this is probably such a stupid question but do you think shadowhunters own cars and drive? this is important I just started a fic and magnus is driving and it seems very very wrong and agh it should probably be an au but then I don’t want it to be an au im just very conflicted right now don’t mind me

Sometimes I just feel like an ass because the fact that I am still drawing and that I have been drawing for the last 3 years I owe it to 6purplecats | anjelicae | immagonnagetya | gratsutrash | tatsuyuka | naviarules64 | clymacs | happystarfandoms | 0eka0 | yukipandalove and still I don’t thank them for it . I should thank you everyday and every minute of my life and it wouldn’t be enough.

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minkey 6 pleeeeeeease ^^

Things you said under the stars and in the grass

“It’s cold.”

Kibum scooted closer putting his blanket over the other, “I know but it’s not like we can have a fire right now. Better?”

He shifted pulling his own blanket to cover Kibum and moving closer still. “Is this ok?”

“Closer, more body heat. It’d be a real problem if one of us got sick from the cold.”

“Yeah we’d never get across the border sick.”

Kibum smiled, “Minho, what do you want the most when we cross?”

“A nice house.” He smiled, “Then we’ll never be cold again.”

“But we’d miss out on this beautiful view.” Kibum said looking to the sky. “Wow I was kinda joking but it really is something.”

“Yeah it’s beautiful. They say you can’t see the stars in the cities.”

“We can go camping.” Kibum added, “They do that there for fun and we already know how.”

“We? I thought you hated this.”

He snuggled closer, “No I only hate it because we don’t have a place to go back to. Once we cross the border we won’t be there long and then we’re off to the United States.”

“Yeah,” Minho sighed, “Are you sure it’s better than going to the South?”

Kibum shrugged, “Maybe it would be a tiny bit less hard but we couldn’t really be together. I mean we’d have to hide it more. It wouldn’t be like back North or the time we spent here. Do you think it’s better? We can always go later.”

He shook his head his arms circling around Kibum. “No, not if we have to hide it. The only good thing about traveling like this is that we finally don’t have to hide it.”

Dark, cold, with nothing but the stars above them and grass beneath them, Kibum had never felt so lucky to have Minho. He leaned in to kiss his cheek. “I love you.”

Minho pecked his lips, “I love you too.”

My uncle attacked me today.

“You’re a useless pig lol fuckin pot head. What do you do for this family? Awwwee you got daddy issues? Baby got daddy issues? Has daddy ever called you a useless pig like he calls your mom? Poor babbyyyy.”

Whatever ya fucking drug addict say what you want.

At one point he pretended to call the cops.

Back story: my papa is dying and my grandmother called me and my sister to come over. My grandma was high on Xanex. My papa doesn’t take Xanex. She lied and said they were his. One of my other uncles was there. He flushed the pills and took the car so mike couldn’t use it for dug runs anymore.

So mike (fake) calls the cops to report the car stolen.

Jen is outside on the phone with my dad.

I wanted to tell her to call the police to negate the story mike just told.

I was half in, half out the front door.

My uncle pushes my back. Hard. I fly forward but grab the door frame and hold on tight. He’s trying to close the door but I jammed it with the side of my foot and kept my legs planted.

He slammed the door on my hand.

Three times.

I thought my fingers were broken. they were just in shock.

My family is a circus. I was sixteen when I heard a judge in family court say this was the most dysfunctional family he’s ever seen in his life.

I wish I were joking. I wish I were exaggerating. I wish this was just a dream.

But this is reality. This is my life.


One of my favorite things to see is Lee and Gaara’s reactions to sexytime stuff, and if you haven’t read Dear Kazecock by Bundtfucksandinmyeyebrows, (or thejammys on archive,) READ IT NOW! (AND FOLLOW.) Any picture I draw couldn’t do it justice with how entertaining it is.  There are so many great moments…I can’t.. my hand is going to fall off but it’s not stopping. On the same note, the things I draw from fics may not go the same way in the stories, but then, some of them may be spoilers. Spoiler roulette. Does anyone care, like, is that a thing people do? Either way, Gaara the Lee in skirts, everyone.

I wanna make a campaign called “I wish Sophie Hunter had married me instead of that Bananas & Cucumbers guy”

au where the show doesn’t aggressively sideline POC characters to make room for more White People Angst

The whole ‘date ideas’ posts that run along the lines of ‘take me to the mall and buy me everything’ or ‘put $5,000 in my paypal’ have always rubbed me a little wrong and I think I finally figured out why.

Dating is expensive, this is a fact. Most people don’t make a whole lot of money and struggle to afford the absolute basics that are food and shelter.

So having it drummed into your head again and again that love basically needs to be bought is a nasty reminder that because you don’t have money, you don’t deserve to be with anyone.

And yes, I understand people will say 'well I don’t actually expect all that money’ but you’re still broadcasting that wealth is a major prerequisite to considering someone a possible partner.

