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Sail to Freedom - A Lieutenant Duckling Story

Pairing: Lieutenant Duckling

Rating: T (just to be on the safe side)

Word Count: 5210

Summary: When almost 18 year old Princess Emma ran away from her boring royal life, she did not consider falling in love. All she had in mind were adventures and danger. She did not think a dashing young lieutenant would change her life so completely, when she joined his brother’s ship on a voyage that would eventually bring her more than she’d ever dreamed of. 

A/N: Soooo… this is my Captain Swan Secret Valentine’s gift for the very lovely lieutenantsmoak who adores Lieutenant Duckling like I’ve hardly ever seen anybody adore them. I’ve never written LD before and it was actually so much fun that I can’t let it go so, with this I am starting a new project. As you will see, this “chapter” spans over quite a long time and isn’t just LD. Honestly, I had no intention of writing it this way but sometimes the characters just present themselves like this. Over time I will update this with chapters that will concentrate on things that happened before, during or after this fic! 
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"You should’ve told me!" he yelled at her, his voice hushed. The anger was no less notable though and the yelling, even if quiet, almost chilled her bones.

He stomped down the stairs to the cabins after her, gritting his teeth. She had already reached the bottom, trying to get away from him but now he blocked the only way out. So instead of locking herself in her room, which was definitely not her style, she took a deep breath and then turned around abruptly, facing him, her hair flying in a circle around her.

"And then what?!" she retorted. "You would’ve just dropped me off at the next best harbour and made sure I’d get home with a different ship. Probably tied down so I wouldn’t escape."

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I love music so much and I want to keep making music after college but I don’t just want to join a once-a-week community symphony and call it a day either I’ve wanted for years to learn more instruments and I really want to learn more “practical” ones I can play with other people for fun (but I’ve also always wanted to learn more orchestra-based ones because where I grew up only the private school kids could learn string instruments) and really I just want to learn to play more things because it’s so easy if you already know how to read music and I just don’t have access to anything

Hey there followers

I realized a while ago that my blog doesn’t show tags (on computer. no issue on mobile.) and that I write a lot of tags and I don’t know if anyone actually reads them? but I dunno I like to go read other people’s tags sometimes (and my own) and I was wondering if anyone else things I should change my theme to something that you can actually read tags on. If it’s just me who thinks this, then I’m not really gonna worry about it, but if you wanna drop me an anon (or off-anon) message letting me know you agree, like even if theres’ just one of you, I’ll totally do it. 

So the past few months I’ve had a lot of crap going on in my life. I lost family members, my best friend turned out to not be a friend at all. I lost even more friends because of that. My grandma is slowly slipping away. And for awhile I was a mess and I still kinda am, but I’m a happy mess. I might not have many friends at all. No one to call late at night when I can’t handle it on my own, but I don’t mind anymore. I’m doing ok. I’ve learnt to depend on myself. I’ve learnt not to let the negativity take over my life.

And I know some day soon I’ll make real friends I can always count on. I’ll have that best friend I can call when it’s unbearable, but for right now, I don’t need it. I have myself. I can pick myself up when there’s no one there to catch me fall and despite everything, I think that’s a beautiful thing.

paperquestion asked:

this will probably never see the light of day but....Favorite VGMs from Ace Attorney, Persona, and non Squeenix (Square Enix) JPRGs

Why are you worried about this message getting lost? Even if it takes me a while, I always make sure to read and respond to all of the messages I get (or at least let the recipient know I got it). I appreciate everything I get, honestly. 

Ok and since I did P3 and P4 already, I’m going to make your Persona one count for the female route of P3, since it has a different soundtrack and I rarely get to talk about it. 

Ace Attorney

Considering that Ace Attorney has a phenomenal soundtrack, it’s a bit hard to pinpoint it to one song, though I will say that Dual Destinies has my favorite soundtrack of the series. I love Apollo’s idle theme I’m Fine (even if it is a slowed-down version of his objection theme), but the best piece would probably have to be the credit theme. The remix of the objection theme along with the second medley it’s just… it’s the perfect way to reward the player for a job well done. 

