Just want to say thank you to anyone who sent me hc’s or even wrote a fic for me…

I apologise for not posting them today, but I left the house after what happened and was gone for about five to six hours so I only had my phone.

I’ll post them tomorrow after hopefully getting a bit of sleep.

I cannot believe I didn’t remember this earlier, but only a few months ago, a dickhead publicist I know leaked a fake pregnancy rumour to the press, to drum up some extra publicity/interest in the pair’s mutual project and to simultaneously divert the public’s attention away from an adjacent pr disaster. 

The publicist knew full well that couple weren’t together any more and definitely weren’t expecting and they leaked it exclusively so they could officially deny it and create a story. The other PR issue still made the press, but its impact was diluted by multiple headlines about the pregnancy speculation.

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Mark Jefferson killed my fucking gay punk like what the fuck man I didn’t do shit to you I never trusted you from the beginning with your fucking hipster glasses and even David knew not to trust that fucking goatee of yours like what the fuck man just because I didn’t enter that photo for the everyday heroes contest like I know that you wanted alone time with Max (who doesn’t?) but seriously you freaking murderer gtfo I’ll use my gay time traveling powers so I can kill you over and fucking over again you piece of shit me and Chloe will stomp your fucking face out till you die then I’ll rewind and do it again and I will throw you into that fucking tornado you hipster asshole

Just Some Advice I Was Given

With all the attention on traffic stops going wrong for black folks out here, and all underprivileged groups honestly, I just wanted to pass along some advice that my mom gave me.

Get OnStar.

If you have a car compatible with it, just bite the bullet and get it installed. What you are aiming for is the operator service. This is what you use when you have an accident in some far off place or need your car opened remotely, etc. However, it could potentially serve another, life-saving service. 

Here’s what I was told: One of my mom’s friends, had a friend, who’d recently purchased a brand new cadillac. Top of the line, newest model, all the bells and whistles, it was amazing. She was driving in the middle of the night and had to roll through one of the more affluent neighborhoods to get to her location. She knew the inherent risk so she was careful about her speed and obeying traffic laws. She also knew that everything legally and mechanically was in order, so there was no foreseeable reason for her to be pulled over. 

Sure enough, she’s driving down one of the residential streets and sees lights flashing in her rearview. (For those not familiar with the area, a lot of the very wealthy areas in LA have this illusion of being secluded. Houses are built with 15 ft high walls of ivy and solid brick so that no one can see in or out of your property. Getting stopped on one of these streets might as well be the same as getting stopped on the side of a dirt road.)

She called her OnStar service and asked the operator if she would be willing to just stay on the line and listen to the encounter. She explained that she was being pulled over, knew that she hadn’t broken any laws, and was concerned for her safety. The operator agreed.

The cop ended up propositioning her, threatening her with what would have ended up being a huge legal mess unless she had sex with him. Once he made his intentions explicit, the operator spoke up to confirm that she had heard the entire conversation and would be reporting it to authorities immediately. That scared the cop off and allowed the woman to make a break for it. 

They did end up using the audio in a case against him and I believe he was discharged, or something like that. 

Anyway, you see the point. Just the sound of the operator’s voice was enough to scare him and throw him off. Primarily because he didn’t even know she was there.  

As I was writing this, I realized you could do something similar by putting a family member, friend, coworker, someone on your speakerphone and asking them to stay quiet and listen. Even better if they can record the call while it’s happening. Then, if they are to speak up after a threat has been made, it lets the officer know that there is someone else, someone outside of the situation, who has evidence and can act as a witness. And if the situation becomes dire, maybe, just maybe, hearing that someone else is listening might be enough to keep you safe.  

I’ve recently received some extremely rude and hateful messages in my inbox lately regarding the whole John Green Paper Towns Quote thing months ago. 

First, I would like to say that I would never, nor did I, ever have the intentions of “suing DFTBA” or “scam them out of money”. I just wanted the credit back for something I wrote. 

Second, how can you still not believe that John did not write it and that a “moody thirteen year old is capable of writing that”. Frankly, I’m insulted that you don’t have that much faith in teenagers. And trust me, there are hundreds of thousands of teens and even younger children who are much much MUCH more gifted. It’s an insult to them that you could ever belittle them and their potential and skill like that.

