Anonymous said to dailymeruem: How’s Komugi doing? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

Anonymous said to dailymeruem: Hey, Meruem, how are you and Komugi doing? *raises eyebrows* 

Anonymous said to dailymeruem: Sooooooooo. How are you and Komugi doing? (And has Pouf found his chill and stopped being jealous of her? )

She is the picture of health and both her and I are doing JUST FINE thankyouverymuch

(Pouf will never ever be chill)

ILLUSIONS SHATTERED.     can i just say i’m not really interested in shipping,   unless it occurs naturally ;   i’m all about that slow burn kind of relationship   & this,   is very typical of natasha,   when she loves,   she loves with her whole heart but it takes some time to get there.   still,   shipping is NOT MY PRIORITY on this blog,   not just because of natasha’s general abstinence but also because i’m more interested in CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT.   i want threads to challenge her,   make her feel something,   make her change her thinking,   put her into difficult situations   & etc.   i’m just getting tired of people not being interested in writing with me once i say i’m not interested in ships,   i am not here for that.   i want long term plots,   worlds   & universes.   i want something i can invest myself into. 


Obama: “The American dream is something no wall will ever contain.”

So last night I had the funniest dream I had in a while.
I dreamed that Pokemon Go was a Mario Cart style futuristic space racing game and that you had to collect Pokemon candies and Fire, Ice, and Thunder stone to boost your speed and unlock different tiers of attacks. Now the best part of this dream was:

1) Valor and Mystic were crazy rivals and all team players wore space biker jackets
2) I was Odin Spark
3) A bunch of FE fates characters were there on various teams, including Ryoma on Valor, and Leo and Niles (regrettably) on Instinct.
4) It was fun as hell driving on a loopy winding Pokemon themed space track collecting Pokemon candies and Stardust to go fast (Sonic Style)
5) Spark won the race and no one cheered because they were so incredibly shocked (no pun intended) that Team Instinct won anything.
6) Candela and Blanche were not happy but hey we’re super gay for each other and that was all that mattered.

So, I’ve just watched She Loves Me, and now I have the bizarre, yet profound  desire for a Malcola She Loves Me/The Shop Around the Corner/You’ve Got Mail  AU

Just imagine…

By day, Malcolm and Nicola Murray are at each other’s throats  at every moment. At night, they each go home to a lonely flat and turn on their desktop to see a message from their online pen pal (Maybe they found each other through a West Wing LJ comm?) 

Even though they’ve never “met” in person (or so they think), they know each other intimately through typed words on a screen. They recommend books and films to each other; confess their deepest fears, dreams, and their childhood aspirations.

It’s easier for Malcolm to tone down his language through a written medium; while the “f-bomb” still frequently litters his correspondence, it’s tempered by a self-deprecating humor and real vulnerability that is often obscured in person by his terrifying presence. Furthermore, it relaxes him to talk about anything and everything besides work.

Meanwhile, Nicola is much more confident and coherent if people aren’t reading over shoulder when she types. She’s honest, even about her own insecurities and failings; she’s also warm and compassionate, always willing to offer a listening ear. Although her pie-in-the-sky idealism often colors her messages, it comes across much more reasonable and humorous–amusing pipe dreams that both of them know can never be realities.

Sometimes, they find themselves complaining in  rather vague terms about certain infuriating colleagues– ”M,” the brutally-sadistic boss,  and  “N,” the woefully incompetent - – and both are rather sympathetic to the other’s plight, completely unaware that they are each indirectly badmouthing themselves.

You know that saying “practice makes perfect”? It’s BS!

My prof told us this and I never forgot bc it’s true. 

Practice with feedback makes perfect. With no feedback, you’re just learning to do things a certain way but it doesn’t mean it’s perfect at all. It can be the worse way ever and you just never knew bc nobody told you!

Yeah, so I was just reminded of this because of a review I got; I thought I’d share 

Am I a broken and deeply flawed human being? Yes. But can God still use me to make a difference in this world? You better believe it.

darkrained  asked:

That "toy ask" post you reblogged a while back specifically stated not to reblog if you're a ddlg blog and yet you reblogged it? you call yourself a "little" and you reblogged it. Take your pedophilic fetishes elsewhere, you disgust me.

Wondering when I would start getting hate lol. There’s so many things wrong that I wouldn’t know where to start so I won’t.

Assholes will be assholes

You disgust me with your needless hate

Sitting on the couch with @gyhldeptis & @fandomjunkie2004. This is a thee seat couch, mind you, and we are not tiny women. However. This did not deter the Dog. The Dog (otherwise known as Dozer) just had to be on the couch. Like. There would have been no end to the whining had we not let him onto the couch. So we made the only room we could, and The Dog shoved himself between Mary and I.

I am trying to write. I have zero elbow room to write, but write I must. I end up half shoving my elbow into The Dog’s side to try and write. The Dog huffs, and shoves/leans against me. Puts his chin on top of my arm, almost on top of my laptop keyboard. I tell the Dog:

“Don’t lay your head on my keyboard.”

This did not please The Dog. The Dog immediately proceeded to lay his head on my keyboard. With force. In the middle of my document. (Specifically, my gdoc for @dennyismydestiel.)

Suddenly the numbers start scrolling. Then, as Jess laughs, as I try and shove his head off my keyboard and click elsewhere, Chrome starts to shut down.

Then my computer starts to shut down.

The Dog tried to shut down my computer.

Don’t believe the innocent look. Don’t trust it!

Forgive me, dear @macabrecabra, for any and all discrepancies that I surely made drawing your wonderful Obesidax Emperor. Bottom half heavily influenced by the Sentinel model ; w ;

Gravira learned how to fist bump… he’s starting to greet everyone that way :3c