“You dumped my body on the ground after bringing me to a state of being alive and dead at the same time. Don’t greet me for the first time I’m actually alive in a century with rude and condescending remarks!”

“Look, Mavis, I can explain. It was the cur-”

“Don’t you dare bring Ankhseram into this!”

How did this happen




(please credit if you repost!) 

Hey so you guys know how coolio the SPN cast is right? Some of the cast members often like/repost/comment fan art made of them and this has happened to me as well (Ruth Connell, Julie McNiven, and Kathryn Newton). Well, THEY STRIKE AGAIN. On Instagram, on my personal blog (not even my art blog where the others acknowledged my existence and made me eternally happy), Adam Rose liked a pic of mine. But get this, it was a completely un-SPN-related post and I wasn’t even following him on that account. Weird, right?? And I’m like “nah, you’re shitting me” but nope. Here’s the evidence: https://instagram.com/p/BPvBEy9A1AQ/

So, I reiterate, the SPN cast is fucking awesome.

hello hello! so this is my fourth (i believe) follow forever and it’s honestly very overdue. my last one was over a year ago and honestly, i’m very lazy when it comes to follow forevers; i should have made one ages ago lol. but because i recently passed a huge follower milestone i thought, eh, why not.

a lot people follow this blog and honesty, i can’t even fathom how huge of a number it is. like seriously. too big…….. it’s scary. it’s way more than i’ll ever deserve because i’m honestly not even worth ten of you guys, but i digress. thank you guys so much! whether you followed me from the beginning or you just followed me five minutes ago, i seriously appreciate you all so much. my blog has changed a lot in the 4 years that i’ve owned it and my interests have shifted just a bit, but i seriously want to say thank you to those of you who enjoy what i do. it means a lot to me.

my blog wouldn’t be half of what it is without my reblogs, so! thank you to all the amazing people that make my dashboard so pretty. seriously. you guys are the best and i really enjoy following everyone, but i’ve chosen a little over 80 blogs to call out and just say wow, you guys are amazing. please click here for my blogroll to see everyone because they’re all worth looking at, but then again, isn’t any blog?

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thanks for reading guys and i hope everyone has an awesome day!

guess who just reached 6K FOLLOWERS YO WHAT???

I don’t know what to say aside from…why the fuck are you following this blog?? LOL jk jk but I’m honestly gobsmacked. Thank you all so much for following this blog of mine, it’s been a crazy ride full of mikayuu, and gay and mikayuu and smut and….mikayuu, yes :D  I didn’t even know how to use tumblr a year ago when I made this but look at me now……..still a newb lmao 

Anyways! I just want to thank all of you again and especially some friends of mine who you should totally check out if you haven’t already ;) They’re all amazing people and without whom, I wouldn’t be here still writing fics for my lovely, beautiful babies ^w^ 

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(I might do some giveaway fic for this….??? I don’t know yet because I’m very busy with real life shit for now so we’ll see hehe )