If you are like me and Finn, you can’t help crying listening to stuff you really like (I’ve been listening to that fucker singing since 2013 and I hate him so much) (so much) 

Yo luv, this is for you @janiedean - sorry it’s just a silly pencil sketch :°D 


Star Wars Prequels’ Trio Recast: Classic Actors & Actresses 

Laurence Olivier as Obi-Wan Kenobi

Audrey Hepburn as Padmé Amidala

Peter O’Toole as Anakin Skywalker

I feel like Killian is the Jack Harkness of OUAT in that he flirts with everyone. And by everyone, I mean Emma. And by flirts, I mean he seems to turn half their conversations into flirtatious banter without even trying.

aqua-marine-gem asked:

Lapidot or Amedot

(hm. I’m gonna have to go with amedot because opal adore peridot (that’s not even relevant because it doesn’t come from just amethyst))


i know what you are

          …i will burn you down

i got the idea of kavinsky and ronan shotgunning stuck in my head for one reason or another… my heart was saying no but my hands said ✓ just do it… so here we are.

ps, click through to see ‘em big, i promise it’s worth your effort!


This makes no sense at all because it just randomly came up my mind at night

And then I spent way too much time with shading and lights..oh well

And then he realized; Ronan wouldn’t make the first move, because Ronan Lynch would never do anything unless he was five hundred percent certain that Adam wanted it.  And the truth was, he would never be certain. (x)


I like to think Gaster has some good lines going on his head, but is too shy/anxious to say anything. Although Grillby’s a quiet guy, he’d totally help out on this kind of situation. So if they fuse, we get a smooth talker kind of bartender. Which is totally fine, if I do say so myself.

Based on the kind words of @poly-x​ <3 Thank you! 

Now, seriously, I never thought I’d get that many notes overnight on a doodle. (/) w(\) Well played! You now get another doodle. huehe~

Seriously, tho. Glad y’all like him <3 He’s happy too~

*runs away*

It’s so sad… Even though I can post whatever I want, I still feel a need to fence myself in, in a way that I don’t necessarily have to draw what you guys want, but just never draw what you don’t want to see.