where are my j2 fans at? 

guys, why hasn’t anyone written an AU fic where j2 go to college as originally planned and graduate with qualifications in their original fields. Jensen graduates as Doctor Jensen Ackles, Sports Medicine. And Jared graduates as Computer Technician, Jared Padalecki. Many years later Dr. Ackles’ computer breaks down in his office so he calls up a local tech shop and they send Jared over to fix it up. The two meet and suddenly Jensen’s computer is always breaking down. 

Like, where is that fic? Why haven’t y’all written that fic? 

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arya x gendry bird watching

“That bird is looking at us.”

Gendry was watching the raven again. Arya didn’t look. She spent enough time watching it earlier when nobody could see.

“It is a maester’s raven. It is just used to people.”

Gendry screwed up his face. “There is something queer about it. I heard it say your name.”

“It did not,” Arya said quickly.

“It did too,” Gendry answered stubbornly.

Arya ignored him. Birds didn’t talk no matter what Gendry though he heard. Everybody knew that. That was only something which happened in her dreams and Arya wasn’t telling anybody about that, not yet, not even Gendry.

About Naruto ships and a manga about “bonds”

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The thing that ticks me off most is how a series that is suppose to be about bonds pairs ships with the weakest bonds. Yes, I mean all of them.  Sasuke and Naruto are suppose to have strong bonds, but Sasuke leaves at the end and Naruto lets him? 

i don’t really get people who say that the only reason the ichihime ship even exists is cos of orihime’s one-sided feelings. orihime had feelings for ichigo from the very beginning of the manga, and i doubt ichihime was much of a thing back then. ichihime didn’t start becoming an actual possibility until the arrancar arc, which is when we started seeing ichigo -> orihime

orihime being in love with ichigo doesn’t mean much (if that was all there was to it then it would be on the same level as ichigo/riruka lbr), and it’s certainly not the basis of the ichihime ship. it’s cos ichigo so obviously has feelings for orihime that makes ichihime so strong

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Man I hate when Tumblr does that. Anyway, my question was this: Even though I'm aro, I love shipping in fiction. Like, I'm constantly pairing up people and seeing what kind of neat little pairs I can think would fit into the story nicely. Now, see, the thing is, a friend of mine tends to see "shipping" as part of the toxic "you need to be with someone to be happy" culture, so... does that mean I have some sort of internalized arophobia? Because like, shipping is something I really enjoy.

trash tumblr! grrr

wow this is a hard question

ok so I may be biased bc I’m a very very shippy person but I do have an opinion about this and I will use my personal headcanons and shippings to explain

I ship a lot of cute ships (most f/f bc I find most m/f ships boring or the lady is too good for the guy more like) and sometimes I feel guilty about it since I’m aro

but I also have a lot of aro headcanons (natasha romanoff, literally every single gem on steven universe. ALL OF THEM. all of them. maybe maybe with the acception of ruby and sapphire but I’m not sure)

I guess what I’m saying is, try to have a balance? shipping is so fun (I love my ships. love love love) but also aro headcanons are important. and also queerplatonic shipping is really fun too

I’m not saying you have to headcanon aros

I guess maybe acknowledge what your friend says and maybe question some of your ships? questioning things can be important but also if your shipping is too important to you (esp if it’s helping your mental health) then I would give you a pass.

I guess I don’t really have a fully formed opinion on this. I’ve sorta been wondering about it myself but I think aros differ so much in how we respond to romance (some of us are very romance repulsed and would just prefer no romance in anything, whereas others think romance is cute) and that probably speaks to how some of us are very shippy and others don’t have romantic ships (I assume? idk if I know any aros that don’t have at least one romantic ship).

I would be curious to hear other aros’ opinions on this. it’s definitely and intriguing subject


i’m so sorry

haru just wants reen’s love. why does funimation have to take that away.

How City of Bones Went Down In My Head
  • Isabelle:*points to Clary and Jace*
  • Isabelle:I can see what's happening
  • Alec:what?
  • Isabelle:and they don't have a clue
  • Alec:who?
  • Isabelle:they'll fall in love and heres the bottom line, our trio's down to two
  • Alec:oh
Mika wants to be Yuu’s Boyfriend

(Mika Singing)
Hey hey Yuu Yuu
I don’t like your girlfriend
Ferid! Ferid!
He Thinks you need a new one
Hey hey Yuu Yuu I could be your boyfriend

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(Ferid singing)
Hey hey Yuu Yuu!
Go and save your princess
Mika Mika
You know you want to kiss him
Hey hey Yuu Yuu
Mika can be your boyfriend

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Friendly reminder that the magical part of headcanons is that you can imagine anything you want. Canon doesn’t matter much in the realm of AU’s and headcanons.

If you want to headcanon Cullen (or Cass or Solas or Blackwall or Morrigan or Alistair or Sebastian) as a bisexual (or any other marginalized sexual orientation) GO DO IT. *insert Shia LaBouf vid*. And any of you with issues can back up as ask yourselves why it offends you so much. And don’t hide behind canon, because that person over there writing Cullrian isn’t hurting you, your ability to make content, or affecting your game. Blacklist the tags and go about your life not being angry over fandom stuff. Its an appreciation week, not a ‘lets attack everyone over their headcanons’ week.

Andraste didn’t die for you to complain about someone elses joy within experiencing their ideas.