I figure because I did a set of these limited palate Sailor Scouts, I’ll put them all in a Masterpost, for anyone who happens to find one and want to know what the rest look like. It’s all in one place now.

Also, if I do any others–like Tuxedo Mask or the Star Lights then I’ll just add it to this post later.

  • Me:*sees Ragnarok rumors all over dash*
  • Me:*sticks head in sand like an ostrich*
  • Me:Rumors? What rumors? Boy, it sure is a shame we haven't heard anything about Thor 3 yet. Ah well, that way it'll be a surprise.
Nobody owes us. What’s sad is we think that if we do something, we deserve that thing to be reciprocated back to us. But once things are done, they’re done. There’s no going back, not even if we want there to be. All we can do is look ahead.
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So, what do you think about the great american interchange

As a giant fan of birds (as well as a fan of giant birds) I, for one, am personally offended by the Great American Interchange and would like to know who is claiming responsibility for Panama as I have a strongly-worded letter coming right for them

For those of you unaware of this absolute travesty, the Great American Interchange occurred ~2.5MYA when a land bridge (aka Central America) formed between North and South America, allowing a transfer of species between the two. For a brief period, everything was beautiful and both continents were overrun with phorusrhacids, the feathery incarnation of all of my hopes and dreams. 

But then, like the jerks we are, mammals had to go and ruin everything by out-competing and eating all the giant flightless birds. Now all we’re left with are dogs and bears and a few weird marsupials and only two species of seriemas. U N B E L I E V A B L E

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Okay so this may seem a bit silly but I feel like I'm being pulled in two different directions. You (very successfully, damn you) pulled me into Ziam (and made me both love and hate this band all over again because why do they do this my feels are struggling). But now theres all this payneton stuff on my dash and I want to check it out, but not because of Ziam and do you think its legit or just some wave from the fandom?

You know people keep telling me that there’s Liam/Jordan stuff everywhere and I literally have yet to see anything pop up randomly on my dash. I’ve had one post sent to me, but in terms of trying to wrap my head around it. I’m not seeing much. Maybe I just haven’t taken a proper look at my dash or got distracted going through my ‘sao dogs’ tag (I LOVE DOGS IF YOU DO TOO CLICK ON THAT LINK…SO MANY DOGS…SO MANY LOLS…SO MANY HAPPY TEARS). 

Sorry I started thinking about pugs and got distracted. Goddamn I love them. With their snuffling and snoring. Have you seen that youtube video called ‘Pug gets scolded, takes it hard’? If not get thee to youtube. 

Ok what were you asking? Oh yeah. Ummm. I’m working on a ‘Definition of a Bro Tattoo Part II’ as it pertains to Ziam. They are seriously more hardcore than Larry when it comes to tattoos. Zayn’s about one tattoo away from getting ‘I LOVE LIAM’ tattooed on his forehead. Unless you’ve looked into Muslim marriage tattoos then it won’t be obvious what they’re saying, but that madala and rose was basically Ziam’s way of saying 

I’ll explain it all in due time. Like after I’ve had more coffee. 

I was very opposed to talking about Jordan Paynton because coming from a sports background myself and knowing people who work in athletic management, certain sports are far more homophobic than others and initially I felt that he was being lined up to be outed against his will. HOWEVER, there was no way for me to say this when I first got wind of it the other day without drawing more attention to it, and now that it’s out there I can’t very well shut down an entire conversation myself. 

I also started looking into it a bit more last night and Jordan Paynton is still in university. He’s currently a 5th draft recruit (apparently) who has a business degree and a clothing line (I think?). I don’t know if people are familiar with NCAA rules, or why you would expect that an Oxbridge graduate would be, but I am. Don’t worry about why. 

Jordan Paynton cannot accept any fiscal rewards for playing football as a university student. Nor can he appear in commercials, drive around free cars, or get endorsements like NFL players. If you were looking to raise your personal profile as someone who cannot do so as an athlete, how could you? Aligning yourself with one of the biggest boy bands in the world could help. Last I checked Jordan had about 4,000 followers on Twitter. Liam as 22 MILLION. And his tweet to Jordan was literally one of two things he tweeted in the entire month of January. 

