You know what absolutely, completely breaks my heart in this scene?

Your character, the normally fairly stoic I-will-do-anything-with-no-second-thoughts, emotionally-hardy Warrior of Light, is brought to complete devastation. 

Haurchefant was a knight, he lived to protect, and he died protecting you. He was someone who became a very close and dear friend to your character, someone who was basically your character’s last hope after the loss of the Scions, someone who loved your character so much and cheered them on more than anyone… He died protecting the person he loved.

Your character forces themself to smile when Haurchefant requests it. He needed to see the smile of the hero he loved one last time, so he can die with a smile himself.

Rest in peace, Haurchefant. You were the true hero here. You will be sorely missed.

Blog Promos & Compliments, for Bernie Sanders

Hey. So, like, I really want Bernie Sanders to be our next president here in the U.S., alright? And the first fundraising deadline for the campaign is midnight tonight, so I want to encourage those of you who can to make a statement by contributing in the next several hours. If you can make that happen, please do it. If not, there’s more you can do to help the campaign.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Reblog this post (if you can’t do anything else, please do this)
  • Donate to Bernie’s campaign (however much you can afford)
  • Spread the word online
  • Sign up to volunteer for the campaign
  • Buy something (there are Pride-themed products!)

Send me a message telling me how you contributed (it’s okay if all you were able to do is reblog and share information at this point), and I will:

  • Check out your blog
  • Possibly follow you
  • Include you in a promo post (I’ll do about 5-10 per post depending on how many I get)
  • Reply to your message with a compliment for you/your blog!

I’m really hoping that Bernie Sanders will turn this country around. ‘Cause, y’know, I’d like to be able to get a job someday. And get free education (as it should be). Sure, politicians often say whatever they think will get them the most votes. But this guy seems legit. He has my support. I stand with Bernie.


18 June 2014 - Now
1 Year Anniversary


>> before and after of my editing process?? i just brighten it up, slap in some saturation, smoothen the textures, blur some shit, then sharpen it all up..honestly it takes like a minute to do but i get a pretty shitty result i dunno u guys seem to like it so yah idk

you guys should read the captions i think they’re funny maybe

But what if Rowan and Aelin ARE going to be mates? I mean, every time I read Heir of Fire I’m confused about whether or not I ship them, so that’s not really the point, but regardless, it’s interesting to think about. Because becoming mates and ‘being intimate,’ as Rowan puts it, are not the same thing. So what if it just happens because of how mentally and emotionally intimate they are with each other, and has nothing to do with if anything happens physically, and they don’t even notice the bond snap into place at first? What if they don’t notice until they try to spar and can’t land a blow because you literally cannot bear to harm your mate?

This is just hilarious. Like, can you imagine Rowan and Aelin starting to go at it, just like always, only to stop inches from each other, staring at each other wondering why the heck they can’t hit each other? They do this every day. And then they realize what it means and they just start swearing at each other. They’re just glaring and hissing and so mad because “Seriously? This one? This idiot is my mate?” And poor Dorian and Aedion and Chaol are just standing on the sidelines, hopelessly confused, like wth is going on. And I can just imagine Rowan and Aelin finally calming down (after like thirty minutes of ranting and wishing they could pummel the other into the dust) and Aelin sighing, looking Rowan straight in the eye and just saying:

“Well, you did say that if we were going to hell, we’d go together.”