It would be hard for me to say that this has not been the best year of my life so far.

i meant to post this in time for new year’s and never got around to it but whatever it’s still relevant 


A monster in my mirror but I did not run away
I did not shed a tear or hide beneath my bed
Though the monster looked at me


harry/zayn after the brits (inspired by that lovely gif)

2.3k words

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Dean visited Sam every day, brought in oatmeal cookies and alcohol free beer and a deck of cards. Most days they played hearts or blackjack. Sometimes Sam wanted to play poker, and Dean went along, but it made something tighten under his ribs cause those were usually the days that Sam would end up agitated and sweaty, eyes twitching with panic, face gone white. 

‘Dean,’ he’d say, eventually, ‘Dean, Dean, look at me, a djinn’s got us, Dean, we gotta - please Dean, we gotta get out!’ 

He’d started saying this about a year before. Around the same time he’d started looking at Dean a little differently.

Most days Sam’s sedatives kicked in before he got too upset. A few times Dean had had to help pin him down till the orderlies got there. Those nights he’d gone home and drunk himself into a stupor. 

He’d wanted to keep Sam at home, home in the little farmhouse where their parents had raised them, where Sam could have had the dogs and real beer and cable tv instead of three shared channels. For the first few months after all this had started he’d slept with Sam in their parents’ old king-sized bed, had thought that maybe then he could catch Sam’s weird fits while they were still coming on, could stop him before the ghosts of some other shadowy life, painted in dark watercolours that bled over into Sam’s mind, could fully appear.

Instead, he’d woken up one morning with Sam still half-asleep but on top of him, grabbing his dick and kissing him wet and desperate.

He hadn’t been angry. He’d known it was the sickness. He’d known that Sam couldn’t help it, not with the kind of terror he’d seen in Sam’s eyes, the sick black dread behind his pupils. 

‘Dean,’ he’d said, ‘it’s the - Dean, but that’s what we are, please, please Dean, oh god, oh god, remember us!’

It was ok, though. It was better now. The doctors said that if things went well, Sam might get to come home for Christmas. Maybe longer. Someday. 

He just had to make sure he didn’t look at the little notebook by Sam’s bed. He’d flipped through it once. He’d never do that again. 

Flickering Lights

Summary: Dan and Phil bump into each other late one night in Manchester.

Genre: Tiny bit of Angst but mostly unbearable fluff

Word count: 2.9k

Trigger Warnings: None

A/N I wrote most of this late at night so sorry if it’s bad

The rain had started. Little droplets pouring down, slowly turning into pellets, plummeting into the ground. The distant chatter of thunder, a strike of lightning somewhere.

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 Lucy groaned weakly, her pounding head soothed by the cold linoleum tile beside her toilet. Her left arm twitched as it clung to the base of the porcelain throne as if it were a stuffed animal comforting her.

Swallowing, she shuddered as she tasted the acidic residue of her most recent purge. Licking her lips, her brown eyes trailed up the smooth side of her new best friend.

She honestly didn’t think she had the strength to lift herself up should another urge arise.

Hours could have passed for all she knew. The sun hadn’t risen when she first awoke in a cold sweat, clumsily staggering to the bathroom and staring at the drain as if it had all the secrets to tell.

After a few…several, several goes with the flushing, Lucy just didn’t have the energy to stand and walk herself back to the bed. She could have if she really tried. However, trying wasn’t something in her thoughts today.

Her sunny blonde hair fell out of the messy bun, and the true struggle was keeping it out of her face as she retched and cried. Dozing off seemed like a possibility because she didn’t remember the sun entering the bathroom window so quickly.

Unfortunately, sleeping would have allowed hours to pass. She had a whole new batch of nothing to pour into the commode.

The blonde wanted to cry, and cry herself dry. She wanted to lay somewhere other than her bed and here. She preferred under her desk or maybe sandwiched between her fridge and counters.Laying somewhere uncomfortable seemed like it would numb her pain.

Her right hand shifted to touch the tiny bump in her stomach.

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Sam/Bucky Week: Day Two - Swap

(Inspired by this drawing, i.e the cutest fanart I have ever seen.)

“What the – heck,” Bucky said, catching himself at the last second, because while a lot had changed in the last seventy years, he was pretty sure that cursing in front of a child was still a no go, and, yeah, the source of that loud wailing noise was definitely a baby, half-buried in a pile of Wilson’s Falcon gear. 

Bucky scanned the room, a small lab tucked away on one of the base’s lower levels. There’d been the sounds of a scuffle over the comms and then a loud ‘bang’, and Wilson had yelled and then gone terrifying silent, not responding to Bucky’s increasingly  frantic concerned requests for his status.

And now Bucky was here, and Wilson was nowhere to be seen, and there was a baby.

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Aaaaannnngggggssstt with some more angst with a dash of… fluff? 