*Queue Aladdin’s “A Whole New World” song*

I’m sorry I just couldn’t help myself lol

It’s based off of this

it’s been ten minutes but i’m still laughing my ass off

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“your country’s trying to take over/annex my country and you’re making it difficult to hate you because you’re so nice and attractive stop it” au if you want to :)

I don’t know what this is.  This feels so weird, I left the comfort zone and I feel strange.  I don’t even know and I apologize in advance.  

“I’m sorry about this,” Crown Prince of Berk, Hiccup Haddock wrings his hands together on the negotiations table, biting his lip and doing absolutely everything but make eye contact.

“Sorry isn’t exactly part of the same lexicon as hostile takeover.”  

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What about scenerio where one of S4's member was killed and killer try to frame Misaki for it. Like there could be many proofes that Misaki really did it. What Kusanagi will do in such a situation? He would try to protect Misaki even if it could means fight with Seri? And what Saru will do?

I think in that situation it would probably have to be something where the killer set it up to look like Yata killed someone by accident, since I think making it look like Yata did it on purpose or set up some kind of plan for it would seem wholly out of character for him and no one would believe it – Kusanagi certainly wouldn’t and I don’t think Fushimi would either, and if Fushimi expressed those doubts to Munakata he’d probably listen. It gets a little more messy if it’s staged like an accident because then maybe even Yata himself isn’t quite sure if he did or didn’t do it. I think Kusanagi would side with Yata no matter what, as would Anna and the rest of Homra, and they’d probably do what they could to keep Yata safe even if it meant making enemies of Scepter 4. I think Kusanagi would still stay in contact with Awashima and let her know that he has his doubts that Yata’s the culprit and that he’s doing his own investigation, and she would accept that but let him know that the evidence says what it says and if she finds Yata Misaki she will take him in to face Scepter 4’s justice. Fushimi, I think he’d definitely want to get to the bottom of whether Yata did it or not. If it was set up as a deliberate ‘Yata murdered this S4 guy’ I don’t think Fushimi would believe it at all because even though Yata may be quick to anger and like to fight Fushimi would figure even Yata’s not stupid enough to kill a Scepter 4 member just for kicks and he’s certainly not smart enough to set up any kind of elaborate trap. Set up as an accident it makes things more vague, because Fushimi would probably not want to believe that Yata did it but he could see Yata overusing his power without thinking and then ending up in a bad situation. I think Fushimi would probably end up doing a lot of his own investigating on that end, picking up bits of Scepter 4’s intel and using them for his own ends and if he does run across Yata say on accident he doesn’t report it to anyone, just makes some mocking comments and calls Misaki an idiot for ending up in this situation and then lets him go for now. And I could see Fushimi trying to deliberately mislead Scepter 4 a little too and keep them off Yata’s trail, rationalizing it to himself that he doesn’t want to waste time getting into a war with Homra when there may be another culprit out there and it totally has nothing to do with him still having feelings for Yata. If Munakata truly believes Yata did it then he’d have a problem since I think Munakata would anticipate Fushimi’s actions and could potentially keep him out of the way while he goes after Yata. However if Munakata has his own doubts I think he’d keep up the appearance of going after Yata (and if they catch him Munakata can use that to his advantage anyway) but in the meantime he’d give Fushimi free rein to do what ever he wanted in order to uncover the truth.

thoseamericanguys​ continued from [ X ]

❝What I need isn’t protection, what I need is to know that you’re safe,❞ Thea replied curtly, crossing her arms. She took a breath, prepared to stay something else but was cut off by his question. She hadn’t even realized that she had blurted those three words out, hadn’t even planned to, ❝I… I do love you, Roy, that’s why I keep arguing with you over your safety – because I love you and when you love someone, you want to do everything in your power to keep them safe.❞

it really just makes me so uncomfortable when ppl blame snow for regina’s marriage to king leopold

and say snow wanted regina as some kind of property?

like some toy????

like, did you watch stable boy?

at all?

any of it?

snow thought regina was going to marry daniel when she was getting fitted for that wedding dress

regina told her that daniel left and that she was going to marry her father

she only. ever. wanted. regina. to. be. happy.

she told cora about daniel so that regina wouldn’t lose her mother

like snow lost hers.

because a ten year old wouldn’t know

that cora was a murderer

i get ppl who hate on snow, i get that she’s portrayed as annoying and dumb at times, and i support people not liking her.

but blaming a child for something that cora had purposely made happen 

by her own hand 

from step one.

and this idea that it only happened because snow wanted a toy.

that’s kinda fucked.

A Christmas to Remember

Summary:  Connor’s dad kicks him out just days before Christmas when Connor comes out. With nowhere to go and not wanting to spend Christmas alone, Connor turns to his roommate Jude, even though he doesn’t know Jude all that well. What will Jude say?

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Part 5

*2 Days Until Christmas*

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