Windows to the Soul

((So I don’t really know how I feel about this. It kind of just came together because I really just wanted to write something. I’m doing that now, but this is a lot of ideas woven together. maybe too many. I’ll keep working on this later so it’s not just leaving people hanging. Enjoy?

Note: the way he plays the song sounds like it does here, if you’re interested.))

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i rush -

to write poetry about corroding bones,
thumping hearts and faulty lungs
like its just what you do

in love // out of love //
      now that there’s only love,

(like i know what that feels like)

like its just broken doors and you
     having a place to g o
in the middle of this bitter winter
 (even when you don’t want to)           
a fleeting boy broke your heart

you kiss the back of your own hand
to keep the warmth between your dirty
bedspread; your tears feel like rain-

you remember that he liked the rain 
and then you cry some more before this hurt
leaves ink marks on your already filthy palms

you ask yourself again about feeling
and all this poetic bullshit that 
          you left // he left, 

you ask yourself where it hurts-
today she says everywhere, like a gun
that can’t seize fire anymore

            you break all your toes-
you don’t want to go // you don’t want to let go
but the yellow on your lips wants to say otherwise-

love, you let it shine 

and kiss the boy with the moon in his belly,
like the mess he is and the mess you are 
and what’s the point of cleaning

i rush-

to the end // to begin again.

So omg, with all my dramatic and silly posting about my free boys, I actually wrote a fic in that fandom! i’m still shocked.

It’s a Makoto/Rin fic buuuut check it out if you want!

Good To You

Summary: A variation of the prompt: “You’re a celebrity who just broke up and I tweeted you a selfie with the caption “date me” as a joke but you thought I was serious?” au"

If Nagisa hadn’t taken his phone, Makoto would have never met Matusoka Rin, international movie star. So, really, he should be thanking Nagisa for indadvertedly giving him an English tutor.

Not that Makoto needed help in English.

(He really did.)

Link to the fic on ao3!


shadow hunter gift exchange; will herondale for shadowhunterdean

“Let me give you a piece of advice. The handsome young fellow who’s trying to rescue you from a hideous fate is never wrong. Not even if he says the sky is purple and made of hedgehogs.”

seeing brown skinned video models in music videos i watched growing up was a really weird negotiation of understandings because i wanted to see more of them, i wanted to see them represented, i wanted them to seem loved and admired but i was like “this is misogyny in action???” like all the women were being dehumanized to some extent but i was like “why do they only want to dehumanize light skinned girls” does anyone know what i’m talking about… like why do they only wanna use light skinned girls as props even though none of them should be used like that but i wanted to see myself.. represented even though it’s weird representation. idk if that makes any sense.

You know you're in too deep if you get overexcited just walking through the bedding area in Ikea
I Know I'm Probably Going to Lose Some Followers Because of This

But frankly, I just don’t give a damn. It’s not like I have a ton of followers anyway. What do I have to lose?

This entire episode is why I HATE everyone’s precious asshole nazi, aka Grant Douglas Ward. Why is it that his fans still can’t admit that him THROWING FITZSIMMONS OUT OF A PLANE WAS HORRIBLE?!

In case you haven’t noticed, Fitz has been doing fine for the past couple of episodes. Hardly pausing during his big monologues and not stuttering. But as soon as he learns that they have to work with Ward, he’s terrified. He’s stressed. This ONLY puts him in a worse state of mind. He was already under the pressure of being basically a fugitive. And then he has to work with the person who almost killed him.

And then the asshole has the audacity to be smug and talk to Fitz like nothing ever happened?! I have never been more proud of Fitz than when he tried to beat the shit out of Ward, and honestly, Coulson and Hunter should have let him unleash that anger. He’s been holding that back for far to long.

I can’t wait until Jemma sees him in person, because if any member of the team has emotionally suffered the most because of him, it’s Jemma. And I hope she DOES beat the shit out of him.


“Shouyou says they won against Seijou.” Kenma flipped through his phone, barely looking up when Kuroo finally finished locking up the club room and came closer.

“Oho!” A lopsided grin spread the other’s lips. “If they continue doing this well then maybe our fated battle of the trash heap won’t be just a dream this year.” 

Kenma only hummed in reply, too busy typing another text to Hinata, fingers of one hand flying over the screen, while he held onto a plastic umbrella protecting it from the rain with the other. Kuroo looked up at the murky sky as they walked in silence. It was May, the trees in full green, air fresh with the smells of bubbling life, and rain. All it did in over a week was rain. He shivered a little when a few cold droplets found their way under the collar of his shirt. 

“Hey, Kenma,” he said, without missing a step inching closer to the other. “Let me carry the umbrella for you.”

Kenma’s eyes flicked up at him, unreadable as always. “You just want under it, don’t you?” Kuroo’s grin widened. “You should have brought your own umbrella then.”

“Oh, come on,” Kuroo almost whined. “Do you want me to get sick?”

“I thought idiots don’t catch colds?” Kenma raised an eyebrow at him, going back to his phone. 

Kuroo’s lips pursed together in a tiny pout, but a second later he was changing sides and reaching for the umbrella’s white handle, his hand covering Kenma’s. The blond turned his head to look at him, but in that moment Kuroo leaned down, stealing a kiss from Kenma’s slightly chilled lips. Golden eyes widened marginally, fingers loosening their grip and Kuroo backed away, taking the umbrella with him. He raised it a little higher above their heads and stepped even closer, letting the top protect them both from the pelting rain. 

“Cheater,” Kenma breathed, and Kuroo only grinned in satisfaction at the faint blush on the other’s cheeks.

