Patrick Kane as a rookie:

Two words - curls,

and dimples.

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Lol @ IRs

So before the final chapter they were all about how IR will be canon or we’ll get an open ended ending regarding Ichigo’s love life. It wasn’t until after the final chapter that they pulled the “Ichigo only married Orihime because of what Ywach said about his happiest moment blah blah blah”. Why weren’t they considering that when they were preaching about how IR was gonna be canon, it’s as if they’re just looking for reasons to justify their salt 🤔

borglone  asked:

Omg i just?? You have no idea how much i want to cry hearing your criticism on baryy. Finally!! Some outspoken criticism for barry!! He isn't this selfless hero ppl thought he is, tbh Barry is an even more jerk than oliver (n that's saying something)

(cont’d) Everytime Oliver made mistakes, every body lose their shit and let him know he made it which is GREAT for him! Look at him now! No longer a vigilante but a hero who tries hard to be better! While barry seems to be spiralling down cuz no one (pt.1) 

Had the guts or conscience to tell him that he did wrong. And they even had the gall to diss oliver in order to make barry look better, and then barry had the GALL to be smug to oliver cuz he had better publicity to people in his city than Oliver 

While oliver sacrifice literally everything even his life and happiness to protect his city with no thanks (and he didn’t ask for it either), while barry managed to screw up everything and still get to be called a hero?? I think barry needs to enroll 

To ‘Oliver Queen’s School for Heroes in the Making’ like the rest of hopeful heroes does rn because he sure as hell need a few lesssons in being one

(end of cont’d)

You’re absolutely right about this. I don’t even have to add any commentary because you said it all. I mean 3 important people died because of Barry- Ronnie, Eddie, and Cisco’s brother, and he is still babied and coddled by the writers, the characters on the show, and the fans. And he erased a whole baby from existence and doesn’t feel anything.

A hero isn’t someone who cries because they didn’t get their way lol. Barry’s sacrifices are always sacrifices for his own selfishness. Barry is a manchild and currently the biggest villain on dctv lol.

anonymous asked:

ok your blog made me want to watch the borgias. is there anything i should get ready to face?

hum i don’t know if you’re aware there are siblings…so that’s um…the big thing lol

but it’s literally impossible not to ship them and you won’t feel “”””disgusted”””” so don’t worry…it feels wrong but it’s so goooood….why am i lying it doesn’t even feel wrong it’s just a show lol their chemistry is so fucking insane they’re going to kill you…they really made my otp for life list

and um they don’t die at the end so that’s a good thing?lol

the show was cancelled after the third season but the last scene is perfect and couldn’t have ended better imo so it’s all good