i wanna haaaaang


So different and yet so alike. Two sides of the same coin.

happy 2 days late birthday miku! i tried out medibang paint pro for illustration fully for the first time today. It’s great for sketching and adding blur filters/text/stamp brushes (since photoshop goes as slow as a snail carrying a sloth, which is going nowhere) but doing full pictures is quite the challenge honestly ;;

It works a lot slower than SAI and it still doesn’t have as many important features (for me) that SAI carries. However it does allow me to do a lot more new things now, not to mention it works across many devices, and I hope to use it more in the future!

  • Outlaw Queen week - “Secret Admirer”

- Robin always knew Regina was his soulmate.

If you’re reading this letter it means that you received my "gift” and finally got your heart back.

Sorry It took me so long.

Right now you’re probably wondering who this secret admirer could be.

A clue? We never met but our souls could recognize each other instantly.

Well…we kind of met before actually. Not just once, but twice.

That night, at the tavern, I was waiting for you. And when you ran away, I couldn’t find the courage to stop you. I regret it everyday.

And then, one year ago, right before the curse was cast, I saw you, in the forest, burying your own heart. And even then, I did nothing, I stood there. Speechless.

But now I’m here. We’re here. I’ve finally found you. And for the first time I can feel that the timing is right.

I know you’re scared. I am too. But this is our chance, maybe the last one.

We deserve it.

Just follow your heart and meet me in the forest. I am waiting for you"

      – Your not so secret admirer, the man with the lion tatoo

anonymous asked:

So I'm in year 9 at school and this year I have to choose my options for GCSE. In really stressing out about it because this kinda determines my future and stuff and I don't even know what I want to do. I mean I know I want to be an author but I'm unsure about side careers and I don't want to make the wrong decision, do you have any advice for me Dave?

The education system is absolute crap because it makes you feel that way.   You can ALWAYS change what you want to do, school does not define your future.  You can learn things on the internet.

If you want to be an author, ignore school and practice writing, learn about how publishing works, see what genres you enjoy writing are most popular, read blogs on writing from people you consider talented writers, start a blog of your own, collaborate - none of those things will come from school.