Angry - Alec Lightwood

REQUESTED: No,I kinda came up with this based on a personal experience with a friend of mine. (I say friend, I actually really like this guy lmao) 

WARNINGS: Implied smut? Idk that’s kinda closer to the end tho

SUMMARY: Alec comes back from a mission trying to protect Clary from getting into yet another mishap, and he’s stressed and pissed off.


Secondly, the story of how this came about is because the guy mentioned was annoyed after he was unfairly treated for something he didn’t do. (Well, this guy who’s one of the populars tried throwing a few punches at my friend because apparently he was being a d-bag, and he pushed him away and then walked away. Then one of the PE teachers tried to say, “This did happen, I saw it” without a justified claim (because he wasn’t there) and the Head of PE said to my friend, “Seeing as you are a student and he is a member of staff, I will believe him over you”. No lie. So my friend is unfairly punished for something he didn’t do and ugh I just want to punch the popular guy in the face myself and kick him in the balls oops) He came back into my drama lesson, slammed a chair down and then just stormed out of the room through the fire exit, so he seemed pretty pissed. AND I FOUND IT ATTRACTIVE OH MY GOD HE WAS SO HOT WHEN HE WAS PISSED OFF HJHFEHR;GJIOUOGEKBKGFRBU

Ahem. Anyways, let’s get on with the imagine, shall we?

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Happy birthday to the little bunny who makes me smile everyday just by being himself 🐰💖

for those of you who stand up against anonymous hate ––––– this mun is behind you one hundred percent. there’s a problem i’ve been seeing in the asoiaf community, and it has spiked since the return of game of thrones, and it is in regards to the vitriol of the show. to put it bluntly, game of thrones is not an accurate reflection of martin’s a song of ice and fire. and i think, by now, everyone is clear on that. we get it. we all know there is a toxicity in the show that is not in the books and should never have made it into the show. let me be clear when i say: i am not speaking against that.

if we want to hate the show, we go ahead and hate the show. we are entitled to your own opinions, so long as they do not harm anyone. but so is everyone else, and we need to realize this. what i am speaking against is anon hate. anonymous hatred under any circumstance is unacceptable, and everyone should know better. i thought this place was mature. i thought we could handle our differences of opinion maturely, but that does not seem to be the case. there is a difference between making someone aware of something potentially harmful that they might do and full out hatred for something as simple as an opinion, and it almost feels as if we’ve forgone the former for the latter.

there is no reason to bring a person down because they like a character. if we think that liking a character means that one is justifying all of their actions, we need a crash course in the appreciation of literature. liking a character and justifying certain actions is not mutually exclusive. what makes a good piece of work is diversity; we need bad characters just as much we need good characters. i personally appreciate a great many of martin’s “villains” just because of the complexity of their character, but am i aware, as are a great many people, that their actions are morally wrong. the presence of such characters makes literature rich; that’s what we appreciate about the bad guys.

there is no reason to bring a person down because they like the show more than the books. we are entitled to your difference of opinion, but we are not entitled, ever, to send anonymous hate to anyone for having a different opinion than us. people lead different lives. asoiaf has, what, 5.5k pages total? we need to remember that not everyone has time to read that, nor does everyone have the capacity, quite frankly. there are so many reasons that we’re not aware of for why someone might prefer the show to the books, and we need to remember that.

as i’ve said before ––––– nobody is better than anybody else for liking or disliking certain characters. if there were no bad, there would be no good. and nobody is better than anybody else for liking the books more than they like the show. this place has become almost unbearable with the amount of negativity going on since season 6 began airing, and it’s putting a lot of people off from coming here, from writing, and from enjoying this community. we need to remember what respect is, and we need to remember to think before we speak.

What am I doing, what is this, am I on a roll or am I asleep?
Miles been interesting settling into the 616 universe imo… they need to go more into that? They probably will right? Because he remembers Secret Wars right? But… who am I kidding, @ask-miles-morales is what actually inspired this mess because on that blog, Miles is stressed out right now, hence these shifty eyes, idk, all I know is I’m loving the blog better than his actual comic at the moment (sorry not sorry).

i’m pretty easy to talk to but you have to skip the standard conversation stuff like ‘hello, how are you’ when talking to me because if you begin like that we’ll have the most awkward conversation ever.

I have all the regrets re: this


I wasn’t actually going to write anything for this, tbh. The self-insert seemed like a fun idea, but not one I was particularly inclined to do. I don’t personally feel like I would gain anything from interacting with my fave characters myself, it’s not a thing that’s important to me, y’know? But what is important to me? …well.

Let’s be honest here, this is just one of my rambles again, but with characters. The characters get in the way of rambling, and rambling gets in the way of characterisation, though, so. Just watch this link instead okay; it’s worth sticking with it and it explains what I was trying to say a hell of a lot better. Actually, just watch the thing. Ignore fic. The fic is just embarrassing. But I will sacrifice dignity for words, I guess.

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You know what bugs me? I feel like a lot of times straight couples just start acting coupley and everyone is just like "they're a couple" and they don't have to make a press release or anything they just assume everyone will know. But with same sex couples the general public puts such a higher burden of proof on declaring them a couple. As though calling two people a gay couple is somehow accusatory and they have to be innocent until proven guilty... (cont)

(cont) Like, for years now Ali and Ash have looked at each other like they hang the fucking stars in the sky and they talk about each other on a level they don’t talk about anyone else, but unless they explicitly say they’re gay together people act like it’s offensive to assume. NEWSFLASH: straight is not the default setting. Sorry, I just had to rant about that to someone.

HAHAHHAHA I feel you!

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Hello i just read the last chapter of naruto gaiden to understand what happened when the manga was done i don't understand any thing ! Did sasuke love sakura ?? Did sasuke had sex with her!!? Where dose sarada come from? Some one explain what the fuck going on here ?

Oh man, I’m really not the best person to discuss sasusaku with tbh. But honestly what I took away from naruto gaiden’s ending is that it can be whatever you want it to be. Kishimoto purposefully wrote it that way, basically inviting the fandom to make what they want of the situation. So if you want to believe Sasuke actually loves Sakura and Sarada is their child, go for it. If you want to say Karin is the actual mother and Sakura adopted Sarada, that’s 100% valid as well. It’s a vague, lazily written ending, but it does allow room for tons of headcanons to fit into the canon post-epilogue story.

I miss who I used to be. I miss having hobbies and interests and friends to share them with. I miss having such big dreams and hopes for the future. I miss the innocence and carefree spirit of childhood. I miss being passionate about things, and I miss having so much potential.
I’m sorry for who I’ve become, when I could’ve been so much more.