it’s finally actually hitting me that there’s only an hour of Gravity Falls left and they have to spend most of it saving the world.

i only get to spend one more hour with Mabel Pines and most of it won’t even be about her. 

and on that one hand i get it, that’s good, it should be an ensemble piece, other characters have important arcs that need closure (*cough* Stans *cough*), but goddammit i’m selfish and i want every second i can get with my girl before they take her away from me.

do you want to know what i don’t like about reylo?? because honestly it’s not even the fact that they’re probably cousins!! that’s not even the bad part!!!!!!!

it’s the fact that time and time again fandom ships female characters with their abusers. and i’m fucking sick of it!!!!! 

one of the times i went to go see tfa, i was floored by the number of little girls there. like, elementary-school aged girls. there was a girl in a leia costume, one in a rey costume. they were so excited to see their heroes on screen and i’m was excited for them, because women are portrayed pretty fucking well in tfa!! and that’s exciting

and i hate the idea of these girls growing up thinking that a relationship between someone like rey, who is strong and independent and compassionate and lovely, and kylo, who fucking tortures her and uses heavily coded language in order to intimidate her, is normal. i do not want to see yet another generation of girls growing up to think that toxic relationships like that are somehow beautiful and romantic

it’s disgusting. glorifying incest and abuse and is not. fucking. cute. it hurts people.

so i’ll stop posting about reylo now but yall need to STOP SENDING ME SHIT about it. stop asking why i don’t like it. i’m sick of it. i’m sick of having to explain why this is so supremely problematic. bye

  • Me:*sees Ragnarok rumors all over dash*
  • Me:*sticks head in sand like an ostrich*
  • Me:Rumors? What rumors? Boy, it sure is a shame we haven't heard anything about Thor 3 yet. Ah well, that way it'll be a surprise.
Nobody owes us. What’s sad is we think that if we do something, we deserve that thing to be reciprocated back to us. But once things are done, they’re done. There’s no going back, not even if we want there to be. All we can do is look ahead.
—  (via fraagmented)

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So, what do you think about the great american interchange

As a giant fan of birds (as well as a fan of giant birds) I, for one, am personally offended by the Great American Interchange and would like to know who is claiming responsibility for Panama as I have a strongly-worded letter coming right for them

For those of you unaware of this absolute travesty, the Great American Interchange occurred ~2.5MYA when a land bridge (aka Central America) formed between North and South America, allowing a transfer of species between the two. For a brief period, everything was beautiful and both continents were overrun with phorusrhacids, the feathery incarnation of all of my hopes and dreams. 

But then, like the jerks we are, mammals had to go and ruin everything by out-competing and eating all the giant flightless birds. Now all we’re left with are dogs and bears and a few weird marsupials and only two species of seriemas. U N B E L I E V A B L E

ikejiri day?

Ok, here is the thing, a few months ago talking with @andyzambie about how Ikejiri Hayato needed more love, I suggested there should be a sort-of-fandom-week for him (well, technically I wanted a daijiri prompty thing but I’m being realistic and the more the merrier).

Of course, a week is too long for such a minor character so we talked about maybe doing it a weekend (you know, prompts for three days), but it was brought to my attention today that maybe it should be just a day (to concentrate all the love). An ikejiriday with a few prompts for it. We had talked about doing it around the 19th February (in a month!!) that happens to be Ikejiri’s birthday. So it’s still a possibility to held it on that same day. 

So in any case, before actually putting myself into it, and making a page or whatever, I wanted to know if there was any interest on doing this? And if so if you’d like it for it to be just a day (concentrate all the prompts there~) or not. And if the 19th is alright as a date~ 

If there’s any interest, I’d be setting a page up in the next few days. Feel free to send any questions or suggestions or whatever. 

Ok I keep seeing these whites complaing cuz ppl don’t like Macklemore even though he’s apparently like a Model Citizen or Exactly What Tumblr (the One Entity) Wants White People To Be or some shit.

Butlike? Maybe he’s just annoying? Maybe we are freaking annoyed by him because no matter how self-aware he is. He’s still a white guy who is getting praised to the ends of the earth and back for doing things Black people have been doing for ages. That’s freaking obnoxious! We don’t gotta praise him or kiss the ground he walks him or wtf ever because he is self-aware. Being self-aware as a white person should be fucking baseline. Same as you don’t get praised cuz you didn’t punch a random stranger in the face cuz that’s fucking baseline.

