Kkbox: I am not imagining things. this is exactly what happened. Hyuk was talking about how after ten years he would probably have children and a family, with his exact words “like how a normal person would be”. Tbh I don’t normally look at hae in interviews because I’m too focused on someone else :P, but as hyuk was talking about that future, donghae’s face caught my attention because it seemed a bit off. It wasn’t his normal neutral expression, and he was frowning. He looked really uncomfortable as he fidgeted in his seat, and even fell into an awkward silence after hyukjae finished.

Yay for classes!

I’m all registered and now it’s just a matter of talking to a couple of people and financial aid to get some smaller things done.

Because most of my history courses currently count as electives, I’m taking US History to 1865, since it’s required for my major.

I’ve got some pansy lib arts major Math course, where I’m hoping there won’t be any difficult math involved (or this semester is going to be stressful).

Once a week, I have a film class…
Tisha knows how much I love pretentious films.
It’s going to be beautiful.

I’ve also signed up for a World History Since 1500 class, which is cool, since I’ve taken European History and East Asian History (ugh…those were the best four classes ever and they count as electives), but I’ve yet to take a World History course.

After I talk to the linguistics department, maybe I can sign up for French II, since I only have that one math class on Tuesday/Thursday. Gotta get working on that French minor!

UTEP gets a little less of my hate only because I’m not freaking out anymore.

I’m still miffed about 13 credits being electives. I will definitely bother whoever I need to so I can get those counted as something useful.


Hey guess what you guys, tonight I finally felt completely free. 

I. Am. Over. It.