chelonianmobile  asked:

Heya, can I ask some advice? I want to go for a "creepy cute" aesthetic, but I'm pushing thirty and have summer/autumn colouring, so there's no way I could pull off pastel goth. I quite like the idea of a nature-y aesthetic, but don't know how to make that darker and gothier without it clashing. Ideas?

It sounds like what you’re looking for is the dark mori style! (Dark Mori, Black Forest Mori, and strega fashion are terms that are used to describe essentially similar styles.)

Some information, found from this very helpful link

  • Likes to wear dark, dusty colors, but also jewel and earthy tones
  • Antique, used, or ragged laces and silks
  • Layering is the key
  • Medieval, Victorian, Folklore, and 1920s inspirations
  • Helena Bonham Carter is a great style icon
  • And, to mix up a few from the list: Crushed velvet, vintage clothes, corsets, shawls, dresses and skirts (the longer the better), floral patterns, natural stones, silver jewelry, knitted items, laced up boots, Victorian heels, braided hair, messy curls, flowers, leaves, feathers, antlers!

Seriously, go read her entire post. It’s a very thorough look at dark mori fashion.

I LOVE the dark mori/witchy fashion look, and incorporate bits and pieces of it into my own wardrobe. Lots and lots of layered skirts and shawls and dangly necklaces? Yes, please!

anonymous asked:

My boyfriend recently tried to touch me in my private areas, but I told him to back off. He would not listen to me and kept reaching down there to try and do things. I don't know how to make it more clear to him that I am not comfortable with this. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you Thomas xx

k um well your boyfriend sounds like a rapist or some creepy old dude that sexually harasses co workers 

if he doesn’t understand that no means no i think you should give him two words he’d understand… “it’s over”