He had an obscenely long, plastic beaker in his hand, half filled with some kind of purple liquid, while his pockets were filled with the titty cards that got flicked at them from every street corner. Finnick had thought it was a hilarious idea that Peeta collect as many as he could on their way back to Planet Hollywood, and while blondes with fake tits weren’t really his thing, he accepted it each time Finnick or his brother shoved one at him. Because, as Thresh had argued ‘you only turn 21 once, man.’ And if getting drunk and collecting cards with half naked girls on them was going to be how he spent his birthday, then so be it. What happens in Vegas, he reminded himself blearily, as he took another gulp of his drink.

They stumbled across the street, elbowing each other in the stomach, catching each other in headlocks. Even through his alcohol muddled brain, Peeta thought they probably looked like the douchiest group on the strip. And even as he tried to tell Thom to quit stumbling all over the place or he’d fall over, he tripped over the curb himself and ploughed straight into a woman coming towards him from the opposite direction.

Instinctively, he grabbed her arms to keep her from falling backwards, tugging her into him instead. “I’m shorry, I’m shorry,” he apologised over and over again. “My Birthday. Little drrrrunk.”

The woman grinned. “Seems like it.” She glanced down at the identical drink in her own hand, that was currently squished between them.

His face colored at the realization of how close he was holding her “Shorry,” he apologised again, loosening his grip. Then he blinked wildly, focused his gaze on her intently. He felt his heart thud funny. “Shhhhhit, you’re beautiful,” he blurted.

She smiled shyly, and took a sip of her drink.

He suddenly realized that this was why he didn’t really like those cards. Because this girl, with her long black braid, and shining silver eyes, was definitely more his type.

I’m about to cry for the 2045534th time because I honestly don’t know what I did to deserve you all. This is so precious, I could physically feel my heart grow and burst because this is the cutest thing in the god damn world. Drunk!Peeta!!!!! someone send help I need to be put on life support.