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do you know of a site or something of the sort where i can learn calligraphy from? i've never even been taught actually script, so i don't really know how to do anything lol... but i do know that you calligraphy and general way of writing is so pretty and amazing aaaa I'm jealous :( also i honestly live your blog and ig because you are goals and so are your spreads and penmanship bye omg ily!!

Hello! Thank you for your kind words, I'm super honoured you like my work asfskjkf :“) Don’t be jealous, love, I believe you can learn how to letter/write calligraphy too! Here’s some resources I found that can hopefully teach you the basics of lettering :) 


1. On bounce lettering by Merakinotes

2. Lettering Tips by the wonderful lucie


3. How To: Calligraphy, Easy and Inexpensive (vid) by Heather Lee

4. Hand Lettering for Beginners 

5. 10 Free Hand Lettering Practice Worksheets

Best of luck! Feel free to message me here or on my studygram :^)

  • Me: I want to move as far away as possible and have adventures and experience life to the fullest and be my own person! I want every day to be different! I want independence!!!
  • Me when I don't see my mom for 2 days: I...don't know how to do anything....

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Are really overprotective parents abusive? my mom seldom lets me go out or do anything, but then yells at me for not having friends or not knowing how to do stuff. She's also in denial of my depression and calls me lazy and a good for nothing all the time. She says she's like this bc she loves me and i should be glad that she's overprotective and not a mother who doesn't pay attention to her kids. I'm 19 and very dependant on her bc I don't know how to do anything by myself-Is she being abusive?

It depends on the degree of overprotection. If you are stunted and lack lots of skills that other people your age usually have because you were never allowed to learn them, it’s abuse. I just recently came across an older case in Italy: http://jezebel.com/5386545/his-name-is-luca-when-over-parenting-becomes-child-abuse 
Other typical emotionally abusive behaviour that your mother seems to display is that she gets angry at you for not knowing things she actually has not allowed you to learn and that she puts you down because of your depression and dismisses it.

Loving a person also means, giving them enough freedom and space to grow. And the goal of parenting should be to raise young adults who can stand on their own feet, not to make your child dependant on you.

See also:
7 Signs that You May Be an Emotionally Needy Parent

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If you do prompts or know someone who does can you think of this rilaya prompt: in class vefore the teacher comes everyone is talking and discussing who is the smoothest flirt and everyone just looks at maya while she draws on her arm when she notices everyone looking at her and she denies it but riley mentions some of what she tells her like 'at 5.30 you turn gold ' and everyone notices that they are even more gay than thought and farkle is smug and lucas is just getting the idea

You’re so lucky I have two other prompts and some drawing stuff to do on top of all my homework or this would have been longer and angsty 😂

“It’s Yogi, you guys!”

Sarah turns in her seat to glare at Darby. “Of course you would think Yogi’s the best flirt,” she says. “You’ve been dating the kid since he was born!”

“I have not! And anyway, that’s not why I think so. He just is.”

“Objectively speaking, I believe Darby is correct,” Farkle says. “Who’s to accurately judge who the best flirt is except by verifiable data? Yogi was the first to get a girlfriend, so it must be him.”

“I think it’s Maya.”

The whole class pauses in their debate at Yogi’s words, then turns to stare at Maya, who’s reclined in her seat with a purple marker poised over an intricate design on her left arm. She looks up at the sudden silence and frowns when she sees all eyes on her.


“Maya?” Lucas laughs. “Look, if this is about me and her again, what she does isn’t flirting.”

“What are you guys even talking about?” Maya asks. “No, really, I wasn’t listening. What’s this about me and Lucas?”

“Yogi’s right, but she doesn’t flirt with Lucas,” Dave says, ignoring Maya’s question.

“Flirt? Who do I flirt with?”


Maya freezes. Riley, who’s been unusually silent through the conversation, freezes too.

Maya turns around to face Yogi. “What…are you talking about?”

“I hear some of the things you say to her.” Yogi wiggles his eyebrows.

Maya’s mouth falls open as the class begins murmuring amongst themselves, most agreeing with Yogi, some shaking their heads. They quiet down again when Maya turns to Riley, who’s staring wide-eyed down at the fingers she’s twiddling in her lap, and addresses her directly.

“Riley! I don’t flirt with you, right?” Maya says. “Tell ‘em.”

“Well….” Riley shrugs. “I mean…I can see how some of the things you say can be…interpreted as flirting.”

“What!? How?”

“Well, you did say I look gold once. I think the exact words were, ‘at 5:30, you turn gold.’” She blushes a little at the memory. She’d always thought a lot of the things Maya says to her are romantic, but she’d never thought she meant them that way. At least, not until Yogi pointed it out, too.

“They didn’t know about that,” Maya says, her voice low. “That was an us moment!”

“That sounded pretty romantic too, Maya,” Farkle says. “I mean, sometimes I’m wrong about these things, but….”

“Okay, well…that was one—two—times. That’s not flirting; it’s just…you know, being friendly to my best friend!”

“You also call me a lot of names like honey, sweetie, pumpkin, sunshine….”

“You call me peaches! How is that any different?”

Riley hesitates. “Well, maybe…maybe it’s not,” she says. “Maybe I call you that because I like you as more than a friend.”

And just like that, the classroom is so silent Maya and Riley are both sure everyone else can hear their hearts pounding in their chests.

“I knew it!” Farkle says eventually. “I knew I wasn’t imagining things between you two!”

“Wait a minute,” Lucas says. “What? Riley, you have feelings for Maya?”

