Mika wants to be Yuu’s Boyfriend

(Mika Singing)
Hey hey Yuu Yuu
I don’t like your girlfriend
Ferid! Ferid!
He Thinks you need a new one
Hey hey Yuu Yuu I could be your boyfriend

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(Ferid singing)
Hey hey Yuu Yuu!
Go and save your princess
Mika Mika
You know you want to kiss him
Hey hey Yuu Yuu
Mika can be your boyfriend

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The signs as things I've said.
  • Taurus:Meh, I'm too lazy. Idc what you do.
  • Gemini:I WANT THIS *2 seconds later* what have I done
  • Cancer:You are an amazing person and you shouldn't let anyone treat you like garbage.
  • Leo:I'm actually proud of this. *says this about art*
  • Virgo:THIS IS SO DISGUSTING I HAVE TO CLEAN IT *in my room at midnight*
  • Libra:You're a fat butt. *towards my cat*
  • Scorpio:*lenny face* *all those memes*
  • Sagittarius:The stars can kiss my ass.
  • Capricorn:We need to make a fucking schedule bECAUSE THAT IS NECESSARY.
  • Aquarius:I don't care. *but I actually do*
  • Pisces:I'm not going to fucking cry for you. This doesn't deserve my tears.

domestic kurotsuki where they cook dinner together, where kuroo snatches away the ingredients before they find their way into the actual dish and where he steals kisses from tsukki who complains that there won’t be any dinner if kuroo continues to eat all the carrots
and where they eat together and do the foot touching thing under the table, where kuroo compliments the food that was actually mostly prepared by tsukki and where tsukishima tells him that it would have been better if the amount of carrots would have been right
domestic kurotsuki where kuroo insists on doing the dishes but tsukishima insists on watching this movie that is on TV together, the dishes can wait, where they are cuddling on the couch together, some weird detective movie in the background
and where tsukishima falls asleep leaning on kuroo so he carries him into bed and does the dishes as quietly as possible, and when he finds a forgotten carrot on the counter he thinks to himself that those simple evenings together maybe are the most perfect
in short: fluffy domestic kurotsuki


Okay I wanted to do this in like forever. Imagine a Late teen!Loki working at a gasstation as a parttime job and Thor is this big muscled biker. He never says anything and is always in a hurry, grunting in annoyance whenever Loki is slow. Loki however started to have a crush on this man, even though he doesn’t know his name. Thor then again has noticed Loki and for some reason always sticks around the building in the late evening to see that Loki get’s home save. Then one night when Thor couldn’t be there, Loki’s closes up the gasstation and there is an attempt on a robbery, Loki ends up hurt, badly. When Thor hears about it, he’s beyond furious, determined to catch these criminals no matter what.

This sounds cheesy… what has my life become…  ʅฺ(・ω・。)ʃฺ??

I keep catching myself smiling and laughing a little every time I remember that I can legally marry whoever I end up falling in love with.

And that this victory means so much to so many of us.

And that there will be queer kids born in the US today who have never lived in a country where they can’t marry the person they love.

And that even though we have a long way to go, this is an amazing day.


I’ve been contemplating it for a while, and I’ve decided to be a sheep and jump on the wagon!

I guess it started with Littlestsecret, and FiliKiliThorinForever is doing it, so are Lakritzwolf and mm8.

I’ve decided I wanna do it to!

So help me out, y’all! What do you want to see me do?


Between ROTS and ANH, Bail POV

“Do you want tea?” Sola asks. She is wearing a dark blue dress, and she smiles in a way that seems both polite and sad.

Bail takes a deep breath. This is awkward, the whole situation is awkward and stupid and cruel and maybe he shouldn’t have come, should have left Naboo directly after signing that trade contract, but it would have been not only impolite but also suspicious to not visit the Naberries. They are Padme’s family, after all, and everyone knows that Bail and Padme were close.

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At a bland wedding where nO ONE IS DANCING

So I’m thinking a lot lately on what the hell I want to do with ask blogs.

I have klausen-comic, which isn’t going anywhere, that’s for certain. But then I have like, 3 (??i don’t even know how many anymore) ask blogs I’m not active with. I keep wanting to make ask blogs and then I get inactive with them.

I basically shouldn’t even HAVE an ask blog ._.


tbh… I’ve given it a lot of thought, and, well….I kinda miss Joen.

The thing is, they should have known. It was pretty obvious.