Third, why do you feel like it’s necessary to send hate like this? Why does it give you satisfaction to send threats and insults to a teenage girl through the internet? Why is it so important to you that I have to be beaten down and kicked upon? Does it honestly give you pleasure to know that people like you were the reason I moved to a new blog in the first place? That I have never felt comfortable and have developed severe anxiety and depression over people like you? Those who relentlessly tell me that I am “worthless” and that my life is “stagnant and won’t go anywhere else” and that I deserve “nothing except hell” for what I’ve done. 

Why is this such a big deal to you? What gives you the right to place yourself above me? Why is it that you think just because I cannot physically hurt you that you can just continue to act like a demeaning and sexist ass to others on the internet?

Don’t you dare lecture me on how I was “stupid enough to post it in the first place” and that I should “expect people to steal” because “that’s just how the internet works”. I understand that. I UNDERSTAND. But do not tell me that there aren’t decent people out there in the world who would never, ever, ever steal from another creator. Don’t you dare. They are my friends, they know the struggles. They’ve been in the same place. They’ve had it worse than me.

If you don’t believe me and think I’m “talking shit through every hole” then stop listening to me, stop contacting me, and stop wasting your precious time trying to ruin mine.

I can imagine luke having a really stressfull day at the studio and all he wanted to do is see you so when he came home from the studio to see you in just his shirt and your very short pyjamas short luke couldn’t help but to lose self control as he backed you up against the nearest wall the minute he stepped foot inside the apartment his lips hovering over yours, growling against the shell of your ear “I’ve already been to hell, sweetheart. Why don’t you show me what heaven feels like” before biting his lip and running his fingertips up the inside of your thigh, lifting you up by having a firm grip on your ass already starting to place wet kisses all over your collar bone aND I AM DONE

Okay but like, I don’t even really need plot resolution with NAPW at this point. Like, I am only slightly invested in Wendy and Peter as characters anymore.

What I DO need is nothing but episode after episode of Smarling.

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You've got such a cool, unique and expressive drawing style! I was wondering - what's your process?

Thank you very much! Comments like this make me feel all warm and soft inside.

My drawing process depends a bit on what I’m doing but here’s a short summary of the process behind most of my FE art (with horrible mobile photos, augh! I’m much better at showing than explaining, so I decided to do a quick doodle just for this and didn’t scan all the individual stages in order to keep the work flow undisturbed.)

(Forgot to mention that I use a color pencil for this stage. My fav color is orange, because it’s a light color but still visible - as opposed to non-photo blue or yellow for example.)

(”I’ll just draw a quick action pose for demonstration of the one character whose armor I still can’t comprehend. And no need for refs either, I can pull it out of my memory. What could possibly go wrong!”)

And that’s about it in a nutshell! How much time and effort I put on each stage depends on what I’m working on, but that’s the basic gist of it. Usually I put most effort into the stage two sketch to make sure the pose has the right sense of energy, action and dynamics. The lineart stage usually takes the most time, though, as that’s when I add all the details and it requires quite a bit of brain work if I haven’t sketched them in the previous stage.

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If you don't mind my asking, how did you come to the realization of being ace? I've wondered if that's how I am but I'm just not sure...

Personally for me it’s because I can’t relate at all when people talk about sexual urges, sexual frustration, sexual attraction etc. Seriously, what even is sexual attraction, idek

I’ve never thought “I want to have sex now” although I’m curious about how it’d feel like, I’ve never looked at someone and thought “I want to have sex with them” nor do I want to imagine having sex with anyone. Obviously I enjoy sexual content judging from all the doujins/fics I read but it’s only limited to other people having sex lol

The most I felt for other people was “I want to hug them” which is a big thing if you know me, I usually hate hugging or touching other people. And it was always for some of my closest friends so never a stranger.. 

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I enjoy Hiddleston Daily because it does that, it supports the work and doesn't comment on anything else and I'm glad that this is the center of the fandom - even if some of the more 'intense' fans do ruin it. I hope that there are no reblogs from fans of the photographs or videos taken of Tom because we want to show that we are not associating ourselves with that side of the industry.

H-D will not post, reblog or edit those invading pictures.

Our apologies to Tom and Elizabeth who must have felt terrible.   


rutobuka2 look at what you made me do -vvv-

Goth fashion is one of my weaknesses, i love it so much and since you love it too i made some goth!bagginshield for you eheh <3  </p>

(Edit :i’ve lost a few piercing along the way eheh)