The morning doesn’t feel any different, and Neil almost feels betrayed by it. The room still fills with stray beams of light despite the closed curtains, and there’s still snoring below him, and the room still smells faintly of feet. Neil still wakes up with the peace he’s become accustomed to, before he remembers and he feels heavier.

Andrew slides past him, hands blazing a light path on Neil’s bare back when they pass on the way to a shower. Neither of them talk about where they’re going. They don’t need to.

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A little update I guess

I’m sorry I’ve been posting so sporadically lately I’ve been outside a lot recently, (lol thanks to pokemon go) 

and I find during the week when all the new Steven Universe episodes everyday I don’t watch them right away so it’s usually on my dashboard and I’d rather not be spoiled (and I know I could remedy that by watching it right away or blacklisting it but I don’t lol ) so I there’s that too  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

and next week I’m going to my dad’s and I may be going camping too so there’s that jsyk i’ll try to get a queue going for y’all 

When the weather’s crappy again I’ll probably be back on more, but I’ll also start looking for a job when I come back from my dad’s so that should be good for me (so I can buy stuff lolol)


          Hello there kpop fans! If your bias group isn’t promoting right now, can you please vote for stellar? They’re a really awesome group, huge dorks who are very talented and very hard working girls. This is their last chance or they might have to disband. They couldn’t afford their own practice room and even had to share one meal among them! Their last resort was their sexy concept since whenever they toned it down/did something different, they were forgotten; they’re misunderstood and people slutshame them even if they’re just silly adorable cute girls. Please help us remind them that all that their sruggled are worth it and that we love them, please consider helping Stellar; we don’t want to lose them ♥ (cr)


↳ as requested by myself, under the cut there are #28 gif icons of ARDEN CHO, best known for her role as kira yukimura in teen wolf. i didn’t make the original gif, but i applied a psd & cropped / resized them, so if you ask for yours taken down i’ll comply. they’re all small sized (100x100 to be exact). please like or reblog this post if you’ve found it helpful !!

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hard to explain, coming soon

it’s silent in the room. harry knows he’s done wrong and knows how pissed off mick gets, but something in him doesn’t want to give in. he knows he’s got a way with words and the way he says them, it melts some people’s hearts. hell, most people’s hearts, to be honest. but with mick it’s never been this way, she sees right through him and he hates it.

he doesn’t like to be read like a fucking book. he doesn’t want people knowing what he does and how and what for. yet mick knows. she knows when he’s desperate, she knows when he’s upset, she knows when he’s pulling tricks out of his sleeves.

he doesn’t even know why he bothers with his charades with her anymore. she always fucking knows. harry wishes she wouldn’t.

My father is renting his basement apartment out to my sister now, which is where he has been playing with the kids for the past 6 months. Now, I honestly wouldn’t care, if my father hadn’t bought the kids a bunch of toys & crap specifically for them to play with while over there, & now I have to fucking find some nonexistent space in my fucking apartment for a huge mountain of kids shit that I didn’t sign up for. He told me he was going to find a place for all of it at his house. That was apparently a lie.

when I’m stressed I tend to make paper cranes which has pros and cons like
-it rlly reduces my stress
-i use like old school papers so yay recycling
-it’s a calming, non-destructive habit
-I don’t just make one when I am stressed I have to make like 5

I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about Matthew Modine in Stranger Things. Chief among them being: There’s a reason he didn’t show up at Lucas’s parents’ house. No way a black family is letting that creepy fucker into their home. Sitting at the dining room table talkin’ ‘bout somebody’s son being in danger. Bruh. In danger from your creepy ass.

Nixie squealed in delight as she dropped her duffel bag and ran to the nicely made bed, kicking off her flats and crawling up onto it. With a laugh, she started bouncing, hair floating up momentarily before crashing back down. A stranger entered the room and she stopped just to sent them a wide grin, before bouncing again.

been finding some spiderweb strands around my room the past few days and finally spotted the culprit. little rascal was chilling on the ceiling so i couldn’t catch it.

i didn’t want to let it out of my sight though and i can’t sleep anyway so i just stared at it and made up a little song to sing to it.

it must have liked it, because after a few verses it came scurrying down the wall and i was able to trap it and release it outside. have fun out there little friend!

kiyoung sat cross legged on the hallway, tapping his fingers against his thigh impatiently. he just wanted to get into the practice room and try to clean up the routine he had been working on. it was something he choreographed himself (for fun he said, if extra training and work counted as fun. it did in kiyoung’s mind). when he first set out he figured that this room in particular would be open but it wasn’t and he was determined to wait for it to be free. he knew that maybe he should find something better to do with his time than just waiting but kiyoung was stubborn. he was stubborn and impatient and he just wanted to get moving already.

I had a thought just before going to bed last night but I feel like this station track might be a 4 walls B side that didn’t make it onto the album…… Tbh. …. when would f(x) have had the time recently to go into the studio to record. They’ve barely been in the same room all 2016 lol. I’m pretty sure we’re getting something from the basement but that’s good bc we all know sm holds out on us like that.


Officially time for the Sunstone Rainbowcy house tour!

First up, we have the large living room/kitchen/dining room combo in the main floor, featuring Astra’s office in the corner! (which I recolored right after taking the top photos)

Fun fact, Astra’s office was inspired by these half walls I have in game that have windows similar to this but having a regular wall and then adding the windows was more aesthetically pleasing.

I really love how this area looks, it took me forever to figure out the layout for this area but it turned out great.

Look how the snowbarry’s are saying “now i can ship westallen because they have chemistry n it’s not incest’..pls MADAMS/SIRS…they have not even been in the same room n u r talking about chemistry? n u know that incest excuse doesn’t fly





Part 6 – last one (I think)

Screenshots from the manor. I had to fill three stores with stuff, so the majority of the rooms are filled with power armor stations, as I have a bunch of them. The only rooms I took screens of are the chem lab, a room dedicated to weapons and a room dedicated to armory, with a chair for plastic surgery and another one to choose the hairstyles and so.

The neighbors dog is screaming and idk what to do :/ I drove down there and there backyard is like really dark but I didn’t see anyone hurting it or smth. but it sounded like it was fighting something. I was gonna knock on their front door but it’s around back and it’s a game room far away from their bedroom. I could have gotten out of the car and gone over there but I have anxiety and I don’t want them to come outside and think that I’m the one hurting their dog and I just don’t wanna have to explain. I dont live in a neighborhood I live in the woods it’s not a v populated place.

If they can’t hear their dog screaming then they won’t be able to hear me knock. And their other door (the one they actually use) is inside the garage. :/// Idk what to do idk their number.

He sounds like he’s in pain.