you know that moment when one person is doing something dumb and then another person looks at them like, oh this dork, I love this dork, even though they might not even admit they love them yet, but you know you can see it by the way they look at the dork that they love them and it’s sO CUTE THAT YOU EXPLODE! I am sorry I am just very emotional about cute things like that. Have a nice day

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Name: Andrea/Dan (Andrea - offline, Dan - online. this is how it works most of the time)
Nickname: Andy, Drea, Dan??? idk it’s short for Daniel so. Zebra, Potter (psst, you should give me more)
Birthday: Feb 21st (1999)
Star Sign: Pisces
Gender: Genderfluid
Height: 5′2″ (barely)
Fav Color: Black or a particular shade of green I’m not sure of yet
Time rn: 10:25 pm
average hours of sleep: like either 4 or 12 tbh
lucky number: 8
happy place: my room

I taaaaag: cringe-attack casuallysivan lesterection satellitehowell trashowell emphanadas aurorahowell littleprincehowell ughhowell and a tenth planetlester bc uneven numbers make me uncomfortable haha

Yoshiki:Do you need my jacket? You must be freezing. Put this on.

CP fandom version of Ayumi: “What? I didn’t hear you over my Mochida chanting ritual. We must find him now, don’t waste my time… and UGH, put that dirty thing away from me! Don’t you dare think I’m being the ungrateful one here because, if it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t—

What Ayumi really said: “If it’s cold, wouldn’t it be better if you put it on? If you take it off now, I’m sure you’ll catch a cold too.

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Hey could you maybe do an imagine where you meet on kik, and just make it really fluffy and shit.. I don't care which one of the boys it is.. Thanks a lot

“How do you even know that this Caleb dude is even a guy? He could be catfishing you for all we know.” Your friend warned, standing at the door and watched you get ready.

“It’s Calum, not Caleb and I’ve been talking to him for some time, so I have a good gut feeling about this.” You phone vibrated once, his kik reply showing on your lock screen “Alright, I’ll meet you there baby girl :)” You smiled at the new nickname he’s been trying out.

Your friend stared at you, scanning you up and down. “Wear my nice shoes with that outfit.” You looked at her through the mirror with a shocked expression. “What? Catfish or not I can’t let you meet someone new with your old, dirty converse.” She stuck her hand out, examining her fingernails.

You smirked, curling a piece of your hair away from your face. “Thanks.”

Her eyes lit up, showing her gratitude. “You look okay. Now go meet this Calum boy.“She rubbed your shoulders, sending you off.

You stood outside the restaurant you planned to meet him at. Nervously checking your phone every minute think that you felt a notification. You were on your heels, rocking back and forth. You looked to your right, looking at everyone from a distance and questioning if it was him.

Negative thoughts ran through your head What if he bailed on me?  What if he actually is catfishing me and it’s a chick that didn’t have the guts to see me. Where’s Nev? shit. You leaned back against the brick wall, checking your phone once again. Nothing.

“Y/N?” Your ears perked hearing your name. Your head slowly turned to the voice calling for you. Your eyes meeting a nice light blue buttoned up, then proceeding to go up to meet the face of the torso. You meet with a smiley, tanned boy. His dark hair, with some blonde in, nicely brushed. 

You stood up straight, blinking profusely with wonder. Whoa, you thought. “C-Calum?”

“That’s me.” His eyes smiled. “Wow, you’re… wow.”

You blushed “You’re wow as well.” You stared at him, biting your bottom lip taking him in. He wasn’t what you expected. He was taller than you thought and waaay more handsome than the image you had in your mind. You noticed that you were staring too long, “Oh sorry. I’m just surprised. I thought you were going to be a catfish, honestly.” 

He chuckled,” Really? Because that’s what I was thinking. Actually, my friend Luke, you know the tall blonde I tell you about sometimes?” You nodded. “Well, the whole time I was getting ready he was nagging in my ear saying that you were probably fake.”

You stifled a laugh, “Seriously? I went thought the same as well.” You both bursted out laughing. Calming down moments later to catch your breath. “Oh man, I need to remember to rub this in her face later.”

“Same.” You peered down at you with fondness in his eyes. “You look absolutely stunning by the way.”

Your breath hitched and you looked down saying a small thank you.

“Let’s go eat. You must be hungry. Sorry for making you wait, baby girl.” He emphasized the baby girl, cheekily grinning when he noticed you turn bright red.

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This one time in middle school for some reason spanking was a trend so like we'd all go around spanning each other and I lived with my grandparents at the time and one day in accident I spanked my grandpa and he was like OMG wife did you see that and she was like see what and he was like what she just did and she was like shut up I don't have time for your games and idk If he even remembers but I DO

oh my god

orz;; I normally don’t post my art on here but I have a question and I really don’t know who to ask at this point so maybe one of you has an answer for me? It’s been bugging me for quite a while…

do you have any tips on drawing hair? especially when it’s a light color?

