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One of the things that might be the worst about how Larries treat Briana is the way they try to justify and fortify their hatred of her. So that if they ever do have to accept that she is the mother of Louis’s child (which some part of them probably knows is a possibility), they’ve already excused the way they treated her. They’ll remember “no she was a terrible person and it wasn’t just babygate” but they won’t remember that they NEVER had a good reason to call her a terrible person. That they always either put the nastiest, most misogynist possible spin on every piece of information or else simply made shit up.

Some antis have been getting a lot of anons along the lines of “but antis just defend everything Briana does, it’s like they think she can do no wrong.”

No. Briana is a person. She does some good things and some bad things. Antis did speak up about our discomfort with her promoting a laxative tea. But the approach of the Larries is why we’re always defending her. I can’t stress enough how little she deserves this fandom’s hatred. How little she deserves our criticism, even if she does do something wrong. Because no mistakes she’s made are worthy of hundreds of people sending her hateful messages. She doesn’t deserve any of this.

And I don’t like that I feel like I have to emphasize that I recognize that she is a normal person with normal flaws every time I defend her, because it should be absolutely obvious why I am defending her. It’s not because I think she’s the world’s most saintly human. It’s because she’s a person and she’s being treated like shit and I desperately want it to stop. And Larries just insist and insist that she’s terrible and it’s all made up and it disgusts me. People say they can’t wait for her to rot in hell. How dare anyone come to an anti blog and ask us why we’re defending Briana.

Supermodels sneaking through the underbrush

sneaking and peeking in to a kind of wanderlust

and of all those hot tickling moments

the God’s, enjoyed, among us…

When you finally come to feel your pain

it comes with a gasp called, “Chuckle Nuts!”

Chuckle Nuts Coffee

What lions like too fuck.

Chuckle Nuts Coffee 

Your Heart Chakra’s in luck.

  “Chuckle Nuts Coffee - now in decaf.”