Every breath I take, I take for you.
—  Poets Love Her
  • Me: I don't exist
  • Person: Of course you exist! Don't say that!
  • Me: no like the person you think is me is really just the parts of myself I have put forward to please you. I'm different with pretty much everyone according to their needs, because I need everyone's approval, attention, and admiration. I'm a fraud.
  • Person: .....
  • Me: 🙃

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you're literally one of my favorite people on here ever... i know you don't follow me, much less even know i Exist but honestly your content makes me so so happy.. i still haven't gotten over the one time you drew me clack when i said i like how you draw them months back, it really made my day! so this is a thank you for all you've done, your ff7 content has really pulled me out of some hard times ❤️

I’m glad my art can do anything for you, let alone help at all!! Thank you for following my work and have even more clack!!

When you tried to love me I didn't love you, but when I love you now you act like I don't exist, you were my everything, I never even realized how good I had it. I want you, I just wish you wanted me, I'd do anything for you. I used to say this all the time, but I don't think I ever meant it, but now I do. I love you more than life. Come back.
how i handle crushes, scenario #5
  • INTP: Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit. The Crush is there.
  • INTP's head-to-reality interface screeches alarms.
  • INTP glances at Crush. Crush makes eye contact.
  • INTP: NO.
  • INTP: I don't exist, I don't exist, I don't exist, and YOU CAN'T SEE ME.
  • INTP hides face. INTP tries to dissolve into an invisible void. INTP overheats and drools and makes a fool of themselves.

So I already am adamant that Etain kept her own last name, anti-Imperial aliases aside, but how much shit would I get from fandom if I decided that her children went by Tur-Mukan after the Battle of Yavin, once they were adults and no one was looking for her anymore.

