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“I moved out to this huge city all by myself. I had to grow up quickly. I learned a lot of things about the real world that my friends are just learning. Also, I started reading the dictionary and books about college education — I was teaching myself what my friends were learning in class. And it worked out — I would come home and talk to them about stuff that they hadn’t even learned yet.”  - Jensen Ackles


I am aware that everyone has their problems and probably nobody reads this kind of thing, or simply do not care, but I really need financial assistance. These last few weeks have been incredibly heavy both for me and for my dad, for everyone in general. No, I do not live on the street like many others, but I live in a poor country where if we need medication we need to get up early (2:30AM) and make a kilometric queue to see IF THE MEDICATION whether or not arrive. Nothing is stable here, nothing is certain. The other side of the coin is: this meds  are at such a high price that honestly can not afford in my family. I’ll make this short, because the last time was too long and I guess nobody read it. Over here I leave the post if anyone is interested. If anyone can help, CAN DO IT ON MY PAYPAL mafegray@gmail.com. I am aware that not all have to donate money right and left, but if you reblog this is also a great help, I will ask from the bottom of my heart, I’m desperate, I do not sleep well at all. SERIOUSLY would appreciate it, thank you.

hello!!!! i’ve been thinking about this for a while and i think it’d be super cool to do!!

basically, i get itunes allowance each month so i’m often left with far too much money on there than i need, so i thought it would be nice to give somebody else free music!! i’ll let you choose any album off itunes (as long as it’s not a super rare one that costs three times more than usual lmao), i’ll take your itunes email address and i’ll gift it to you straight away!! then bam free album for you :-) 

sound cool?? okay;

  • please be following me!!
  • a reblog will enter you, likes won’t count :-)
  • depending on notes i’ll either scroll and click or use random.org to see who gets it
  • this ends tomorrow night! 

thank you for reading & if this goes well i’ll do it again sometime :-)

The Seven and their parents symbols

When you try your best but you don’t succeed… 

I think i gave up by the time i finished piper haha she was the second one i did 

So I just hit 1.2k followers and with the excitement of the new Scorch Trials stills I decided that now was a good a time as ever to do a tumblr awards (accompanied with a very shitty gif I spent about a minute on)! I’ve been wanting to do this for ages now, so if you want to join in, here’s all you have to do!

The Rules:

  • You need be following me - since this is for my wonderful followers
  • Must reblog this post if you want to enter (likes will be treated as a bookmark) If you want to be considered for a specific award, put it in the tags
  • Needs to reach at least 30 notes or I’ll pretend it never happened
  • There will be one winner and one runner up for each category
  • I’ll choose the winners and runner-ups on the 25th of March


The Thomas Award: Best URL
The Minho Award: Best Icon
The Alby Award: Best Theme
The Gally Award: Best Updates tab
The Teresa Award: Best GIF/Edit maker
The Brenda Award: Best Fic writer
The Chuck Award: Nicest Blogger
The Jorge Award: Best TMR
The Aris Award: Best Multifandom
The Newt Award: My Favourite

Winners Get:

  • A follow from me, if i’m not following you already
  • An TMR edit/gif set of your choice 
  • A spot in my updates tab in the winners section (that i will be adding shortly)
  • A permanent space on my awards page (that i will be adding shortly)

Runners up Get:

  • A follow from me, if i’m not following you already
  • A spot in my updates tab in the runners-up section (that i will be adding shortly)
  • A permanent space on my awards page (that i will be adding shortly)

To everyone that’s entering, good luck!