another thing ppl who think eggs = william love 2 try n use for their advantage is the end scene of the scooper ending, when eggs looks at himself in the mirror after getting scooped n merged w ennard. lots of ppl think that the big reveal there is the purple eyes meaning hes purple guy but listen. listen here.

i dont know how else 2 tell u this but like. the big reveal is as clear as day. its that uve become a half-human, half-animatronic amalgamation. the bright, cartoony, colored eyes r SUPPOSED 2 contrast w the dark, somewhat realistic sillhouete, 2 show that this guys eyes r now replaced w robot eyes.

as for the color coding, im sorry 2 tell u this man but?? lots of characters in fnaf who rnt purple guy have purple associated w them?? even if they like. still have connections w him. they still rnt him.

a few examples r: fredbear n spring bonnie (bc of their accessories), charlie (she wears a purple tank top in tse n that is said 2 be one of her main outfits), theodore (he IS a deep, rich purple color), some of the bidybabs (at least in their teaser i think), theres probably more but idk if ill remember but yeah

having purple eyes could, at most, make him related 2 purple guy, but isnt very conclusive info :Vc