This is the guy who went from “My life would be better without mentally ill people around me” to searching the love of his life, also a mentally ill person and telling him “You’re not alone” then hugging him, kissing him and how not the never missing endless eskimo kisses.

I don’t believe in love but damn if this ain’t love…

Also if you think I’ll ever be able to express the feels EVAK gave me, you’re wrong.

Prince Harry 2017 Predictions

Okay, this seemed like fun…

  • Harry goes on two tours, one of them in Australia where he promotes the 2018 Invictus Games.
  • Harry and Justin Trudeau have the Bromance of the Year™ at the 2017 Invictus Games.
  • Harry is finally pictured with George and Charlotte.
  • Harry is spotted out with Meghan in Toronto.
  • Harry makes an official visit to Lesotho for Sentebale.
  • Harry releases a funny video on social media aimed at Trudeau and Canada about the Games.
  • Harry gives multiple interviews ahead of the Games in both the UK and Canada (at least one where he gets super candid).
  • Harry gets a new patronage.
  • Harry gets a new black suit… that fits.
  • Harry gets his own official Twitter and Instagram handle separate from the Cambridges.
  • Harry attends Pippa’s wedding.
  • Harry brings Meghan to a polo and/or rugby game in London.

And just for the hell of it…

  • Harry gets a new hairstyle.
  • Harry attends a Rihanna concert because they’re bezzies now, duh.
  • Harry buys himself a country home (thx Em for the idea ;))
  • Fall engagement to Meghan announced after the 2017 Invictus Games.

OK I know this has been brought up a lot already, but since his mother is technically a Disney princess….. does this mean Kylo Ren = actual Disney prince Ben Organa-Solo ?? ?

aand to no-one’s surprise this emo space prince is my most terrible of faves


Blond Skywalker genes, the secret’s out thanks to the little Matt the Radar Technician incident…


He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.

Because I’ve been so excited about the recent Person of Interest season finale, I decided to revisit my older paintings of Reese and Finch - they are among, if not actually, my favorite portraits I’ve ever done, and deserved some touchup and refinement. This show has come so far and raises such interesting questions - it’s a privilege to paint these characters (and hopefully I’ll do more this year during the hiatus!)

You can buy prints and products of “He Who Fights Monsters” and “The Abyss Gazes Back” at my Society6 shop!

Ok but in this deleted scene Tony literally takes out his arc reactor - the thing keeping him alive - to save a kid

He doesn’t even tell anyone that they’re supposed to put it back in. He is literally willing to die to maybe - he’s not actually even sure this shit will work - save this kid. 

I MEAN I’M??? 


Edit You can see it on video here

Another amazing commissioned work for Dark Waters by @blauerozen

I’d say I have no words to describe this but that’s a lie. I have so many words that I don’t know which ones to say. I can’t remember how many times I’ve gone back to look at this. It’s gorgeous. I may have teared up a bit when I first saw it. And look at how beautiful they are!! Look at Levi’s freaking awesome hands! Those claws are wicked! And don’t think I missed how badass his ear looks with that shading and little bit of fin and the bluish-grey of his scales is almost exactly what I pictured. Damn. I can’t even deal with all the thoughts flying around in my head right now. And then Eren looks so amazing with his lashes (them lashes though) and his little bitty claws ^_^ and his courting colours!!!! And even with the webbing in the hands!! There’s so much detail and it’s all so accurate to the images in my head. I could cry. This is amazing.

It’s just gorgeous and I wish I could think of a more eloquent way to say thank you but I can’t so I’m just going to shout it. THANK YOU, GLORIOUS ARTIST-CHAN!! Seriously, you’re amazing, I love you, thank you so, so much <3 <3

Alright, I’m done with my essay of appreciation I think XD

If you like this work (which how could you not, LOOK AT THEM AREN’T THEY BEAUTIFUL?!) then please support the artist, check out their blog, be amazed :)

If you’re curious about the story behind these two fish babies, you can read all about it here. I’m writing the next chapter as we speak :D

Original image was saved from here.