So a white guy talks about racism and how he benefits from it and all that other shit. So what? Black people have been rapping about racism and how it effects us since the dawn of rap. And y’all have criticized and pigeonholed our music and our words as trashy and angry and horrible until some white guy comes along and does the same exact thing in a way that’s more palatable to your delicate white sensibilities.

It’s obnoxious. It’s annoying that nobody thinks we’re worth listening to until some white mouthpeice comes along and says it. And it’s worse that if we’re at all critical or sour about this bullshit situation, we’re all yelled at for being unappreciative assholes.

Like get off your fucking high horse. I get that sometimes cirticizm of him seems unfair to you but like? Most of the time it’s not even about him in particular. It’s directed at the greater context of the situation… And the bizarreness of all these white people who didn’t even consider rap music to be music until Macklemore came along, suddenly caring about racism through the lens of defending their precious white.

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✿ ((Splotch?))

20. Underwater Kiss

(( Cujo is a hot life guard trying to use CPR on a lava man while he’s still drowning????? ))

alright well , i have ignored every aspect of my life the entire day to avoid literally losing my mind . but now its coming back , i can’t explain it i a, just very very frightened, and ifeel very very alone. and im losing hope that it’ll get better


The Game

The Kindred were simply floating in nothingness, taking a break from their task. Lamb was calm as always, yet it seemed as if something was on Wolf’s mind

“Hey, Little Lamb?”

“What is it , Dear Wolf?”

“Do you want to play a game?”

“What kind of game?”

“I say a word, then you say a word starting with the last letter of my word and then I go again!”

“Sounds interesting. You start.”












“Wolf, its your turn dear”


Lamb floated next to her partner and managed to hug him tightly , much to his surpise.


Wolf allowed himself a small smirk before hugging her tightly.


They remained in that position for a few seconds , before  Lamb started to giggle.

“You lose!”

“What? No fair!”

“Ah, ah ,ah. Those are the rules”

“Again , again!”

“Alright, alright. I start first time”


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I hope you are having a great day! :) Let's play a game. When you thought of Hartwin today, what was it about?

Sorry, I’m late for the answer Nonnie, but here it is! :D

Well, today, I thought about genderfluid!Eggsy, because I had to finish some edits about that. And then, a new headcanon appeared from nowhere… Oh dear, I don’t know what to do with that… It’s basically so random. Just… Ok. I’m gonna tell you what it is about. IT WAS EGGSY PRACTISING ROLLER SKATING WHILE WEARING REALLY SHORT SHORTS AND OVERSIZED TANK TOP. And of course, Harry bumping quite literally into Eggsy while he’s working on his skill.

Just imagine Eggsy discovering an old gymnasium while wandering in the undergrounds of the Kingsman’s mansion. While going through the little changing room, he founds some roller skates in a locker, and as no one seems to use them, he gives it a try. He does a few laps on wobbling legs and finds it quite pleasant despite his lack of skill or technique. It reminds him of his childhood before his father’s death, when his parents had offered him the shiny rollerblades he had seen in the shop window of a toys store for Christmas. He remembers how it had been his first passion before gymnastic, and all the adventures he lived on wheels. (And also, all the frights Michelle had to go through every time he was hurtling down the street.) “Rollerblades and roller skates are not that different, aren’t they?”, and there he goes, working again on his balance with delight.

So he decides to use some of his free time to practice. The gymnasium is often empty, as agents seem to prefer the open field for running. No one is questioning his presence in the old hall, or what kind of sport he might be practicing.

After a few weeks of rolling in circles through the gymnasium, he decides to try some new things and add some hip-hop moves in his training. He had been doing some researches on roller skates on the web, and saw some impressive performances. With his gymnastic training, he thinks he can make it, and maybe, show his moves to Harry. He’s pretty sure he can impress the man with it, and if he’s lucky, Harry might even fall for him! And what a plan!