Kad & Koa Tur-Mukan and Scout Enwandung-Esterhazy-Tur-Mukan-Gilamar

It Only Takes One Spark
  • INTP1: This one quote made me think for a while, it said, there are as many truths as the people that tell them.
  • INTP2: Can't one person tell multiple truths?
  • INTP1: No, but there can be different truths from multiple people.
  • INTP2: Or, if everything someone beliefs in is seen as a truth, does a truth disappear when someone's beliefs change? I guess you could rule out one truth being shared by multiple people, since everyone sees the world differently in some way. The quote kinda depends on your definition of a truth
  • INTP1: But can there be just one truth? And if there is, who would determine it? It all seems based on one's vantage point
  • INTP2: Isn't it the one truth that all these truths exists in the minds of people? Can you make one truth that incorporates the idea that different truths can be true according to different vantage points?
  • INTP1: What if those vantage points contradict each other? Everyone has some sort of filter when perceiving something
  • INTP2: Do you mean what if the truths from different vantage points contradict each other? Because that is no problem. Both are true from their respective vantage point. This is obviously true in the absolute cases
  • INTP1: Yes, so can an absolute truth really exist? It seems highly unlikely
  • INTP2: Only by incorporating the vantage points. I'm having some trouble thinking of a good example. Ah, for example, it's the absolute truth that people think God exists. Whether God actually exists might be true or untrue, but it's a fact that people believe in him
  • INTP1: So does belief make it a truth?
  • INTP2: Existence makes it a truth. beliefs exist on some level, so it is true they exist. Maybe the only absolute truth is that everything that exists, exists. I don't think you can argue with that
  • *INTP3 reads the chat log and joins, INTP1 is taking a nap and INTP2 went to watch The Hobbit*
  • INTP3: Ooh, I just thought of an aspect about that quote of yours INTP1. There is a problem with it when it comes to cognitive dissonance, where people can hold two differing opinions on something at the same time. This connects with what was said earlier about vantage points, where each person not only holds a single vantage point for each subject. But a person holds many different vantage points in different subjects. These different vantage points interact for the most part and is connected by a big spider web between them. Pulling as the vantage point changes. But I do not think there is a single vantage point where all those differing parts are connected. Cognitive dissonance would happen when there are two opposite vantage points, but due to a connection having never been made between them, they can exist separately at the same time
  • *ENTP and INTP4 come on*
  • ENTP: Oooh that's interesting
  • INTP4: Yeah, when there is a dissonance on a subject, it's likely because at least one vantage point is not seeing the connection.
  • INTP3: What should be connected might be ripped apart by a principle or society tugging those vantage points so far from each other that they cause a split to happen in this analogy
  • INTP4: I agree, what now ? xD
  • INTP3: Now that we have figured out what people do we must spread the word of this analogy to the far corners of earth, making a new philosophic religion based on Cognitive dissonance. Then be glad that we have avoided 1984 xD
  • ENTP: Humans are pattern-recognition machines. Every one of the types seems to describe a different mode of pattern recognition actually
  • INTP3: hmm, probably yes... We should get an NTJ to look at it. or we could all be nice and you guys could try to rip it apart
  • ENTP: If cognitive dissonance is caused by missing necessary connections, then that means that pointing it out would alert the person to its existence
  • INTP3: yeah, but then if a person has other things bound up with that vantage point, it would be defended as it could be seen as an attack on the larger structure it is a part of
  • ENTP: Ooh you're good
  • INTP3: like religion being a set of vantage points it is all bound up on, community, and such
  • INTP4: What if the person is not receptive to new connections ? Because we, as NTPs, seem to do this already, and to my experience, it is not welcome most of the time.
  • INTP3: https://www.youtube.com/user/Evid3nc3 this user has a great series on his own deconversion, where he actually mentions such a thing. All his strings being dissattached from the main belief, one small strike at a time he looses his religion without noticing that it was bound up on it.
  • Then they would probably rely on society to tug those strings around
  • or another method
  • INTP4: It would be something like surgical strikes ?
  • Yeah you're making sense.
  • INTP3: yeah, removing a string and not thinking it affects your religion. Each one removed does not affect the religion, but when the vantage point which is dragging it all along has no more strings attached to the idea, it falls out of the overall structure. This was where the Evid3nce guy went into depression of a sort. His religion in a freefall or well, his belief
  • INTP4: Yeah that makes complete sense to me. In the case of a religion, it is when nothing requires the religion anymore.
  • ENTP: How about people who hunt for religious validations for things?
  • INTP3: unfulfilled needs? that would probably be a vantage point dragging things around but now the thing is almost getting too broad
  • INTP4: Aren't all vantage points dragging others around ? Like gravitation ?
  • INTP3: yup. They should all be coherent, but arent always every experience in your life would be dragging things around or perhaps nudging to the bubble containing the structure.
  • ENTP: Ooh I wonder if we could model concept gravitation. Using some variant of GMm/(r^2)
  • INTP4: The spider web made more sense than the bubble to me, because each vantage point is more or less connected to other people's vantage points.
  • INTP3: yeah, the bubble is more to exemplify that things get thrown out and the impact would be limited
  • but you are right I think
  • INTP4: Even, a person is only the group of connections, and the vantage points are not part of the person, just pillard on which the person forms connections.
  • INTP3: but things going poof and being dragged around makes more sense
  • ENTP: How would breakdown be explained? Extreme cognitive dissonance leading to mental instability?
  • INTP3: mental breakdown would be a thing invading and messing it all up
  • or perhaps a monster created within the system, then causing major mental chaos last one makes more sense when it comes to mental problems
  • INTP4: An entity trying to reorganize vantage points ?
  • INTP3: just going on a rampage
  • ENTP: I was thinking of it gravitationally. Like how stars go boom when they're massive enough
  • INTP3: dragging all along with it
  • ENTP: But the explosion is preceded by an implosion
  • INTP4: oh, ok
  • ENTP: Mmmm I was just thinking of the Crab Nebula
  • INTP4: Yeah, the picture of a spider web between gravitational entities is nice, it satisfies me =p
  • ENTP: The star went boom while imploding within, all that's left of it is a pulsar. Pulsars are the densest macro structures in the universe
  • INTP3: hmm... thinking back on my experience watching someone go through that, the thing actually reminded me very much of that slow gravitational pull, suddenly picking up speed and then bursting into a mess. Later medicine correct the mess and tried setting it back in place.
Me, coming out as genderfluid to someone
  • Me: So you know, remember how I told you there are more than two genders?
  • Person: Oh right. I will never accept that it's so stupid it doesn't even exist!!
  • Me: *points at myself* So I'm genderfluid. And you can see me right? You talk to me so I exist.
  • Person: Wait what
  • Me: YOU just told me I don't exist, so I'm telling you I do. And there are other people too.
  • Person: You are just kidding me right?
  • Me: Umm no?
  • Person: But you're a girl.
  • Me: -_-
  • attractive boy: hi i'm famous
  • attractive boy: hi i'm gay
  • attractive boy: hi i'm a douchebag
  • attractive boy: hi i'm twice your age
  • attractive boy: hi i have a girlfriend
  • attractive boy: hi i don't like you back
  • attractive boy: hi i live on the other side of the planet
  • attractive boy: hi i don't know that you exist
  • attractive boy: hi i'm a fictional character

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Hey, as an Ace and a gamergate support I don't like how you claim I don't exist for not agreeing with you or Anita's methods of talking about the issues. (In b4 you claim I don't exist, stupid, a sockpuppet or make fun of me, ect)

you wanna hang out with this gang?

yikes, i hope nobody important in your life is a woman who has to deal with you