Dumped at the Altar
  • Mordecai: Muscle Man's right!
  • Me: hoe don't do it
  • Mordecai: Finding the right person IS hard! You know for awhile, I've been telling myself "there's no such thing as soulmates". But now I'm not so sure. Look at Muscle Man and Starla! It's like they're DESIGNED for each other! So where's MY soulmate? Is it someone in this room? It could be anyone! Maybe it's YOU! Maybe it's that really old lady, I don't know! Oh, uh, right. My point is Iiiiiiii... uhhhhhhh... I don't know if there's one perfect person for me, but I know for a long time I've been ignoring my gut because I didn't want to hurt anyone, but instead of saving their feelings, it's just made everyone around me miserable. For the first time, I'm going to take Rigby's advice. CJ, I need to tell you-
  • CJ: Mordecai, just STOP. I know you're gonna say, so save it.
  • Mordecai: I-
  • CJ: You don't know who your soulmate is?
  • Mordecai:
  • CJ: Here *gives Mordecai her charm bracelet that he made for her*. You didn't even point in my direction! *runs out crying*
  • Me: oh my g o d