Nagisa had parents who wanted him to study well more than anything. He had sisters who went to private all-girl’s schools and then to exclusive universities. He had a wallet that didn’t seem to empty, ever. He always ate more than anyone, bought expensive food left and right and ate them without care.

Vaguely, they all knew Nagisa was from a rich family.

They just never quite connected his need for adventure, his need for freedom, and his seemingly endless energy to do everything while in High School with the fact that his parents gave him a chance to swim for three years, but no more than it.

Rin was in Austalia when he received the letter. [I’ll be going to business school], the letter read. It was sent a few weeks ago, and he knew Nagisa could have just sent him an e-mail or chatted with him when he was online or called when he was free, but perhaps he felt it was fitting to put it in paper. The last letter Rin received from Nagisa was about him going to a private middle school, about not knowing how to fit in, about being scared of the future. Back then, it felt too close to home that Rin did not have it in him to reply.

Now, he wanted to do something. He took out his laptop, and composed an e-mail.

Dear Taylor,
It’s currently 3AM, and I find myself writing to you. You’re the person who I go to when I need comfort or advice, and right now I need both. It’s just hitting me that I’m a senior in high school. I’m 17. Where did my childhood go? I need to know where I’m going to college. I need to know what I want to do. I’m getting asked so many questions and I don’t have answers to them. I’m listening to never grow up and bawling my eyes out because I know that you understand how I’m feeling. You’re the only person I feel 100% comfortable talking to because I know you’re always here to listen when I need you. I’m just so scared of the future. I’m scared of messing up, I’m scared of making the wrong choices, I’m scared that I’m not as smart as everyone says I am, I’m scared I won’t get into college and I’m scared that I won’t figure out what to do. I don’t feel smart or confident, I just feel lost and under so much pressure. I don’t know what to do, I’m feeling so many different things. Sometimes it just gets really overwhelming. I don’t even know why I’m writing this, I just feel like you’re the only person I can talk to. Thanks for being the person who listens, Taylor. Thank you for always being there for me.

i don’t really understand this mentality that if you, in the future, want emma and killian to have a baby together, that you somehow hate henry and hate emma and only care about killian????


nobody is saying it HAS to happen and that it HAS to happen RIGHT NOW but as shocking as this is, sometimes when people are together for a long time, even if they already have a wonderful child, they want…. another one…… much shock….. so crazy….. woah.

There were some guys on the boardwalk who yelled things at me and now my group is having a legitimate conversation with them and don’t want to leave and I feel so, so, so sick my stomach but I can’t leave them because we went together and now I’m stuck with a bunch of assholes who feel entitled and even more inflated now that girls responded to compliments that were totally inappropriate and creepy and I’m so frustrated that I could cry and I really want to go home


Super bad mob boss is on trial for everything under the sun, but everyone is confident that he’s going to walk because he always does. But then the hotshot prosecutor nails the case and sends the mob boss away, and suddenly there are death threats and acts of violence, culminating in the death of the prosecutor’s wife. For his own protection, the prosecutor is whisked away into the Witness Protection program.

Now, two years later, the prosecutor is Wes Mitchell, living in the middle of Bumfuck, Nowhere. He’s a grocer or bookstore owner or some other small, nondescript job, which bores him out of his mind because he had all these plans to make the world a better place back when he was a lawyer, and now look at him. He understands that it’s for his own protection, but god, he wishes something would liven up his life.

And then Travis Marks crashes into his life, a guy who was heading through town without looking back until he got into an accident and wrecked his bike. Now he has to stay in town until he can get his bike repaired, which FOR FIC REASONS might take a while because they have to order out for parts.

So Travis hangs around town, and he gets to know Wes, and they start hanging out and even going out. Wes knows better than to hope for anything–Travis is a drifter, and Wes is in WitSec, it’s not a good idea to get close to anyone, but he really likes Travis, and he thinks that this could be exactly the kind of thing he was hoping for to liven his life a little.

So of course it all goes to hell, the bad guys find out where he is, there is probably at least one shoot out, and secrets are revealed and feelings are exposed and all sorts of feel-good crap.

In the end, Wes has to be  relocated, but this time, Travis comes along with him.

Bonus points if:

a) Travis is a hitman hired by the super bad mob boss to find and kill Wes and he can’t because he’s in luuuuuurv, and he gets to be relocated in exchange for turning state’s witness on the guys who hired him


b) Travis is just a regular guy running from shit of his own, and that shit catches up to him in the middle of Wes’s little town, and that’s why the big bads find Wes and shits goes down, so obvs Travis has to be relocated for his own protection.