Now, I don’t know why and I’m not going to sit here guessing and try to pass it off to everyone as fact. As always I am just trying to point out some details about these shady ass situations because it’s quite baffling and talkin it out is how I can start to connect the dots. 

I would imagine that getting people used to the idea of Liam dating a man is at least part of this. Remember Xander? How quickly people went from assuming Harry was dating every girl he hung out with to dating every man he hung out with was one of the most low-key and kind of smartest ways I’ve seen a narrative shift in which Harry liking men was just all of a sudden accepted as fact to most people. 

The fact that people couldn’t even breathe the word Ziam without being laughed at a couple of months ago but now all of a sudden it’s become the main discourse that Liam might like men (just not Zayn! Anyone but Zayn.) makes me feel like whoever is running this show isn’t as moronic as I thought. Evil genius is probably going too far. Evil for sure, though.   

I’ll be keeping my eye on all the stories that are happening on the periphery as there is literally no reason for this to be such a big deal. As always. Like, where’s Harry? He’s been MIA since arriving in LA. All this smokescreening is making my asthma act up. So excuse me while I suck on this blue inhaler and try to figure out wtf is going on. 

Thank you for your question which I have completely (probably) provided an irrelevant answer to, but just wanted to get some of my thoughts out there xx

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✿ ((Splotch?))

20. Underwater Kiss

(( Cujo is a hot life guard trying to use CPR on a lava man while he’s still drowning????? ))

alright well , i have ignored every aspect of my life the entire day to avoid literally losing my mind . but now its coming back , i can’t explain it i a, just very very frightened, and ifeel very very alone. and im losing hope that it’ll get better


The Game

The Kindred were simply floating in nothingness, taking a break from their task. Lamb was calm as always, yet it seemed as if something was on Wolf’s mind

“Hey, Little Lamb?”

“What is it , Dear Wolf?”

“Do you want to play a game?”

“What kind of game?”

“I say a word, then you say a word starting with the last letter of my word and then I go again!”

“Sounds interesting. You start.”












“Wolf, its your turn dear”


Lamb floated next to her partner and managed to hug him tightly , much to his surpise.


Wolf allowed himself a small smirk before hugging her tightly.


They remained in that position for a few seconds , before  Lamb started to giggle.

“You lose!”

“What? No fair!”

“Ah, ah ,ah. Those are the rules”

“Again , again!”

“Alright, alright. I start first time”

no one is ever the same thing again after anything

i have the worst headache that not even two coffees will cure (coffee doesn’t always cure headaches? what the fuck is that about???) so I had to abruptly stop writing this thing I was working on because all I want to do is apply constant pressure to my eyes and whine about how my gulf-coast made body is not built to handle single degree temperatures. the snow is pretty though. I smile a lot when I drive in it even though internally I’m sobbing about being cold and how unreliable the roads feel. I keep driving in it because I get free coffees almost every day, sometimes several times a day, and because I crave interaction in a way my teenage self would be utterly shocked about. I start my new job soon. I’m so closed to being finished with Infinite Jest, and every time I want to talk about it I feel burdened by either how much I want to say or how I just don’t really know how to say it. Lately I have been almost exclusively eating peanut butter sandwiches with the tiniest bit of strawberry jam. I am still listening to songs I like on repeat until I get sick of them. I am still constantly re-watching the same episodes of tv shows that I know by heart. I got told my hair was beautiful the other day and then later a very tiny spider slowly descended from it as I was in a public restroom and I just said “Okay” out loud.  Boys who are roughly 19 or so flirt with me lately and I don’t think they realize I’m like a good five years older than them and I don’t know why that’s something that occurs to me or what it even means to me. I am for some reason very moved when people tell me that I smell good. My husband is making grilled cheese sandwiches and sweet potato fries for dinner and I am looking forward to it–he makes the best grilled cheese. I can’t wait for summer. I’m at a point in my life again where I don’t feel embarrassed about showing my limbs and etc. For the last two years I had a very strange relationship w/ my body that is complicated and that I don’t talk about with many people, especially because if I started to it was always met with how “ideal” my body was and like w/e the fuck that means especially w/r/t my relationship towards it. I want a very foamy beer right now. I want it to be april and I want to be eating crawfish with my parents in our giant, beautiful backyard where the trees hang above in a way that would maybe feel threatening if it wasn’t so beautiful. my compulsions have started to bend themselves into something functional. sometimes the progress you want isn’t the progress that you have and you’ve got to figure out how to reconcile that with yourself. sometimes healing is contextual. I can’t believe I wrote this whole fucking thing right after I felt like I had to quit writing the piece I was working on because my head feels split. I’m working on being less derisive. I’m working on being terrifyingly sincere. When people ask my age and I tell them that I’m about to be 25 it doesn’t scare the shit out of me anymore.

