You know,  with as much as people around here ship Stucky and talk about the canon evidence of them possibly being bisexual (I say bisexual and not gay because they have canon female love interests) - such as living in a gay neighborhood in New York back in the day or whatever…

I don’t know how it ever escaped me that Bucky is named after freaking President James Buchanan. Who has basically been proven to be bisexual. Who various contemporaries of his time described as being effeminate and being in a very close relationship with a man named William King after the death of his fiance Anne Coleman. So close that King was called Buchanan’s “better half”. They lived together in a boarding house in Washington, D.C. for ten years.

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NOT TO SOUND PROTECTIVE OF YOU but im so glad you are in the larry fandom like you are one of my favorite artist ever???? and to have the privilege of seeing your amazing drawings on the beautiful love story that is harryandlouis?????? GOD im glad you aren't in the level to draw narry yet LOL! ♥

oh myyy hahah i actually find this funny anon idk, x’DD but thanks i guess??  

Ok whatever you do don’t picture Dan smudging frosting on Phil’s face at their wedding.
Don’t picture Dan and Phil slow dancing to 2009 By Kathrine and Eden.
Don’t picture Dan yelling at Phil for not cutting the cake exactly in the middle.
Don’t picture them saying “I love you” at the alter.
Don’t picture them kissing when they’re announced husbands.
And definitely don’t picture them cuddling at they’re apartment, Dan leaning against Phil, watching anime together.

You know, I actually have a lot of ships I’m ashamed to even admit. Like, I don’t judge people for hating them because I totally agree with the arguments why those ships suck, but… I’m sorry. I can’t help it: no mattter how fucked up they are, I still love all those trash ships with all my trashy heart *^.^*

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(i'm not asking this to sound rude i'm genuinely curious) why do you ship alina and the darkling?

First of all I wanna say that I know that Alarkling is a unhealthy relationship. He manipulated her. But the main reason I ship Alarkling is that he saw her as an equal. Let’s be honest, he could’ve ruled Ravka alone but he still offered Alina the other throne even after she betrayed him. We do know that the Darkling would have killed anyone else who tried to betray him. Also he was the first one who understood the power she had, he helped her to get out of her shell. He has made her stronger even though it wasn’t in the healthiest and nicest way. Plus Alina’s character development made me ship Alarkling even more I mean she was becoming darker so I naturally shipped it even more. Plus Alina is the only person that The Darkling opened up to after all this time. They had so much potential, they could have ruled Ravka together *cries*.

When people don't close the door behind them
  • them:no
  • them:*leaves*

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Funny thing: Most of the gifsets i’ve seen with this “Love is” style, used canon ships, and now i can say I’m doing it too…





It’s been long since I posted something (sorry about that). Even though I want to draw always when new chapter uploads I still don’t have enough time to drive. But I found these weird doodles (from july I think)