I literally have no clue how to make it look realistic and it’s driving me insane. Anyone? Please? <3


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- *blacklist “nov does br”

- I will be doing these all weekend!

This happened seconds ago...
  • Mom:Cassey! What's that slippery stuff that comes out of snails?
  • Me:Slime?
  • Mom:How do you spell that?
  • Me:S.L.I.M.E
  • Mom:Is there another word for it?
  • Me:I don't think so.
  • Mom:How else can I explain it?
  • Me:Slippery snail liquid
  • Mom:Oh, that's good. How do you spell snail?

thanks to pollylovesmuse for tagging me in the six selfies thing!! these are all from the past year omg  my hair has changed dramatically.

i tag dunia-petunia, ayyye-its-kayyyconcert-bruises, obriers, heldersvevo, and anyone else who wants to do it!! also you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to btw!!

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Name: Holly
Average hours of sleep at night: 9-11
Nickname: Holls
Birthday: May 31
Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: I don’t know
Height: 5′5″ (??)

Favorite Color: green
One place that makes me happy: tumblr (sometimes)

How many blankets do I sleep under: 1 usually 2
Favourite movie: Warm Bodies OR How To Train Your Dragon (1 & 2)
What I’m wearing right now: too big green plaid pj pants and too small lifeguard black hoodie
Last book I read: The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls
Most used phrase: “lol”
What I last said to a family member: “okay”
What is family: people I live with that I can stand sometimes…plus some limited internet friends
Favourite beverage: Orange soda (or maybe grape)

Favourite Food: FRENCH FRIES
Last movie: Sky High (lol it’s awesome so don’t judge!!)
Dream wedding: wedding? uh…with someone I actually enjoy and everyone cries because we’re the best couple ever and block out them haters!
Dream pet: all the animals.
Dream job: photographer or official editor (for like album books and such)
Tag 10 people who you want to know about: simplesenpai (yes you :3) snazzy-af (I’m so excited you messaged me) dsyrswift  kissinglncars all2wellwater altoowhale leaveanastyscar augustayswaters marissadavv taylorswift

Why do people hate foreign workers so much?? They’re such sweethearts?? They sing when they work and they’re so nice and helpful and encouraging like omg do you know how many white boys I’ve worked with who never said two words to me and couldn’t care less about their job??

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okay real talk though why do you keep praising baekhyun and how talented he is and then call sehun untalented? talent is subjective and it's not like sehun has enough chances to sing? i like you and your blog but sehun is talented

hmm i think i’ve only ever mentioned his lack of talent for singing once? and that was because someone asked me what i thought of his talent orz i never mentioned it directly myself and also of course i’m going to praise baek for his vocals because first off, he’s my bias lol, second of all, he //does// have talent, there’s aspects of talent that are subjective like whether a voice appeals to you or not, but there are others that are simply objective, objectively, baek has a bigger range than sehun, he’s also much better in terms of support, control, pitch, agility, flexibility, tone, etc. baek’s also proven many times what a capable singer he is and how much he’s continously growing as a singer and that’s why i praise his abilities, meanwhile, sehun has had enough lines to prove to me that for now at least, he doesn’t have the capability in singing to be deemed talented in that area, if he improves (and hopefully he will), i’ll take that back, like i’ve said before, everyone has potential but it can only be called talent based on what you choose to do with it, otherwise all it is, is simply potential, sehun can be talented in many areas, he seems to be fairly good in acting and hopefully he extends on that, and i enjoy his dancing, but to call him a capable and talented vocalist is beyond anything for now

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Omg?? Kit you're so beautiful *o* I didn't know a human being could look so cute -wa




-rapidly pets you- imreallynotbutSTILLTHANKYOUIMNOTTRYINGTODIMINISHYOURCOMPLIMENT im so bad at this i should probably shut up now fbdhsfjhbdhfjbshjfs


I was at work today doing my business and a girl that I work with looked at my hands as I was typing and said “Omg I never see you wearing nothing on your hands I wish I could be like that”

and I answered “I’m so clumsy that I prefer not to wear nothing”

and she added “Yeah, not even your nails are done”

and I was like

theonceandfuturesara asked:

Hi Mira! I was a bit worried, how was your day at uni? Hope it went well! :)

Oh my, sorry for worrying you, and also thanks for the concern! As I predicted earlier, nothing changed much, but the teacher I used to support changed her mind and now I really don’t know what will happen. I just decided to stop worrying about this too much and just go with the flow, because if I can’t do anything about it, then what’s the point of getting upset? All me and the other students that don’t want things to stop can do is wait.

But again, don’t worry too much about me, okay? I’m going to be fine, I’m not moody anymore <3 I hope things are going well for you, Sara-chan! Have a nice day~