Lolz, here some more OTGW artwork that I had lying around. Some of these were either pictures I wanted to digitally color or colored, and some are just doodles. ( colored one I did do here. )

The one with The Beast and Purple Guy was a little joke I thought up when I read one of Patrick McHale’s original ideas for OTGW to where the Beast was really just a conductor chasing the brothers around to get them back on the train they jumped out of. >u>”


Title: ‘Ghosts’
TV Show: The 100
Summary:  Trapped in the rubble of Tondc, Marcus Kane is saved by the last person he expected. A kabby AU fic that stems from the premise: What if Jaha had been just a few seconds too late to stop Abby from being floated in the first episode?
Rating: General (AU that includes major character death - see above)

Marcus awoke to a world full of rubble.

There had been…an explosion. He remembered that. Fire and noise and pain, and the sickening sensation of the world falling away beneath him. He had been knocked unconscious, clearly, but for how long? There was nothing that gave him any sign; the only thing he could see in the dim light was the crumbled remains of what must have been the buildings of Tondc, pressing in from all sides. If he strained his ears he could hear faint noises – distant screams and moans coming from around and below, but no-one within sight. His leg…

His leg was trapped. He tried to move it and nearly passed out again. It took several minutes for the agony to subside into a dull steady throb of pain. At least after some effort he was able to free his arms enough to move them, although a tentative exploration of his face revealed that he was covered not only in a thick layer of dust but a wet sticky substance that felt a lot like blood. The effort involved just in that slight amount of movement had him panting for breath, his pulse hammering. He lay limp against the rubble, trying desperately to think past the pounding in his head.

“Doesn’t look good, does it?” said a nearby voice.

Startled, Marcus raised his head a few painful inches, squinting into the dim, crumbling space around him and saw—


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I miss you.

Sweet (and sincere) Bruce/Dick thought:

You know I like my Bruce/Dick as complicated as possible, with the hesitation and the trepidation and the carefully guarded feelings and the tortured confessions and the fear and the guilt and the things …

But if I look at them interacting in canon, I’m actually pretty convinced that if they ever discovered they had mutual feelings for each other, they’d both be no-questions-asked all-in from the word go and ridiculously happy. Like, they’re both passionate, and really passionate about each other, they have been through all kinds of shit together, they can communicate without words, they already trust each other with their lives (and they get each other’s humor which is like, relationship essentials right there). Basically they’re already admiring each other 24/7 anyway. Imagine if they were a couple. They’d wake up next to the other thinking “this is the best” every time. I mean sure, they’d still have little annoyances and big blowouts, because they’re Dick and Bruce, but all in all, they’d be so deeply and disgustingly in love they’d annoy the shit out of everyone else XD

anonymous asked:

Middle school!misaki accidentally tells saru he loves him so much!! Would saru accept misaki-chan's love? (( i need fluffy middle school!sarumi s o ba d))

Middle school Fushimi probably wouldn’t quite know what to do there, since Fushimi’s not exactly well-versed in people confessing their love to him. I imagine Yata just spits it out without thinking, like they’re just hanging out and playing video games and being cute friends and then Yata’s just like “Saruhiko, you’re so cool that’s why I love you” and immediately he smacks his hands over his mouth because he didn’t mean to say that. He quickly tries to qualify it, like he didn’t mean love love (even though he totally did but he doesn’t want to upset Saruhiko or mess up their friendship) he just means that he loves Fushimi as a friend because they’re best friends and everything but yeah he loves Fushimi as a friend, that kind of love okay. Except he’s totally blushing, which Fushimi notices, and he’s stuttering a little and basically trying to not have a big giant obvious crush on Fushimi. Finally Fushimi takes pity on him and just shrugs like okay, what’s the problem then. Yata attempts a nervous little ‘you don’t think it’s weird?’ and Fushimi just tells him to stop being such an idiot about it, are you going to keep playing or not. So Yata’s all happy because he hasn’t ruined their friendship and he kind of leans on Fushimi while telling him how he’s the best and Fushimi tells him to move back because being so close is annoying except he’s not looking at Yata the whole time because his face is all red. Maybe they’re having a sleepover and later as they’re falling asleep all drowsy Yata mumbles another little ‘I do really love you though okay’ as he’s falling asleep. Fushimi doesn’t answer and Yata finally falls asleep, and that’s when Fushimi opens one eye and just whispers 'you too’ into the silence.

turning page (17/22?)

summary: au; the kingdom of misthaven’s prince killian jones is on the hunt for a bride. enter emma swan, and a whole slew of women from all over the land, in a massive dating game in the middle of building turmoil with the dark one and evil queen. captain swan. (loosely based on the selection by kiera cass)

word count: ~4400

rating: T

also on: ff.net

catch up here: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen


Her laughter carries through the hall as she and Killian walk toward the library. She has a book pressed to her chest and he’s telling her about an incident he’d had in the kitchen in a way that has her lungs gasping for breath. 

“So I told him that I’d think on it.” Killian resolves as he holds open the library door. 

Emma giggles as she enters and when he closes the door after her, he crowds her against it, smiling sweetly. 

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The companion piece to A World of Color. This time it’s from Makoto’s point of view as he struggles with the idea of a soul mate.

Thank you so, so much for the amazing response and love I got from AWoC! I loved reading the tags and it was really incredible to see how much people love MakoHaru too :) <3 So here’s another oneshot under the cut.

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