Journal 3 shitpost doodle dump part 2! (Part 1 is over here)

To be honest, I don’t think I’m done yet. There’ll probably be a part 3 as well because there’s just so much more I want to poke fun of. This book truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

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Bruh, I said I would start on this ‘I chose you’ imagine 2 hours ago and I’ve been sitting here doing absolutely nothing I don’t even have 1 word down I just keep thinking about Pokemon references

anonymous asked:

I noticed at the panel that when Gillian took off her blazer, she seemed a bit nervous like she was afraid of our reaction. The same happened when she said she'll auction her t-shirt. Idk, but I have a feeling that they want to come out but still are a little bit scared what will happen if they do that. This whole twitter fuckery, we say she is trolling us but I think this is their plan. Like they tested the waters this weekend. Social media nearly exploded but I think fandom passed the test...

Anon, you get the gold star today. If we had gold stars, that is.

They are absolutely scared! No doubt. How could they not be? They surely know what goes on in this fandom. They know how the media works and how nasty some outlets can be. It has to be scary, to know that they will get question after question about everything. Not to mention rumors that could start about their past and their history.  It’s a lot, so we can’t blame them at all for being scared. 

We really don’t think that she is trolling. We think that they’ve been testing the waters for a bit now. Like the Cutting Room. They stepped their toes into the water and were automatically overwhelmed with a fandom explosion and media questions. They panicked. And denied it. And then tried again. Now, we’re basically desensitized to it all. David BIT HER FUCKING SHIRT ON STAGE. HER FUCKING SHIRT! ¾ years ago that would be life ending. The fandom would have just combusted. Now, it’s like…’Oh, just another day at comic con.’ So, their plan is working. Slowly but surely more people are starting to realize that it’s not all trolling…and not all attention seeking antics. So by the time they officially come out, it won’t be this massive thing. It’ll be like, ‘Yeah? No shit.’ lol. 

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My  parents being my parents

So this particular story has nothing to do with TV, but it highlights my parent’s quintessential behavior.

I hear the doorbell ring. It is my parents. They tried to call before, but I was sleeping and didn’t hear the phone. They were out and about and wanted to swing by and say hello (we live 10 minutes from each other). My hubby is building a porch so they wanted to see the progress. After chit chatting about how beautiful the porch is (which it really is)…. my mother switches topics.

Mom: (very brightly) So… we bought cemetery plots today!

Me: …

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Coming across hate in our tags like:


Points out IH moments– master posts of why IH has been intended even since the pilot chapter (with Rukia acting as Ichigo’s wing-man *coughsheshipsitcough*). Gives explicit romantic feelings in the manga to both Orihime and Renji towards Ichigo and Rukia. Orihime is ichigo’s weak-spot, if you want to piss him off all you gotta do is trouble her. Both enemies and allies alike know this. Renji and Rukia are attached to the hip after Ichigo reunites them (seriously, they’re always together). Kubo stating that Rukia and Ichigo had a unique bond, but it wasn’t a romantic one.


“It will never be canon”


“Ichigo only likes her like a sister”


“Renji doesn’t stand a chance! He and Rukia are like brother and sister!”


“He wouldn’t make those ships canon! Majority of the fandom ships IR! So there!”

Alrighty then.

“?????!!!! It came out of nowhere!” 


“Origo’s are delusional, y’all have no reading comprehension *same breath* Kubo only made it canon because he wanted to spite his editors! He truly intended for IR to be canon. He ships it!”

Us and Kubo:

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The idea of a rvb-fusion Undertale fic has really tickled my muse and I blame @0netype entirely for it. 

That US!Sans/UF!Papyrus == Church/Caboose art was just too perfect.

  • Midorima:I don’t want you to think that Takao and I are dating, because we’re not. That was a purely accidental intercourse.
  • Miyaji:You had intercourse accidentally? What were you trying to do, Midorima?
  • Midorima:I was returning a book.
  • Miyaji:And let me guess.. your pants fell off!

When people try to reason me that Kubo said what Ichigo and Rukia have is strong friendship.

I really want to know where the hell they acquired that piece of information. Because what Kubo exactly said was: “To say it is friendship is wrong”, as well as Orihime herself said: “To Kurosaki-kun, Kuchiki-san is not just a friend, she is the one who changed his world.”

Where the hell is this “strong friendship” statement you all speak of?!!

In my life
There are so many pictures and personal things I could share
In my life
There are times when I’m tempted to post stuff on tumblr that’s not enjoltaire
But I want
All my posts to stay mostly les mis
What to do?
Is there a solution?
Turns out there is!

I made a personal instagram and twitter just for people on tumblr to follow (like no one irl knows I even have this blog, and I’d like to post pics of myself so insta will be private). SO if for some reason you’re interested in getting to know the person behind eotd, then feel free to (request to) follow

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So, Jared absolutely should not have shared that woman’s photo, that was out of line. The rest of it? 100% okay, he was treated badly and vented about it on Facebook like most people do.

But what I really want to say is I’m seeing a lot of people going on and on about how this poor woman just had a bad day and didn’t deserve this, etc. etc. the service industry is so hard and Jared is wring. I’ve noticed especially on tumblr, how a lot of people who work in service/retail have this weird martyr thing going on, that their job is so draining and difficult that their behavior is always justified. And as someone who’s worked those jobs before, it’s such bullshit.

A “bad day” or anything else is absolutely never an excuse to treat a customer rudely or poorly. Ever. Yes, it’s shit work, and yes, you absolutely should be paid more, but that doesn’t give you carte blanche to act like a dick. And I’m gonna be honest, I got caught up in that thinking before, working retail. Amd you know what happened? I got pulled aside because it affected my performance because it’s not acceptable or professional.

You’re not free from concequence when you have to work with assholes all day. Okay? Okay.