wellllllllllllllllllllllllll I’ve made a redraw from a fanart I did some weeks ago and I decided to digitise it bc yolo so here it is

it’s my first digitised drawing and my neck HURTS but I’m okay with that

now bye


The Holy Quintet’s Training

[Sayaka]: Um… Mr. Kyukyu? Are you sure this will make us strong-

[Mr.Kyukyu]: Picking order!

[Sayaka]: Sorry!

[Mr.Kyukyu]: Damn right you are! Now, stand in this circle, here.

[Homura]: You mean like this?

[Mr.Kyukyu]: Yeah. BYE!

[Kyoko]: Wait, what?

-The Holy quintet gets teleported into what would seem like an eternity of hell.-

-An unknown amount of hours pass.-

[Mr.Kyukyu]: Alright, let’s see how they’re doing inside!

-Nothing put pain could be heard from within. Pain and the telepathic laughter coming from Mr.Kyukyu. Eventually they teleport back-

[Mr.Kyukyu]: So, how was it?

[Holy Quintet]: -Everyone making complaints about how horrible it was at the same time-

[Mami]: It was… horrible!

[Mr.Kyukyu]: Good! You survived the first test!

[Sayaka]: Oh thank God!

[Mr.Kyukyu]: But I have some bad news!

[Sayaka]: … What?

[Mr.Kyukyu]: You’re going back!

[Sayaka]: Wha… what?

[Mr.Kyukyu]: BYE!


-They teleport back to the hell so suffer even more, for God knows how long-

[Juubey]: … Mr.Kyukyu… where did you send them?

[Mr.Kyukyu]: I’ll tell you where they’re not!… Safe!