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Wait what if Demon!Sans is like so Yandere or Tsundere

Well, if you want me to break it down that way…

In the beginning of their relationship, Sans is tsundere af. I mean, when he first met Pap, he didn’t think he wanted a thing to do with him until he realized how unhappy he was without him. Hell, even after begrudgingly recognizing his feelings, he still tries to deny them. They made him feel vulnerable, like he actually needed someone else, and he just really didn’t care for experiencing such things that he deemed as embarrassing and weak.(Demons aren’t naturally cuddly fyi)

It’s his adoration and his guilt from tricking Papyrus into thinking that having sex guaranteed better relationships with others that made him finally accidentally confess. And by accidentally confess, I mean getting so angry from worry and feels that he threatens Pap to NEVER leave his side again because Pap belongs to him only and that he’d rip apart the sorry fuck who’d try to take him away.

After that point, their relationship only gets better. The only problem is that Sans begins to get eerily quiet and hovers behind Papyrus a lot whenever a friendly/neutral face comes by. Pap doesn’t ever pick up on it, of course, being excited by a new face or just in general because he’s precious Papyrus, but Sans would slip into such behavior once he finally embraced the truth that Papyrus is the one thing he cherishes most. Without Pap, he’d… Well… Who knows, really. He doesn’t need to think such things out because he’ll make sure they’ll never happen.

Of course, Sans is more than okay with Papyrus touching others because his intentions are always friendly and he also knows very well who he belongs to. If someone were to try and touch Pap, however, the rules change.

A fun example of Sans’ behavior: Say a friendly angel converses with Papyrus, both clearly enjoying each others company and carrying on despite the angel having to try with all their might not to crumble under Sans’ silent threats and looks the whole time. It gets to a point where Papyrus turns away from everyone to fly off somewhere real quick when the angel goes to reach out for his shoulder so to stop him and insist they go instead.

The hand doesn’t even make it to Papyrus’ armor when Sans snatches it up in a flash and crushes the appendage mercilessly. Pap is already gone when the angel cries out and fearfully meets Sans’ strained smile.

“Hey, feather-face… If you want to keep what’s left of your crippled hand, you’ll stay the fuck away from my angel. Capiche?”

i hate facebook’s thing where it’s like “it’s [insert person i went to high school with and spoke to a total of three times in four years]’s birthday today! let them know you’re thinking of them!” bc bicth!!!! i wasn’t thinking of them!!!! i haven’t thought of them in six years!!!! don’t tell me what to do!!!! i don’t want this!!!

*A wild Wolfie appeared*

I know its a terrible selfie (its also about a week old) but i guess i wanted to introduce myself to you guys properly? (and lookie i brought a shirt inspired by a certain someone), So, er, this is me!

sometimes i wonder how padmé is able to actually sleep beside anakin at night. i mean she’s sleeping beside anakin skywalker, her incredibly good-looking and ridiculously sexy husband - and he sleeps beside her shirtless at night. his to-die-for body is literally on her display and is easily accessible if she wants to do something with it. does she actually go straight to bed every night? or does a certain night activity take place before she does? i just can’t seem to wrap my head around the possibility of actually sleeping through the night when you’re on the same bed as a shirtless anakin skywalker…