im loving the potential ships in this show,,, like drown me in them…

yuta and maki have this kind of mutual respect for each other. maki acts like she doesn’t care much for yuta, and yuta’s like “her personality is shit, but she’s hot and interests me” kinda vibe. but then they have the potential for level headed conversations and interesting banter…i dunno,,, im feeling them

tenga and chidori are too cute. im a sucker for ships like these. i feel that tenga either lacks a mother figure in his life or something of the sort, so chidori’s motherly air kind of attracts him to her. the thought of him pinning for chidori gets me fired up!!! hell yeah!!

katsuhira has a memory of noriko, and it compels him to want to get to know her more. he figures from what she previously said to her that she wants to be involved with the kiznaiver bonding missions despite not being a kiznaiver herself and like that’s so kind and considerate and noriko goes because i guess she feels guilty for what happened to him in the past. so she’s willing to go because of him, and he asks to carry her bag and she kindly accepts (⌒▽⌒) they’re too cute, my goodness


Hello all!

I just thought I’d let everyone know I’m going on my long awaited cruise this week! I’m really nervous about it, because I don’t like ships or water… but this is the only thing my tuition could afford, so it’s what my class is doing…

So I leave Sunday morning and I don’t return until late Sunday evening the next week.

I won’t have wifi for the entire week. I’m already freaking out over this… since I’m not afraid to admit I’m obsessed with the internet, but it’s just too damn expensive on the ship…. even if i bought it, it would probably not be good.

So yeah… After tonight I won’t be on until Monday of next week.. soooo I’m going to miss a lot lol. I’m really nervous about being out of touch with all my friends, but I think it will be good to take a step back from everything online, especially with all the stress that setlock has been, and what better places to do it than Honduras, Belize and Mexico?

Anyways, I’d love it if someone would send me messages, or tag me in Martin related things… just so when I get home I can see them right away, or in the off chance while at port I come across somewhere with free wifi, i can see them. That would be awesome.

I might reblog this a few times so more people can see. It’s only a week… and I’m going to have my queue running… so you might not even notice I’m not here lol. Just a lack of new Martin.

Anyways… yay? Cruise?

frostbite883 asked:

Frostbite883's Question: Between these two fan pairings, Serena/Usagi x Amara/Haruka and Mina/Minako x Amara/Haruka, which of them are you fine with the most?


I love the way you framed this question!! (and that you thought to ask me at all!) Which not Harumichi ship am I ‘fine with the most?’ Haha. At least, I totally interpret this question as an acknowledgement of Harumichi is the Most Preferred Ship! (Which it is.) 

BUT! To answer this lovely question, my gut response was Minako. For a couple reasons. The first one being that I hardcore head canon Minako as being polyamorous. It’s not that I can’t see the Usagi head canon for this, it’s just that I see it far more clearly in Minako. 

And inevitably, Haruka/Minako is more appealing with my head canoning Minako as poly, because Harumichi can still be a thing. 

ALSO! Thinking about this question made me imagine the Stars season, where Minako is pining after the Stars, and if Haruka and Minako were in a relationship (with Michiru obviously involved), I totally just picture Minako raving about these cute new boys in school and their fantastic music, and Haruka just sitting back, arms crossed, glaring off into the distance. 

And when Minako prompts Haruka with some kind of question like, “Don’t you think so?” or “Don’t you think they’d be perfect for me?” 

All Haruka can say is, “Whyyyyy?”

And Michiru giving Minako a sly grin and calmly saying, “Haruka isn’t impressed by popular boys.” 

And Minako grinning, taking the bait, and tossing her hair over one shoulder, saying, “She only likes the popular Girls, huh??” 

Also, Usagi/Haruka has been tainted for me thanks to the manga and Crystal, so I just kind of can’t ship it without feeling weird. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Probably not fair, but there it is. 

Oh, OH, and also, if Minako were to date one of them, she’d insist on them getting along with Haurka, and there would HAVE to be a moment like this:


Not because Haruka would have to date whichever Star Minako did but just as a way to try and prove to Minako that she supports her other relationships and that she would try to work on getting along with Minako’s other partner(s). 

What have you done to my head? Ahhaha

anonymous asked:

Rafa should have never died and needed a kid named after him anyway. I'm so hoping that they throw out book canon like other shows have done in the past (TVD, True Blood, even TWD).

Yeah, they are definitely changing a lot, but I just don’t want to get my hopes up… so I’m going to assume they keep major things like main ships and character deaths so I don’t get horribly crushed, you know? 

But I’d be the happiest person alive if he didn’t die. I have no idea how I’m going to handle watching it on screen, and then see gifs of it on tumblr literally all the time for eternity. :/

I fell so hard for this ship but it’s so rare I’m suffering ╥﹏╥

also if you would like to suffer with me go and read this fantastic fanfic by @metisink ♡♡

[*You call for help.]
[*They came to your aid immediately.]

We were talking more about our SwapFell brothers and their Frisk during the Pacifist reset. Apple brought this scene up and I have so many feelings about this entire SwapFell AU we have.

BloodBerry @applepixel
PapyQ @heroicworks

Kyouko and Homura in PMMM

Alright so a lot of the time people don’t think that Homura cares about anyone but Madoka, and I don’t feel like that is entirely true. Sure, the person she cares the most for is Madoka, but she certainly displays some kindness towards Kyouko, though not in the same way or with the same intensity. Kyouko is shown (also subtly) to care about Homura; the majority of their interactions we can assume happened off-screen.

This is really long, and will include things both from the main series and Rebellion, so I’m going to put it under a cut. This also includes my own speculation, though I try to have some basis for my thinking and explain it where necessary. I’m not going to get into any of the spin-off manga or video games in this post, since that’d make this longer than it already is.

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whether or not you ship Jasper & Raven romantically their development this season has been so important like here are two people who have been resigned to deal with their own disability/mental illness by themselves but they’ve recognized the same plight in one another and have become so supportive and protective of each other at this point they are basically ride or die and that’s beautiful especially since they are both nerds so it’s not like they don’t already have common ground and just- 

Jasper Jordan & Raven Reyes against the world (◕ᴗ◕✿)