Three Days 

Does this count as a drabble? Either way it’s the first thing I’ve written in a while.

It’d been three days.

Three days of frantic searching and little sleep.

It’d been three days and she was already starting to lose her mind.

She didn’t know how he did it. Six months. He did it for six months.

Six months of sympathetic looks from the co-workers and everyone around you slowly losing faith.

It’d been three days and she was already losing her mind. Putting things back in the wrong places, leaving random webpages open on the computer and textbooks open on her desk. Things she doesn’t remember doing and are against her normal habits.

It’d been three days when she cracked and crashed, falls asleep on her desk with tear stained cheeks, a frustrated brain and a broken heart that refused to give up.

It’d been three and a half days when she feels a cold hand on her shoulder and awakes to an empty room. The only source of light her illuminated computer screen and a google search query for the 1st Law of Thermodynamics that she was certain she hadn’t searched.

It’d been three and a half days when she knew she hadn’t lost him.


harry potter characters and the major arcana / neville + the fool
the fool is a card of infinite possibilities: it does not necessarily mean that the sitter is behaving foolishly, but indicates a fresh start or fresh attitude. that includes trust in himself or herself, trust in good fortune, and trust that everything will present itself in the right time and at the right place. he or she is open to everything that the journey will bring, but he real message here is one of optimism: you must make a leap of faith, taking only the baggage that benefits you, with the ultimate trust that you will make it alright. the fool encourages you to go beyond your boundaries, to work past your fears, and to believe that anything is possible.