Persona 3 FemC

Danger Zone. I was always a bit disappointed with the dungeon guardian theme in the male route, the first time I hear this piece was like my prayers had been answered for a good theme. It fits the mood of fighting a difficult boss in a dungeon really well, the guitar is flawless (damn that guitar!), it’s just overall a good song. This remix of Way of Life is also quite enjoyable. 

As for the last one, hmm…. that’s a lot of games, wow. RPGs and fighting games are my favorite genre of games, so I’ve played my fair share of them in my time. I’m just gonna pick one off the top of my head and say… Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door (what? I’ve been thinking about it lately). 

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

The Mini Boss theme. I didn’t really like this theme until around the time that the Yoshi you got to name joined your team, but once I really got a good hear of it, I loved it. I love the intro to the fight, I love the various beats, it’s just a fun song to listen to honestly. Heck, I’ll sometimes just get this song stuck in my head for no reason. 

Thanks again for the ask!

unforgivingsacrifice asked:

✿ (wasn't me. it was Davina)

12: Ghost Kiss

If there was one thing which he’d found, that hurt like nothing else- well, other than that hex which’d done him in- was Davina’s tears. Maybe she cried acid, or vervain- but when she cried, he hurt. In his gut, his chest, arms itching to wrap around her and smother her until she could cry no more. Apparently his own tear ducts still worked, even as he lingered by her side whilst she tried to go about her day. He felt his own tears, a foreign feeling, and he didn’t like it. Not one bit. 

She didn’t see him, couldn’t hear him, and if he’d thought it was madness to be a spirit before, then he didn’t know what to call this. It was pain, it was agony, it was rage when he tried to let his fingertips skim over her hair, tug at that stray lock which he’d liked to curl around his finger; only when he tried to do it, he’d pass straight through her. That, was rage. 

It was only as she slept, curled up on the right side of the bed- clutching his jacket to her chest that he sighed. 

"You’ve got a little too much power over me, love," He whispered, as if he could’ve woken her at any moment before leaning down and swiping his lips over hers ever so gently. Never really there, and never really tasting them like he wanted to. Couldn’t feel the texture of her lips, couldn’t smell her scent, there was nothing there and he didn’t know why he was so disappointed. Maybe he’d hoped that her eyes would snap open, that she’d greet him with that beautific smile despite being back in his Original form. 

Instead, he sighed, forcefully dragging his eyes away from her limp sleeping form and leaving to briefly check on his sister. 

Knowing he’d be back here a few hours later. 

I have work today nooooo *fills with dread and anxiety*

I think I feel worse about it when it comes time for me to work again and I realize I’ve done nothing that can alternatively make me money; no sewing, no drawing (well I’ve been drawing on paper but you know), and no selling my clutter.

(Studying at school doesn’t count)

which again makes me realize I can’t quit my job, which makes me sad.

I don’t HAVE to work somewhere that makes me unhappy, right? I really don’t want to do retail anymore, but I don’t even know what else I can do.


My dad is pulling silent treatments to me and it’s like ??? Dude that only works if I actually want to talk to your ass lol

The worse part is he’s around here acting like some victim as per usual and it’s like he just going to act like all that shit he did beforehand where he was saying some of the grossest shit to my mom along with trying to control me and start shit with me over nothing is a-ok

The fuck outta here, like come on I’m not going to act nice to somebody who just insulted my mom like nada and is trying to start shit with me to boost their ego lol nah you about to feel REAL small very quickly before I let that shit happen

Honestly he keep acting like he don’t wanna end up like his dad and don’t want my mom to end up like his mom yet here he is, treating my mom and sometimes us like some hidden shame when he around his family and acting the fuck out every holiday and damn near every birthday

But he wanna act like WE are excluding him from the family like all the time

I’m just so outdone with his bullshit

And of course my mom, not even a week ago, was talking about how he’s way better to my therapist and I’m just blow by how she actually sounds like she believes that shit about a man who hasn’t done shit to improve except try to find places that’ll make his behavior ok (aka the church they trying to join with actual pedophiles and abusers in the fucking clergy) and considering he’ll slide right back into being an abusive jackass the moment it suits him

But you know, I’m mean, a man hater, and too harsh apparently so whatever lol