Comfort Part 2

Reiikosilver submitted:

"When I first arrived here, I had constant nightmares…. mainly about my parents.  All it did was constantly leave me in tears, reminding me that I was alone in the world….alone in this strange city made out of metal.  Suyin figured out I wasn’t getting any sleep, probably by the circles and dried tears around my eyes.  So every night she sung to me, followed by climbing in my bed which was obviously too small for her… but knowing she was there holding me close made the nightmares go away."

With an incredulous look on her face, Korra started “umm….”

"I’m not here to cuddle with you Avatar if that’s what you’re worried about, but I will sing to you…. just don’t tell any of the other guards, they will never let me live this down.", Kuvira quickly retorted.

"You don’t have to…"

"I insist, it’s one of my favorite songs…. you should be able to relate to it Korra."  Kuvira then smiled then thought ‘I can’t believe I’m going to do this…’ then cleared her throat.

"At forty-four minutes to four
An angel walked up to my door
Opened the windows to my soul
Told me he thinks that I should know
That there’s no slowing down
As the globe spins ‘round and ‘round
You gotta keep going, gotta keep going
Gotta keep going, you gotta keep going….

If there’s one thing that I learned
While in those county lines
It’s that everything takes time
You have gotta lose your pride
You have gotta lose your mind
Just to find your peace of mind
You have got to trust the signs
Everything will turn out fine

So why aren’t you smiling? Why aren’t you smiling?
Life can get wild when, you caught in the whirl wind
Lost in the whirl wind, you’re chasing the wind
You gotta understand
There’s really no end, there’s really no beginning
There’s really no real, there’s really no pretending
There’s really no fail, there’s really no winning
Cause nothing really is and everything really isn’t

You gotta show them, that you can keep going
You gotta keep going, you gotta keep going                                         you gotta keep going”

Expecting to get critiqued, Kuvira looked over to Korra laying on her side in bed.  ‘Was I that bad?!’ Kuvira thought to herself.  Then she leaned over to get a look at Korra’s face

…..she was fast asleep…..

Not wanting to make this weird, she donned her armor and prepared to stand watch outside her door while she slept.  As she started walking out the door, she felt a gentle pull on her armor.  She turned around to find Korra sitting up in her bed, her arm lazily extended out with a groggy look in her eyes. 

Don’t leave me yet…..

Sighing, resigning herself to staying in the Avatar’s room for the night.  She once again took off her armor and made her way over to Korra’s bed.  This time she took off her combat boots also and proceeded to climb in the bed next to Korra.  Kuvira then proceeds to wrap her arms around Korra’s waist, smiling to herself at the thought of her telling Korra earlier she wasn’t going to do this.  Sensing the woman in her arms was fast asleep again, before closing her eyes the captain of Zaofu’s guard whispered this in Korra’s ear:

I won’t…”


OMG do I keep going?!?!  This ship is going to be the death of me I swear!!!

Also, the song Kuvira was singing was W.A.Y.S. by Jhene Aiko, it just happened to be in my headphones so I might as well incorporate it into the story.  Yes, she’s singing it’s my head canon and nobody can take that from me dammit!!! xD

Omg I headcanon that Kuvira is a great Singer too!!(and she would totes be a jazz singer if this was an AU). Could you imagine her singing you to sleep like she wouldn’t only sing me to sleep I’d probably just die right there fricccckkkk! AND OMG YES KEEP GOING PLEASE 

okay you know what, no I do not want Kane to be Bellamy’s secret father. Like I’ve seen that theory so much and I’ve never really given it much thought, but now that I have, I think it would be terrible. Not for the writing or anything, but for the characters. You’re telling me that instead of Bellamy having some random deadbeat dad, you want to believe that Kane—who while misguided and yes kind of a dick sometimes, but who is not actually a truly terrible person—left Aurora to raise a kid by herself? Left Bellamy without a father, knowing exactly what the situation would be at home? You’d rather have a character that you like, who has earned your respect through his own lengthy redemption arc, be the one who abandoned Bellamy and left him to raise a sister on his own, knowing that the Blakes would struggle since they weren’t as well off as he was? You want Kane to be that guy? Nah. 

anonymous asked:

I think I have depression lately a lot of what my thoughts have consisted of is suicide I really just want to die because I dint want to live anymore and I feel like at first people would be sad but they'd get over it eventually and I wouldn't matter

Hey. Listen to me, okay? Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Take a moment to just sit still and collect yourself. 

You matter.

You matter. 

Do not, for a single second, think that you don’t. There will be words that you have said that will linger in the hearts of others and pictures of your smile that will light up someone else’s day and memories of you that people will remember and you matter you matter

We all have our struggles that we thought were too much for us and we all have our bad days that knocked us down before we even got up, but know that every beat of your heart and every breath in your lungs is a success in itself. 

Suicide might seem like an easier option than living, but it is not a solution. It won’t cure the reason why you feel upset, and it’s hardly easy for those you’d be leaving behind. Please, please talk to someone - your friends or your family, or even us - let someone lift a bit of the weight from your shoulders and allow yourself to lean on someone. 

I know things are difficult for you, but I know you can overcome whatever struggles there are in front of you and become stronger from it all. You are beautiful. You are loved. You can do it.

There’s a post that I reblogged a while back right here that will put into words how important you are better than I ever could. Also, here and here are a few reminders that I think you should read. Here is a masterpost of hotlines you can call and here is a masterpost on dealing with suicidal thoughts and a masterpost here on helping with mental health. 

Lastly, Julie and I both have a tag on our personals just for reblogging small, silly things that we hope can make you smile or make you feel a bit better - you can find it here and here if you need it. 

I hope this helped, sweetie. Stay strong. We love you.

- R

If you don’t like a ship, that’s totally fine. That’s your opinion. No problem.

But do you really feel a need to put down the shippers? Even with what seems like a very innocent and harmless comment (which it obviously isn’t because I’m a tad bit upset over it)?

Is it really necessary?





Lifehack: if you go into the theaters with the mindset that books and movies are different forms of entertainment you’ll be a lot happier in life


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