So what if he was? As long as he got what he wanted, and a bonus blush from Kenma, he was fine with using any method at his disposal. Stealing kisses included.

So, I made some of the Fairy Tail sims characters and here’s what’s happened.

  • Natsu and Lucy won’t stop kissing (among other things).
  • Gajeel insists on wearing his formal clothes (I will change him out of those clothes and as soon as I turn my back he changes into them again!)
  • Natsu and Erza do not get along. At all.
  • Loke likes to break into Natsu and Lucy’s house, use their computer, and then leave without even talking to them.
  • Gajeel and Levy are dating, but I don’t remember them ever meeting.
  • Loke got mad when Lucy was using the computer, so he stomped on a pile of garbage until it disappeared.
  • Natsu has lit himself on fire TWICE.
  • Gajeel didn’t talk to anyone until Lucy introduced herself to him.
  • People keep interrupting Natsu and Lucy’s dates. AND THEY WON’T GO AWAY.
  • I tried to make Gray a painter, but he refused, so now he’s a bum who sits around all day while the other boys work.

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49439 words, and I just completed the first draft of Lesbians IN SPACE.

I have a list of 6 things to include in the second draft, including one whole scene, an argument, and a few background elements - so I think it’s safe to say the second draft will be solidly over 50k.

Also maybe one other smut scene as an epilogue. Like dessert. Everyone likes dessert.

Suns and Stars are Drowning: A Pythacarus One-Shot 

Summary: Atlantis is about to be submerged into the ocean, and everyone is fleeing the city before it’s too late. Pythagoras is about to get on one of the last boats out when he realizes Icarus isn’t with them, and goes back to try and find him. 

inspired by this post and icarus-broken-wings for posting so many pythacarus things <3

It was logical to be afraid, Pythagoras knew that. What he couldn’t wrap his head around was why he was running through the city, stumbling past panicked people searching for loved ones with their hands full of their belongings, screaming Icarus’ name as loudly as he could. He couldn’t find reason for the feeling of panic in his chest when he thought of the city falling and never seeing Icarus again, of disappearing into the sea without having those big brown eyes light up when he neared again. Jason was gone, Ariadne with him, and Hercules too; it was just Pythagoras, running through the city like Artemis, constantly chasing after the sun.  

“Icarus!” He knocked on the door of Dedalus’ workshop, slamming his fist into the door rapidly. The door swung open, and a few papers fluttered in the breeze. The place had been abandoned in a hurry, Pythagoras could see; papers were everywhere, tables had been knocked askew and bookshelves raided for their treasures. Icarus’ wings were gone, and the candles dripped hot wax on the floor. The breath went out of Pythagoras’ lungs, and his shoulders slumped. Icarus was gone, and chances were he wouldn’t see him again before the end. Hot tears welled up in his eyes, and he bowed his head, letting himself break down. There was no more running to be done; he would die, here, where he and Icarus had laughed and worked, and dreamed a course to the stars.

"Pyth.” The voice, soft and tentative as a feather, made Pythagoras spin, his eyes wide and red with surprise and anguish. Icarus stood in the doorway, breathless, staring at him with surprise. In two strides he closed the distance between them, reaching out to pull Pythagoras into his arms. “I wasn’t sure I’d be able to find you,” he said softly, his breath tickling Pythagoras’ ear. “The others…?”

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anonymous asked:

I want to share something great that happened today. I've been aware that I am asexual for about half a year now, and four days ago I decided to put a black ring on my right middle finger. Today my mom came in and hugged me. I asked her why to which she replied: "I thought you were having a hard time telling me you're into girls, but not being attracted to anyone must be even harder coming to terms with. I love you regardlessly." She had been doing her own research on the back ring. I love her.

Aw, glad it worked out well for you, Anon :) Go Mom for doing researching and being supportive!!

if ur asking someone to hang out (esp someone you’re not very close to) i get that you might be apprehensive about asking but pls don’t be like “you’re going to say no. but ________”

i know ur probably trying to make it lighthearted/casual which is totally cool, but it can get pretty uncomfortable bc if that person actually can’t/doesn’t want to then it makes it more difficult for them to say so politely and everything is more awkward for everyone

so pls consider a bit before saying stuff like that bc there are more effective ways to make light of an awkward situation without the risk of making things worse thank u have a nice day

my patron needs to CHILL

APPARENTLY Set decided (without talking to me about it) that i needed to start working with Thoth/Dejhuty, whom I’ve spoken with briefly before but had zero intention of pursuing a relationship with. (I have no fucking clue why Set wants it or Thoth agreed other than some evasive mumbo-jumbo about “balancing order and chaos” and “learning to work with heka”) not only that, but Set talked Thoth into approaching me, again, without asking me!!! and long story short the first i heard of this is from Thoth showing up and going “hey share that coffee with me. you’re putting too much sugar in it. also, you need to get to work on your book. did i mention you’re working for me now? yeah, Set sent me.”

so yeah, i’m pretty pissed. i’m really considering being like “hell no” (because how hard would it have been to ask me first really how hard) but Set is pretty adept at getting his way, regardless of what I think about it, so i guess….advice? anyone? 

yeah uhhhh I just saw a quote from Zoe Kravitz that was like “I can make all the art that I want and get paid for it. It’s fucking crazy. I’m so thankful.”, is it really that crazy tho…that your parents are celebrities and that you were born into power so people think the things you do are inherently valuable lmao….like I’m sorry y’all but if you’re the child of a celebrity you need to be doing some impressive fucking shit cuz you don’t even know what the rest of us would do for the contacts and resources that you have…literally not even hating, just being real, there’s nothing ‘crazy’ about having that shit handed you :/