really feelin that (fake) engagement AU aesthetic so consider the following:

  • i hate commitment but my dad’s dying wish is to see me get married and you’re an old family friend i ran into at the airport on my way to visit him so hey let’s get engaged
  • we’re only engaged to get our parents off our backs and you’re in love with somebody else so feel free to hook up with them idc i’m not jealous (yes i am)
  • i proposed to you as a joke but my mom (who’s been wanting me to settle down) thought it was serious and we’re kind of going along with it until we can break it to her gently
  • our parents are forcing us into an arranged marriage and we hate each other but now i’m in love with you and i don’t think it’s mutual
  • we were both drunk when you proposed to me and i accidentally posted about it across social media so now we’re hungover and trying to figure out this mess bc we’re not even dating
  • you need a plus-one for your brother’s wedding so i’m going as a favor but there’s been a misunderstanding and now your whole family thinks we’re engaged
  • you broke off your engagement with your long-time boyfriend/girlfriend who you were supposed to bring home to meet your family so now you need me to pretend to be them

Heeyy so i reckon i’ve been on tumbr long enough for a few people to care what i look like heh *^~^*

This is the 20 beautiful women tag; i was tagged by nokookieforuchimchim thank you bb :)

So i tag you guys! (only if you want to) I don’t talk to all of you, but i do admire all of you shinee-eyebrow-game-strong ❤️, lostinyourjam, suhoahjusshi, jijongjae, little-wanderer13 (if u get this ;), presidenthoseok, idbangbangtanboys, touchthe-flame, popetaemin, key-is-my-wife-k, tinymochi, anime-shinee0–0, rapmonstahp, bjootoo, yoongiggles and suga-com (because you are amazing and need more love imo) aegyo-shinee (senpai!), and kvted/ themisconceptionofme (thank you for being so nice to me when i first joined tumblr :)

*throws flowers*

i honestly thought that the nepalese earthquake would go unnoticed like the last one and im so surprised and grateful for the amount of recognition it has received its so nice and lovely that people are spreading the word and praying for the families that have lost mothers, daugthers, fathers, brothers, friends; please keep Nepal in your minds whilst we get through this horrific tragedy, every bit of help is vital my country thanks you!

Question for…science: When the Inquisitor and Bull talk about other companions’ safe words, does he mention what he thinks Dorian’s is?

For the impatient  jillypups, a picture of our OTP from her fic Sweet Disposition.

Arranged Marriage AU

Nate owes Jem’s family money. Lots and lots of money. Jem’s uncle want him to have an English bride. A deal is struck wherein Nate trades Tessa for his debts to be paid off.

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This makes me so angry.

If you work in a movie theater and you do this I have no respect for you.

My younger brother is Type 1 Diabetic.

When we go to a movie theater, we always get him diet soda. If he were to get regular when we asked for diet, we would not give him the insulin he would need for it. If that happens, his blood sugar level could go so high he could go into a coma, go blind, or even die.

If somebody gave him regular soda instead of diet without telling us, that person could be responsible for a nine-year-old being killed or blinded.

Just thinking about that makes me so angry. I get scared every time we take him to a movie in case the people working there saw this picture and decide to do the same thing.

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Three new songs have been registered with the the APRA! This does not mean these songs are going to be on the album or that we will hear them, just that they’re registered! They have tons of registered songs we’ve never heard, so this might not mean anything.

Marble Hornets website update- 4/22

So the website updated to what it looked like a while ago, with a few changes.

Now, there are actually some bios available under the “Cast & Crew” page. There are bios available for Alex, Brian, Sarah, and Tim, and there are “coming soon!” notes under the headers for Jay and Seth. (There’s no bio header for Jessica or anything about her)

clicking “director sign-in” leads you to “marblehornets.com/unauthorized.html” which looks like what the website was not too ling ago; a black page that says “Pending investigation, this site is not available. If you have authorized access, please contact the admin at dscott3872@gmail.com ”.

/therearefootsteps still leads you to the page with the same gif and code, and adding /[anything else] to the url still shows you the error gif. However, now adding /welcome gives you a black page that says “please leave”

if you click the “please leave” text, it just leads you back to the homepage.

To my knowledge, that’s all that’s updated. There might be more, there might not. If anyone knows about any other updates, tell me and I’ll edit this post.