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[ honest opinion ] "Don't understand why you're so friendly, but I enjoy your company. A lot." (( richter probably has only one other friend in the commonwealth in this verse lol. he's really bad at saying he cares but he obviously hangs around xavier a great amount and is extremely protective of him.................. and he very much likes xavier's sexy body too hehehe ))

        ❛ aw, shucks… come here, you atom loving doof. ❜ 

  • <p><b>me before Pokémon Go:</b> eh I like tall boys with dark hair and similar interests as me i dont care about much else<p/><b>me now:</b> we have to be on the same team. Any other team and my competitive ass will straight up murder him<p/></p>

The Harvey Specter way. (Mike’s way)

not sure if i’ll finish my piece for zk week this year in time (or if i like it enough to post lol) so have this super old doodle i found haha. maybe i’ll fix a zip folder with all my old zutara art some day  since i’m not reposting it, it’s wayyyy too much and too old :’)  


? selfie / bias selfie tag ?

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thank you guys for tagging me! you’re all so beautiful like how to but now i don’t have anyone to tag >:-( and lol i know this isn’t really a selfie but i was gone and had a list of tags to finish so i just gif-ed myself to make up for everything.. and i know its basic but what can you do ✌🏻

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the thing that irks me the most about the whole situation with that muslim woman being forced to take off her clothes in france is that she wasn’t even wearing a burkini??? like yea france has banned niqabs and burqas and recently several french cities has also banned the burkini but that women was wearing NEITHER of these things??? she was literally just laying on the beach relaxing while wearing a dress over her pants and a small headscarf??? not even a hijab??? still they force her to take those off and threaten her with pepper spray if she don’t. idk about u but that pretty much sounds like violations of human rights to me

My physician RaspberryCreme. I stopped playing Dragon Nest some time ago but I still love the characters. It’s kinda funny that loli was never my main and I desperately wanted to draw her while my poor cleric mains - inqui and saint never got any finished art. I feel like a bad parent lol

i’m kinda curious what you guys think about me being a mum tbh. 


I have finally bought a new laptop my children… It runs on windows 10, so far I think I’m not too lost in it, although I’ve already uninstalled most of these shitty pre-installed apps like do you think this is a phone here stop taking needed space dang it… But honestly it’s so good like, IT’S SO SILENT, and considering its price (cries, oh cries), it really fucking better last me 5 years AT LEAST without causing me any troubles. Every other important details seems to be ok anyway, I’ve been checking thoroughly since yesterday lmao so… 

Now, I’ll try to install Pigeon Blood and see if it works…