Also I love NB/gender fluid Tonks and lord knows there’s not much of that anywhere let alone in fics; I’m so doomed o(-(

unarmored; I’ve been listening to a lot of old music that I should hate and I came across ‘love the way you lie’ again and pLEASE, will someone rp a relationship with me based off of the relationship in that music video??? abusive, toxic, barely functioning, and above all passionate. the anger and RAGE and miscommunication and the coming back for more. a relationship that isn’t good for either party, is decorated with theft and an unsteady existence, but still holds those softer, quieter moments that show there is a little bit of love left. neither of them are particularly bad people but they bring out the WORST in each other. it’s an addiction, something neither of them can get over and not something they really want to either. it’s something that just spins around and around in twisted, dizzy circles and sometimes it blows up so big you’d think it would fall in ASHES but it just starts all over again. I just want some super angst. load me up with buckets of angst. I don’t care which role tony plays, I just want it to happen. fuck me up someone just fuck me up.

Welcome to dota2 fandom-tumblr vers. where on one corner everything is fine and dandy and you can ship anyone to anyone, and on the other corner you need multiple strong points of why you like the ship + an ability to write 3-6 pages of essay or sometime even an argumentative essay in English in order to ship something that you like. 

Fine, so I’m adding another ship. And joining the party late, as always.

(I really don’t know what I’m doing, but the scene wouldn’t go away.)

Emma Swan, Regina decided as she caught a glimpse of red leather beyond her own front door, was entirely too active for someone who was by all rights still recovering from illness. Even if it was from something as shockingly common - for Storybrooke - as influenza, which had been making its rounds through the schools lately and happily passing itself onto those stubborn or foolish enough to not take preventative measures.

Stubborn and foolish were both excellent descriptors for the sheriff, she decided with a sigh, and studied the woman on standing on her porch when she pulled the door open.

“Miss Swan.” The brief lift of one hand in a wave made her eyes narrow. “I take it that Dr. Whale requested you to rest your vocal chords for a few more days?”

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It's like... I personally don't see people thinking 'hmm, who are potential suitors for Dany/Arya, and when will they marry them?' so I don't like to do it to Sansa. She doesn't NEED to be married to be powerful. Don't get me wrong, I ship Arya and Gendry but with Sansa it is this big discussion about men she doesn't even know sometimes and why they're a good match. As opposed to Gendry and Arya and SanSan which are based on actual feelings expressed in the books.

I’ve seen it happen with Dany, but not so much Arya because I think the Arya/Gendry ship is the only one at the dock right now, LOL. But yeah, I can’t personally think of any other pairing for Sansa that even remotely makes sense other than with Sandor. Which is precisely why I am rooting for it.

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Double Dad Dilemma

What am I doing with my life.  *smashes head against wall*  I don’t know what this is.  I will continue it.  Just… here.  Baby Natsu.

“Bringing home the puppy was one thing, but this is crossing the line, Ig.”

Gildarts was already irritable as he re-entered his apartment across from their university.  He’d just brought back a lovely brunette woman to entertain, his roommate having told him that he’d be out for a while studying.  But instead, he’d returned to Igneel’s frantic face, scarlet hair wild, butting in and babbling about how he had something urgent to talk about.  The girl had left awkwardly, pulling her winter coat back on and striding with hurried steps out the door.  Gildarts was pretty sure that was the last time he’d see her.

But none of those frustrations compared to this.

Igneel had walked out of his room after the girl had left, holding a bundle of blankets with pink fluff poking out the top.

Hesitantly, his roommate had turned the blankets to reveal a tiny child, probably les than a year old, with light skin and shocking pink hair.  Gildarts had met Igneel’s eyes in some kind of wonderment and horror, muttering, “What did you do?!

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