“Maybe,” she says. “Well…okay, yes. But nothing has to change!” she adds, turning to Maya. “Our friendship can stay just the way it is.”

“…What if I want it to change?” Maya asks as if choosing her words carefully.

“How would you want it to change?” Riley asks, half afraid Maya will want to distance herself.

“Like this.”

Maya stands up and circles around to the front of Riley’s desk. She lifts Riley’s chin, leans down, and places a chaste kiss on her lips.

Both of them flinch away when they hear a startled yelp and a door slamming from the front of the room. “I need to worry about her now, too?” Cory says. “And in my classroom no less, my sacred space!” He sighs. “I need to start coming in earlier.”

“It’s okay, dad,” Riley laughs. “You know Maya.”

Cory smiles. “I do. I know she’ll treat you right.” He grabs a piece of chalk and writes the day’s lesson on the board: ‘The Stonewall Riots.’

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Pssst jim how do you do the pretty backgrounds on ask the skele household? I don't know how to do textures or anything.. help?

Ok first; I use Paint Tool SAI, and it already had the textures and brushes I use when got it, some versions don’t have them and I sadly can’t help you here because I don’t know how to help.

Anyway here’s my procedure;

First you draw a cool little dude

Then you make sure that there’s no transparency, make a colourful background layer to see where the colours would come through, and create another layer under your little dude to colour in the white spaces.

Then you colour the lines if you wanna, the tutorial for which I’ve already made a little while ago and can be found here

Next you make another layer and use some or other splattery brush to add the first step to the background, these are my usual settings;

Then you blur the hell out of it.

What I do next is what usually adds a very nice effect, namely I add touches of other colours to the blur.

You do that by locking the opacity on the background layer, take the airbrush tool and colour the edges or whatever you want to colour, and then you use the blur tool again to smooth it out.

I think it looks best when the colours are closely related to the primary background colour, so for this one I chose to go with blue at the bottom and green at the top, and a tiny dash of purple for a nicer effect.

Playing around with the background colours is always nice, to try fidning the most suitable one for your little dude.

When you’re done, don’t forget to sign it, and add your text if that’s what you desire.

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Hi Dev. I have a question regarding making it in the industry. Say a person has no skills in pretty much anything. Maybe writing but who knows for now. I know it isn't easy but then again what is? I'm actually pretty close to giving up on this dream of mine to be honest. I have ideas that might be good but I'm paranoid to ask anyone's opinion. I don't know how to do anything regarding art not that I want to be an artist much. QA testing maybe? Could you make it from QA testing? I don't know.

I’m sorry, but there’s no place for somebody in the game industry (or any industry, really) who’s only qualification is that he really wants to be there. I don’t know you well enough to know what you’re good at, but I do know that you need to have some sort of skill beyond enthusiasm that makes you useful to us. I understand that it isn’t easy out there figuring out what it is you want to do, especially if you’re still in school and haven’t had a lot of success yet, but you have to consider it from other perspectives (because a good developer must be able to consider things from the player’s perspective). We don’t hire people just because they want a job. We hire people because we have work that needs doing, and we need people who can do the work.

Imagine you’re head of a development studio. Everyone working at this studio has a job to do - some of us are engineers, artists, designers, QA, producers, some of us run the facilities, some do HR, and so on and so forth. Everybody at the studio is (generally) good enough at their job to deserve being paid for it. People who aren’t don’t work for us very long. This means that whenever you look to hire somebody new, it’s because you have a job that needs doing. When we interview for new positions, it’s because we look for somebody who can do a job, whether that’s optimizing the graphics, designing multiplayer game modes, or keeping the art team on schedule and tasked out. Once we know what sort of job that needs doing, we look for people who know how to do it and we hire the best person from that pool that we can find.

If you want to work in the game industry, you’ve got to be good at doing something that is useful to us. That way, when we need someone to do the thing that you’re good at doing, we can pay you to do it for us. So what I want to tell you is that, if you want to work in the game industry, you need to figure out what it is that you want to be good at. Just “working in the industry” isn’t specific enough. “Being the idea person” isn’t an option. Maybe you are interested in programming - making the rules for the game, or creating a new way to handle lights, or building content tools for designers. Maybe you are interested in creating content - scripting conversations, setting up battles, placing enemies in the world, building maps. Maybe you just want to do QA, and your passion is finding problems and reporting them. Maybe you want to come up with better ways of testing than just trying stuff and writing reports - you could write tools to help automatically test systems for stability, for example. But whatever it is you want to do, you need to figure it out and then get good at it first - good enough that you can do the tasks that we need done. If you can demonstrate to us that you can do the work, you can probably get a job doing the work. We need people who can do the work but, until you can show us that you can do it, we will never consider hiring you.

Further Reading:


Behind the scenes and bonus image of this piece. Basically I had a two hour photo shoot with this card stock silhouette of Dan in his winter jacket propped up with knitting needles.

I had to use every piece of black clothing I owned (Dan would approve) to cover up my bookshelf. I had to completely overhaul my bedside lamp to simulate that amber glow. FINALLY, and what I’m most proud of, I used an incense stick to create the swirling mist. I had to blow on the smoke before each picture to make it disperse properly, like in the last image.

Lastly, I’d just like to thank @danisnotonfire for featuring my work in his video, and thank you to both Dan and Phil for recognizing and supporting the efforts of their audience!


>> before and after of my editing process?? i just brighten it up, slap in some saturation, smoothen the textures, blur some shit, then sharpen it all up..honestly it takes like a minute to do but i get a pretty shitty result i dunno u guys seem to like it so yah idk

you guys should read the captions i think they’re funny maybe