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"Okay I’m rewatching a few Bellarke scenes and I’m honestly so confused as to where people get the brother/sister bond?" It's just some Clexa shippers who are threatened by Bellarke. Before Clexa existed, not one person ever said Bellarke are like siblings, even peope who hate them as a ship. Then Clexa happened and suddenly they're "Eww Bellarke are like siblings. How can you ship it? It's like shipping incest!" It's hilarious. The writers have never compared them to siblings either.

Clex.a shippers will try to eliminate any potential couple that gets in the way of their ship. I don’t like Clex.a but at least I have the audacity to consider them a (used-to-be) romantic couple and didn’t delude myself (before the kiss) by saying “omg I love clexa #brotp #sistersister” when there were some obvious scenes that the writers potentially put in to show a little bit of that romantic aspect of that relationship like Lexa staring at Clarke when she was sleeping with “heart eyes” parallels to Bellamy staring at Clarke with “heart eyes” while she was sleeping. So if you consider that Clex.a scene as being romantic, then essentially you are saying that that Bellarke bonfire scene was also romantic because they are the SAME. You don’t have to like Bellarke, but don’t try to tell me that Bellarke scenes were all “brotherly and sisterly” or platonic. 

 And also if it was really considered to be “brother-sister” relationship then Bellamy would act the same way towards Clarke as he does with Octavia because Bellamy and Octavia are actually BROTHER AND SISTER, so you already see how Bellamy cares for Octavia and treats her and let me just say, that differs A LOT from Clarke. Bellarke is platonic right now, but don’t try to dismiss scenes just for the sake of your ship that actually were past the line of platonic-ness

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I know this is going to sound weird but a lot of people who bring up Stiles age in regards to Sterek ship Scerek, Dallison and Dydia or even some of the ships with Peter or Chris, and I'm like why bring up his age yet ignore it in regards to other ships, it's disappointing, I believe in ship and let ship (s&ls), I may not like a ship or some things pertaining to it but I don't go around bringing it up, so I wish others would follow s&ls as well.

I heartily concur with your ship and let ship policy. You like what you like, so enjoy it and let other people enjoy what they enjoy. The concept is surprisingly easy, everyone can do it :)

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Um. I usually like your ships but I have to take issue with Sansa/Gendry. It makes no sense. Gendry has a lot of issues about class. He resents the aristocracy. He'd be turned off by Sansa being such a consummate Lady with a capital L.

…You actually just made me ship it even harder. 

And I don’t even mean that in a snippy, well-now-i’m-going-to-ship-it-just-to-annoy-you sort of way. You honestly made me ship it harder. An upstairs/downstairs-y romance with a snooty, beautiful girl and the handsome, burly blacksmith who is annoyed by her snootiness? OH HELL YES.


What do you talk about when you’re with your friends?
Well when I’m with my friends, we usually talk about sports. You know anything about sports? 

No, but I’m honestly so in love with the idea of Scarlet Vision.

Because big semi-scary-looking British robot who looks like he could destroy anyone who got in his way but is actually a super adorkable cutie who just wants to save humanity and protect the world. 

And teeny tiny enhanced human with pretty magic powers who actually could and would, physically and mentally destroy anyone who wronged her, but instead chooses to save the world that was unkind to her.

And then they fall in love.

No, but imagine James Sirius going off to Hogwarts
  • Ginny has a little calendar hanging in the Kitchen that is enchanted to mark a little red X in the month counting down to his birthday
  • James can barely sleep the entire week before because he jolts awake at every little noise (”What if I miss my owl dad?!?!”)
  • He actually ends up getting his letter at the Burrow, because Grammy couldn’t wait any longer to give him his cake
  • Harry writing McGonagall and making a special arrangement for Hagrid to be allowed to join them when they go school shopping
  • Ginny buys him a Sunda Scops Owl, and the moment he sets eyes on it, he names it Thanatos (”He is the god of the dead Dad - Aunt Hermione gave me a big book about him.”)
  • Harry has to cling to Ginny’s arm to keep himself from running next to the train
  • James gets sorted EXTREMELY fast. He barely got to introduce himself to the hat before it screamed out Gryffindor
  • For the first month, he calls his dad in secret on the communication mirrors because “He doesn’t like going to bed in the dead quiet.”
  • His best class is Charms, and Hermione could not be prouder
  • He makes best friends with a Ravenclaw Muggleborn before the first Hols, and he invites his whole family to spend a wizarding christmas with the Potter-Weasley’s (Molly pretends to protest, but secretly loves it. It reminds her of when her youngest boy brought another friend home.)
  • He nicks the Marauders Map while Harry is out flying with Teddy, never realizing that Ginny is watching through the doorway smirking.

i know a lot of people want solas “wolf hunt” dlc but unless they were lavellan and in a relationship with him why would the other inquisitors care enough to go on a manhunt for him?

like oh man some shifty af dude who lied to us but also always helped us ran off on his own…leli you got dirt on him? wanna try and track him down and see what’s up? nah you can’t find him? eh no biggie thanks for helpin’ while you were here

also the fact these people wanna hunt after some dude who dumped them is kinda creepy to me???? like yeah you loved him but he dumped you and was pretty clear it was over why you gonna run after him all stalker like??? leave him the fuq alone