a pretty good bad idea (2/?)

pairing: Trini/Kimberly (Power Rangers)

chapter summary:  The Rangers hang out, Jason and Kim chat, and Kim still can’t stop thinking about Trini’s lips.

a/n: Yup, so this is going to be a multi-chapter thing now. I don’t know what’s happening. Help me. 

If anyone wants me to post this directly on tumblr as well, let me know, but otherwise, I’ll just keep it on AO3 so it all stays in the same place. 


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Your blog is sin. But you still have time to change! Look for the light and God in your heart! I'm asking you as a friend because I do care!

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Imagine how it must feel to Claire to have a man like Owen whimper at her tough. ugh

Claire, although beautiful and strong willed likely struggled to find sexual partners who would give her everything. No one likes to relinquish their control, especially men, no matter the situation. Owen was weary at first but trusted her enough to follow instruction. She adores him for that and respects him so much more than she thought possible. He lets go physically, mentally he still clings on in places, Claire knows he needs that for himself and she lets him have it. Having Owen as putty in her hands is one of the most satisfying things Claire Dearing has ever encountered. This man outrages her, frustrates her, pushes her to the edge and turns her on all at once. At the end of the day he is hers and she is his, but Claire calls the shots on their pleasure and pace, pushing him to the edges of frustration and bringing him back on a gravelly whimper. He whimpers and moans, grunts and groans, his breath catches on it’s own whether she is on top or he is. But, when he makes those sounds under Claire’s control it feels, to her, more satisfying that she made that sound come from him, all on her own without restraint and it was too much that he couldn’t hold it in.  


A normal life? huh - what even is a normal life? W-huh-ell if I’m expected to live normally here’s to hanging up the webs!, Cheers!.

May raised up her glass high into the air - alone, as everyone around seemed to of ignored her little speech, then bringing the glass to her lips she downed the rest of the drink slamming the empty glass next to her many others, there was no doubt about it that being drunk would of been an understatement - May was absolutely 100% gone.

Swinging off the stool May swaggered away from the bar without paying yet no one was stirring they were all more enthralled by the bottom of empty bottles trying to find a spec of hope for their dejected lives. It was the kind of dark and damn bar that if you found Wolverine here you wouldn’t be surprised.

Eventually finding her way out of the bar she stumbled out of the door and found herself greeting the pavement face first,“Oh mother-hubbard!!...-sigh- well..I’ve had worse. she groaned before pulling herself up from the ground but this moment could of been timed anymore better, when an all too familiar Spider-Sense alerted her of some danger behind her, finally brought to her feet still facing away from the stranger, only next to utter some words that will haunt her for the rest of her life

 Well you gonna keep staring handsome                                                                                    —— or you gonna buy me a drink?.