And that’s how twice a week, he finds himself working on maneuvers with the roller skates, barely wearing some shorts and an old tank top to be freer in his moves. The heavy bass of some catchy rap music brings the gymnasium back to life, and soon enough, intrigued persons passing by start to crowd the sport hall. All are impressed by Eggsy’s agility and dexterity. The young man is quite pleased with the turn of events, and can’t wait for Harry to “stumble” upon him.

It’s slowly becoming the spectacle everyone is waiting for, and the more weeks pass, the more the crowd grows. Roxy is there to cheer him loudly every time (or as often as possible when she’s not on mission), and even Merlin comes sometimes, when he’s not handling different agents on the field. But there’s still no sign of Harry. Eggsy is a little bit disappointed, but at least, some people enjoy his performances, and he does enjoy what he’s doing.

One evening, when he’s achieving some difficult moves, the crowd goes silent. He stops in his track and with a nice maneuver, wheels backward to understand what is happening. He turns around, and suddenly finds himself face to face with a gasping Harry. He can’t stop the wheels to go forward, and in a split second, crashed in Harry’s torso. They find themselves tangled on the ground, under whistles from the present people, and one of Harry’s hands on his lower back. As he tries to move, he finds himself looking into the older man’s eyes. Harry’s face is blank, even if his ears are slowly turning red, and he’s starting to squirm with discomfort. They can’t seem to break the silent exchange, but Eggsy is conscious that Merlin and Roxy are dispersing the crowd. Leaving them alone. Nice.

For a few seconds, nothing exists but them.

Harry coughs slightly and Eggsy leaves his daydreams with a shudder. The new Arthur is now smiling with kindness.

“Well, that was impressive, Eggsy.”
“Thanks, bruv’. You should come back, so I can show you more.”

And with that, Eggsy winks. After all, he has nothing to lose. Harry agrees with an unreadable smile, something undefined crossing his gaze. They’re still tangled on the ground.

I don’t even know a damn thing about roller skating, but anyway, there are really impressive things down here on the internet. Just imagine Eggsy performing some of those moves, like damn boy!!

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Wait what if Demon!Sans is like so Yandere or Tsundere

Well, if you want me to break it down that way…

In the beginning of their relationship, Sans is tsundere af. I mean, when he first met Pap, he didn’t think he wanted a thing to do with him until he realized how unhappy he was without him. Hell, even after begrudgingly recognizing his feelings, he still tries to deny them. They made him feel vulnerable, like he actually needed someone else, and he just really didn’t care for experiencing such things that he deemed as embarrassing and weak.(Demons aren’t naturally cuddly fyi)

It’s his adoration and his guilt from tricking Papyrus into thinking that having sex guaranteed better relationships with others that made him finally accidentally confess. And by accidentally confess, I mean getting so angry from worry and feels that he threatens Pap to NEVER leave his side again because Pap belongs to him only and that he’d rip apart the sorry fuck who’d try to take him away.

After that point, their relationship only gets better. The only problem is that Sans begins to get eerily quiet and hovers behind Papyrus a lot whenever a friendly/neutral face comes by. Pap doesn’t ever pick up on it, of course, being excited by a new face or just in general because he’s precious Papyrus, but Sans would slip into such behavior once he finally embraced the truth that Papyrus is the one thing he cherishes most. Without Pap, he’d… Well… Who knows, really. He doesn’t need to think such things out because he’ll make sure they’ll never happen.

Of course, Sans is more than okay with Papyrus touching others because his intentions are always friendly and he also knows very well who he belongs to. If someone were to try and touch Pap, however, the rules change.

A fun example of Sans’ behavior: Say a friendly angel converses with Papyrus, both clearly enjoying each others company and carrying on despite the angel having to try with all their might not to crumble under Sans’ silent threats and looks the whole time. It gets to a point where Papyrus turns away from everyone to fly off somewhere real quick when the angel goes to reach out for his shoulder so to stop him and insist they go instead.

The hand doesn’t even make it to Papyrus’ armor when Sans snatches it up in a flash and crushes the appendage mercilessly. Pap is already gone when the angel cries out and fearfully meets Sans’ strained smile.

“Hey, feather-face… If you want to keep what’s left of your crippled hand, you’ll stay the fuck away from my angel. Capiche?”