state fair stuff

so the reason i wasn’t online yesterday was, in fact, because i was at the illinois state fair for pretty much the whole day.

and i bought stuff. most of these pictures are ft. my hand.

firstly, we have the three hair thingies.

a light blue hairbow, with like…foam? on it? i’m not sure what it is, but i needed something cute.

a headband with a cupcake-print-bow on it. i don’t quite know when i’ll wear this but it’s adorable.

the other headband, with a black rose-almost-flower and a feather. (also ft. tumblr in the background because i needed better lighting.)

my favorite thing that i got–some guy had like plushies and phone charms and i wanna say charm bracelets there. so i bought a little miles edgeworth. he’s going on my backpack.

i own a wooden sword now. no joke. i just really wanted it. i’m thinking about painting it one of these days.

and finally, i won a blue unicorn at the carnival games. i named it penny (after @asagao-is-life‘s self insert. <3)