly couldn’t ask for any better friends because well there isn’t such a thing and I even got to meet one of them in real life! Twice! Of course there were many skype calls before this I’m not trying to say it’s cool to go out and meet people from the internet you have never even seen before because thats not cool and that is what really is dangerous(see your parents are not that crazy I don’t think) but anyway I want to say never give up on meeting our internet friends.
I met my best friend on the internet and I wouldn’t trade her for the world 
(she’s pictured above)

Demon claw

ah well here’s what I did with all the wall paper scales :)

I did a lot of first aid at certain events of our school and others, soooooo I got to plaster (good plaster like really high quality stuff) peoples arms at an anniversary for fun, including my own. I kept the plaster after i cut it off giving me the Idea for the claw in the first place :D

The purple spikes are done with transparent paper and the same folding technique.

Since the paper itself is weak I strenghened it from the inside with hot glue

Okay so I just got Three amazing compliments from this artist on DeviantArt.

I’m just speechless I don’t know what to say I’ve gotten so used to people not having any interest in my work but this was just unexpected, I am so grateful that she like’s it.

And do you know what’s most bizarre she’s a Senior Member which to me is like a high rank on that website, she’s also a Beyblade fan, and a Gerry Anderson, and she’s also watching me!

Excuse me I need to take a breather…

But guys I seriously recommend you check her gallery out it’s really awesome